Send Bitcoin Via Email To Friends And Family Even If They Do Not Have a Bitcoin Wallet: New Bitcoin Service MailACoin Launches

Worldwide This April Matt Edwards launched Bitcoin service which enables anyone, worldwide, to send Bitcoin to anyone else in the world, as long as the recipient has an email address. Matt was frustrated such a service did not already exist, so he created one.

MailACoin lets anyone send Bitcoin to any email address quickly and easily, even if the recipient does not currently have a Bitcoin wallet. To save time MailACoin also allows the sending of Bitcoin to multiple email addresses simultaneously. Bitcoin gifts can be tracked online and senders are automatically refunded their Bitcoins if the recipient does not claim the Bitcoin within one week. Email updates are also supplied so senders can track who has claimed their Bitcoin gift.

MailACoin is designed to be as user friendly as possible: creating a Bitcoin gift only takes a few seconds – no registration or lengthy sign up forms required. For the recipient too it is a very simple and straightforward process to claim the Bitcoin. A nominal fee of 0.3% is added to each gift to cover the Bitcoin network transaction costs.

In Matt’s own words, MailACoin was designed to enable anyone to send Bitcoin to someone else “as a gift, to help spread the word, and to make sure they would also enjoy some of the long-term growth in Bitcoin value that will (hopefully) take place over the next decade or two”. With Bitcoin adoption rates soaring worldwide many Bitcoin enthusiasts are looking for ways to introduce friends and family to Bitcoin in a user friendly way. MailACoin is definitely a solution. Now anyone can send Bitcoin to anyone else even if they do not yet have a BTC wallet, aiding in the adoption of Bitcoin worldwide and exposing ever more people to this disruptive technology.

For more information about MailACoin please contact:

Contact: Matt Edwards


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Bitcoin Trading Platform Launches Private Beta: Offering Long and Short Leveraged Bitcoin Position Trading

Worldwide This May Joe Lee opened to private beta: a professional Bitcoin trading platform enabling traders to speculate on future Bitcoin price movements by going long or short. is the only Bitcoin trading platform in the world to accept Bitcoin only trading balances: there is no USD or fiat account required. Positions can be opened for varying lengths of time; from a few hours to days or even weeks for a small daily fee to keep the position open.

Bitcoin investors can now profit from long and short positions, and hedge their Bitcoin positions against the possibility of a falling Bitcoin price. A passionate Bitcoin enthusiast and trader, Joe coded his own algorithmic trading bots from scratch, enabling him to very profitably trade the Bitcoin market. His primary goal with is to share his proprietary technology with Bitcoin traders worldwide, and to improve the Bitcoin ecosystem through injecting more liquidity into the global Bitcoin space.

Traders can register their interest in the private beta at

More information about                     

When a position is opened trades are automatically placed on the Bitcoin markets by Joe’s proprietary software. Positions are leveraged, meaning that trades are placed at 100 times the value of the bet: this effectively means that profits or losses will be geared. Positions are automatically liquidated if a trader’s balance cannot sustain the loss from an unprofitable position, limiting the trader’s exposure to risk, while still enabling them to take advantage of the enormous potential upside the platform offers. Professional Bitcoin speculators can now profit in both bear and bull Bitcoin markets. has integrated many advanced Bitcoin security measures to ensure both the integrity of customer accounts, and the safety of customer funds. To protect client logins 2 factor authentication is an option for all users. Additionally, no hot wallets are used on the site, all funds are held in an offline vault, and no private keys are held on the server. There is a 24 hour processing time for withdrawals and these are processed manually as an added layer of security. All payments are processed after accounts have been reconciled, which occurs on a daily basis. Implementing the above security measures, is positioning itself as a professional and secure Bitcoin long and short trading platform which traders can trust. is currently backed by $150 000 of private capital, and Joe Lee is seeking investors who would be interested in backing the advanced Bitcoin financial instruments brings to the table. He will be travelling to New York soon in a bid to secure more investment.

Bitcoin’s explosive growth in the last few months has seen the emergence of a plethora of innovative businesses servicing new niches in the Bitcoin ecosystem. As the only leveraged Bitcoin trading platform in the world to accept Bitcoin only trading balances, the emergence of is an important part of this process. A highly secure and profitable trading platform such as is an exciting development in demonstrating the increasingly professional financial instruments available to Bitcoin traders.  With’s innovative platform Bitcoin investors can now profit from long and short positions, and hedge their Bitcoin positions against the possibility of a falling Bitcoin price.

Traders can express their interest in the private beta at

For Press and Investment Enquiries Please Contact:

Joe Lee


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Vircurex Review – Trade and Exchange BTC, LTC, DVC, FTC, TRC, NMC, PPC, IXC, USD and EUR Cryptocurrency Exchange

Vircurex is a privately owned cryptocurrency exchange platform for BTC, LTC, DVC, FTC, TRC, NMC, PPC and IXC supporting the buying and selling of Bitcoins and its many derivatives. The platform offers buying and selling, underwriting options, coupons and a full trading API. Virtual currencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Devcoin, Feathercoin, Terracoin, Namecoin, PPCoin, IXCoin can be exchanged for Euro,  USD, and each other on Vircurex. Vircurex is a respected member of the crypto community, withdrawals and deposits are always fast, and the owner Kumala always keeps users updated on the latest with the exchange.

Supporting a huge range of cryptocurrencies, including BTC, LTC, DVC, FTC, TRC, NMC, PPC, IXC and more, Vircurex is fast becoming one of the most popular cryptocurrency trading platforms out there. Enabling anyone, worldwide, to trade in and out of these many currencies in the alternative cryptocurrency ecoystem.

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Vircurex offers the largest selection online of any crypto exchange and trades the following currency pairs:

BTC Bitcoin Exchange:

Bitcoin / United States Dollars – BTC / USD

Bitcoin / Euro – BTC / EUR

Bitcoin / Litecoin – BTC / LTC

Bitcoin / Devcoin – BTC / DVC

Bitcoin / Feathercoin – BTC / FTC

Bitcoin / IXCoin – BTC / IXC

Bitcoin / Namecoin – BTC / NMC

Bitcoin / Terracoin – BTC / TRC

DVC Devcoin Exchange:


LTC Litecoin Exchange:


FTC FeatherCoin Exchange:


NMC Namecoin Exchange:


TRC Terracoin Exchange:


PPC PPCoin Exchange: 


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