btcVacations – Bitcoin’s First Full Service Online Travel Agency Opens For Business

 Btcvacations Logo

With the rapid expansion of the Bitcoin ecosystem there is much talk and speculation as to where Bitcoin is headed. Now, with no uncertainty, many Bitcoiners will be heading on round the world cruises, exotic vacations and luxurious honeymoons, all made possible by – the first full service Bitcoin travel agency in the world. There are no additional fees or charges to book through btcVacations customers pay the exact same price in Bitcoin as if they had booked direct.

btcVacations is run by a team of experienced travel agents with several travel industry certifications. Drawings on their experience in the travel space, btcVacations has nearly one hundred global travel partners. Jeff and his team are able to book practically any vacation. The Bitcoin world has long awaited a quality travel agency and btcVacations solidifies their claim to the title by being an exclusive source to many resorts, hotels and all-inclusive resorts around the world. They are also the only service for booking luxury cruises with Bitcoin worldwide and offer travel insurance and shore excursions.

btcVacations assists clients in planning entire vacations from beginning to end – paid in Bitcoin. They offer focused assistance for specific events such as honeymoons, destination weddings, family reunions and group vacations; everything consumers expect from a full service travel agency.

For those looking to spend their Bitcoin on something a little closer to home btcVacations would be a great place to start; offering a variety of day events, concert tickets, rail passes and theme park tickets.

With daily deals and specials to meet a range of budgets btcVacations has something to interest any Bitcoiner worldwide seeking a great getaway. As the only full-service Bitcoin travel agent in the world, the only place to book luxury cruises with Bitcoin, the team’s many years of experience in the travel industry, and the exclusive travel services it offers – btcVacations is a welcome and vital addition to the global Bitcoin ecosystem.

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Name : Jeff Gross


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Automatic Bitcoin Trading Robot Butter-Bot Rising in Popularity – Supporting Trading on MtGox, Bitstamp and BTC-e

Butter Bot Logo

Butter-Bot Bitcoin trading robot was launched in early 2013 by Tradcom South America; a South American company established in 2007 specialising in virtual currencies and digital goods. Backed by a professional company, experienced developers and a reliable support team the Butter-Bot Bitcoin trading robot supports automatic Bitcoin trading on MtGox, Bitstamp and BTC-e. The Bitcoin trading bot features an automated EMA based trading engine and a fully customizable trading strategy. Butter-Bot development is fast paced and the team plans on continuing to introduce unprecedented new features to the Bitcoin trading ecosystem.

The bot has been designed to be as user friendly as possible: installation is a one click process and Windows, MacOS and Linux are supported. Customers simply set up their API credentials, click “Apply Settings,” and Butter-Bot will start trading automatically on the customer’s behalf.

Advanced users can customize the bot’s trading strategy to suit their personal goals and needs. This includes access to a powerful back-testing engine, the secure API, and the server back-end for fast and robust data retrieval. Email notifications can be configured to notify users when buy and sell orders are imminent or executed. All Butter-Bot subscriptions include unlimited support from Tradcom’s professional support team.

Butter-Bot uses the same EMA (Exponential Moving Average) logic that professional financial traders use to trade currencies worldwide. Over at the bitcointalk forums the Butter-Bot thread is full of happy customers and team leader Pablo is always on hand to help if any issues arise.

Butter-Bot is the most advanced and accessible Bitcoin trading robot available to Bitcoin traders today; thus the team is rapidly cornering the Bitcoin trading robot market. As Bitcoin keeps exploding in popularity worldwide, the professional and hands-off Bitcoin trading made available by Butter-Bot is a welcome addition to the financial instruments available to serious Bitcoin speculators. The team has plans to integrate alternative digital currency trading into the next version of Butter-Bot and this will be a free upgrade for existing subscribers, enabling customers to take advantage of the volatility inherent to alternative digital currencies.

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Media Contact:

Name: Pablo Lema


Butter-Bot’s Full Specifications:

  • Supports trading on MtGox, Bitstamp and BTC-e
  • Fully automated EMA based trading engine

  • Server backend for increased stability and performance

  • Powerful backtesting engine to find your optimal settings

  • Email notifications on imminent and executed orders

  • Fully customizable trading strategy

  • FIAT- and BTC-Reserves lets you trade with only part of your funds

  • Option to temporarily disable trading when you want to take over control

  • Graphs give a good overview about price and trend development

  • Trailing Stop Loss orders


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The Evolving Bitcoin Landscape in Canada

Canada Bitcoin

Canada has a thriving Bitcoin ecosystem with a wide range of Bitcoin sites and services having been established; The Bitcoin Catalog, The Canadian Virtual Exchange, The Montreal Bitcoin Embassy and 777Coin – to name just a few.

The Bitcoin Catalog is the world’s first print Bitcoin Catalog; featuring over 300 Bitcoin businesses and with the second edition due to come out this November. The first catalog was downloaded over 5000 times by Bitcoin enthusiasts worldwide.

The Canadian Virtual Exchange is the largest Bitcoin to Canadian Dollar exchange in Canada; having traded over $27.2 Million CAD and rapidly expanding with a huge demand for its services.

The Montreal Bitcoin Embassy is a non-profit organization seeking to promote the adoption of Bitcoin and related crypto-technologies, as well as facilitating networking with the Bitcoin community throughout Quebec and Canada. Its mission includes informing, educating and assisting individuals and merchants alike on the use of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin online gaming has evolved into a multi million dollar online industry. The iconic Bitcoin Dice Site SatoshiDice sold for $11.5 Million USD this past July. While services have been launched worldwide, the online Bitcoin gaming landscape in Canada has been relatively non-existent – until now.

777Coin launched earlier this year; one of the most original Bitcoin gaming platforms to be launched for months. All games are proprietary and have been developed in house by the owner David; a long time Bitcoin enthusiast who goes by the moniker lightlord on the bitcointalk forums.

Due to the original games on offer, provably fair technology and high paying affiliate program 777Coin has been steadily rising in popularity month after month since its launch.

Canada has a healthy and thriving Bitcoin ecosystem; featuring one of the most original Bitcoin gaming platforms in the world, the world’s first Bitcoin Embassy, The Bitcoin Catalog and The Canadian Virtual Exchange.

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World’s First Bitcoin Endowment Fund Nears One Hundred Thousand Dollars – Lifeboat Foundation

Lifeboat Foundation Logo


Thanks to a large pledge of 500 BTC (Bitcoin) by Brian Cartmell, Lifeboat Foundation’s Bitcoin endowment fund at has soared to nearly $100,000. Brian will match the next 500 BTC donated to Lifeboat Foundation.

While the Lifeboat Foundation was founded in the 21st century, until recently it was mainly funded using 20th century money, basically various types of monies backed by governments. Lifeboat is now working to have the majority of their funding come from 21st century money — money backed not by governments but by algorithms. The 21st century money Lifeboat is currently focused on is Bitcoin.

Crypto-currencies have many advantages over old-fashioned government-backed money. For example they enable transparency, enabling Lifeboat to show that their endowment monies are stored in these wallets:

They also allow people in less developed countries to have access to the rest of the world. For example, PayPal alone blocks access to over 60 countries, and many credit card companies have similar restrictions. Some are blocked for political reasons, some because of higher fraud rates, and some for other financial reasons. Whatever the reason, they do not think a human being from Haiti, Ethiopia, or Kenya should have diminished access to the world because of payment issues they can’t control. Their goal is to enable people, not block them.

The Lifeboat Foundation would like to start a trend of non-profits building endowment funds with Bitcoin instead of just spending them all. non-profits could be using the deflationary power of Bitcoin to build up their resources so they are in a better position to make a difference in the world. They are looking for assistance in spreading this trend.

Lifeboat Foundation is now partners of Bitcoin Foundation and Bitcoin Magazine. Lifeboat Foundation Bitcoin-related board members include Jeff Bone, Paul Buitink, Vitalik Buterin, Mike Caldwell, Brenton Camac, Philippe Camacho, Brian Cartmell, Stephen DeMeulenaere, Matthew Elias, Mark Friedenbach, Chris Haley, Adam Harding, Zach Harvey, Kris Henriksen, Nejc Kodric, Aaron Lasher, Sean Lavine, Adam B. Levine, Colbert Low, Jon Matonis, Trace Mayer, Sam Mindlin, Lasse Birk Olesen, Salvatore W. Delle Palme, Michael Parsons, Elizabeth Ploshay, Alan Reiner, Benson Samuel, Charlie Shrem, Eli Sklar, Adam Stradling, Jorge Timon, Jonathan Waller, Alex Waters, and J.R. Willett.

Also, to give back to the Bitcoin community, Lifeboat Foundation has created the first Windows version of Oclvanitygen in the world that runs well on high-end AMD cards. Anyone can download it for free at and Bitcoiners can learn more about it on GitHub at Oclvanitygen is used to create vanity Bitcoin addresses such as the Lifeboat Foundation’s Bitcoin address 1Lifeboatu7Y9YqKQRcXfjWYJdXog9CS7r which begins with 1Lifeboat.

About Lifeboat Foundation:

The Lifeboat Foundation is a non-profit non-governmental organization dedicated to encouraging scientific advancements while helping humanity survive existential risks and possible misuse of increasingly powerful technologies, including genetic engineering, nanotechnology, and robotics/AI, as we move towards the Singularity.

To learn more about the Lifeboat Foundation’s Bitcoin Endowment Fund Please go to:

To learn more about the Lifeboat Foundation’s Work Please go to:

Media Contact:

Lifeboat Foundation News office
1638 Esmeralda Avenue
Minden, NV 89423, USA
+1 775-853-5212

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The Bitcoin Catalog’s Second Print Edition Launches This November – Features Over 500 Bitcoin Businesses Reaching Over 5000 Highly Targeted Bitcoin Readers

The Bitcoin Catalog Logo


The Bitcoin Catalog duplicates the simplicity of the Yellow Pages for the global Bitcoin community. Launched in May 2013 by Canadian Antony Ferland; The Bitcoin Catalog is the world’s first printed and free digital PDF Bitcoin Catalog featuring over 300 Bitcoin merchants, services and businesses from around the globe. The free PDF version of the First Edition, which featured over 300 Bitcoin merchants, was downloaded and viewed more than 5000 times in the first three months after launch. Demonstrating the demand for its unique overview of the Bitcoin landscape; The Bitcoin Catalog website has served more than 25,000 unique hits to the free online version since launching on May 5, 2013.

The Second Edition will be released this November and The Bitcoin Catalog is on track to triple the traffic and downloads of the First Edition. Advertisements can be purchased by Bitcoin merchants and businesses worldwide until October 19th 2013. Bitcoin businesses, merchants and projects can get listed in the next edition for just $5 or equivalent in Bitcoin. The full box package which includes a description of Bitcoin businesses and their logo, is available for just $30 or Bitcoin equivalent. For $150 Bitcoin businesses will get massive exposure through a banner ad on the front page of The Bitcoin Catalog’s website and prominent placement in the sponsor’s section of the Catalog itself. The Catalog is also selling a limited number of full page ads for the Second Edition and payment for these is in Bitcoin only.

To ensure the Bitcoin businesses which are featured in The Bitcoin Catalog get as much exposure as possible, the Catalog is marketing to both new Bitcoin users and established Bitcoiners in a variety of ways. The “What is Bitcoin” page on the Catalog’s website is being aggressively marketed via Facebook ads, Twitter, Google Adwords and through the expertise of the Catalog’s in-house SEO specialist. To further spread the word in the Bitcoin space, the Catalog’s partners – Bitcoin cost-per-click network Anonymous Ads and Bitcoin Press Release service Bitcoin PR Buzz – are actively engaged in spreading the word through the Bitcoin ecosystem. In an effort to attract more people into the Bitcoin community, the Catalog has partnered with The Bitcoin Education Project, which is also actively involved in marketing Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin Catalog strives to build connections within the Bitcoin community; continuing to work with The Montreal Bitcoin Embassy and hoping that other cities will form similar institutions.

The Catalog itself has a modern design and readers can flick through four main categories: Bitcoin related, goods, services and local.

In addition to the Catalog’s marketing campaigns, The Bitcoin Catalog will also continue their very popular Bitcoin giveaway in their next issue.

With BitPay recently announcing they are serving over 10 000 Bitcoin online businesses worldwide, the unprecedented concept of a print and digital Bitcoin Catalog is more necessary than ever. With The Bitcoin Catalog, Bitcoin businesses, projects and merchants across the globe can reach their target market of Bitcoin enthusiasts with ease.

To get listed in The Bitcoin Catalog:

The Bitcoin Catalog’s First Edition:

Media Contact:

Name: Antony Ferland


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Bitcoin Binary Options Trading Platform Opens For Trading – World First

Bitcoin Binary Options Trading

Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles, September 19 2013 – For the Bitcoin community 2013 has been a wild year of erratic fluctuations and massive growth. While the market capitalization of Bitcoin has grown tenfold and millions of dollars worth of new investments made, the Bitcoin merchant economy has only seen a fraction of that growth. This suggests that many are buying Bitcoin and trading them speculatively: enjoying the volatility and potentially high profits available by trading in the cryptocurrency. Capitalizing on this trend is recently launched BTCLevels; the first dedicated Bitcoin binary options trading platform, enabling anyone worldwide to open long or short positions and speculate and potentially profit on volatile Bitcoin price movements.

The BTCLevels trading page provides the user with up-to-date news and trading information; taking as much guess work out of opening a position as possible. Taking its listings and prices directly from MtGox in real time also means that the user gets an absolutely fair opportunity to make the smartest trade possible. The binary options expire every 3 minutes and are displayed on a rolling graph that can be set according to your preferred time periods – ranging from between 1 minute to a week. Designed to be as intuitive and easy to use as possible, opening positions on BTCLevels is done in two clicks and requires no registration. Although registration is available to those users who seek facilitated functionality and a better user experience. is where “you can make money completely hassle-free by forecasting short-term Bitcoin exchange rate fluctuations” and given the abundance of traders worldwide who enjoy speculating on the volatility of Bitcoin price permutations, BTCLevels is sure to be a lucrative start-up and one to keep an eye on.

As the first Bitcoin-only binary options trading platform to be released, BTCLevels is poised to become a hit with the countless Bitcoin speculators looking to expand the professional trading instruments at their disposal.

To open a position or for more information visit:

To learn more please contact via feedback form:

Contact: Jordan Thaxton


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Bitcoin Donations Accepted by Maddy’s Run for CdLS and Ability Found

Donate Bitcoin to Maddy's Run

About Maddy’s Run for CdLS and Ability Found:

Maddy’s Run is a 5K run/walk honoring the life of Madelyn Jackson and benefiting the Cornelia de Lange Syndrome Foundation and Ability Found. This year’s Maddy’s Run will be held at 8:00 am on Saturday, September 28, at Liberty Park, Salt Lake City. Participants can register and also donate to the cause using Bitcoin here.

About Maddy:

Madelyn “Maddy” Jackson passed away in August of 2010 at the age of 18. Maddy was a pure spirit and a bright light in the lives of so many she touched.From a very young age, despite her seeming fragility, Maddy had a fighting spirit and zest for experiences. Whether it was amusement park rides, a bumpy ski slope, swimming in Hawaii or loud funky music, Maddy loved life and showed it. She would smile so hard you could see it from the back, and would laugh and click when she was happy, which was often.She was especially happy sitting with her mom around the breakfast table on weekend mornings, or dancing with her dad late into the night. And she loved a party. Especially birthday parties—so much so that every family birthday party somehow turned into hers. And that was just fine.

About Cornelia de Lange Syndrome (CdLS) and the CdLS Foundation:

CdLS is a genetic syndrome that occurs in about 1 in 10,000 births. Common medical problems include gastroesophageal reflux, bowel obstruction, hearing loss, and congenital heart defects. Although individuals with CdLS range from mildly to severely affected, most have similar physical characteristics: small size, hands and feet; thin eyebrows that meet in the middle; long eyelashes; upturned nose; and thin, downturned lips. Some individuals have limb differences, including missing fingers or arms, and partial joining of the toes. Founded in 1981, the CdLS Foundation is a family support organization that exists to ensure early and accurate diagnosis of CdLS, promote research into the causes and manifestations of the syndrome, and help people with a diagnosis of CdLS make informed decisions throughout their lifetime.

About Ability Found:

Ability Found’s mission is to provide medical and rehabilitation equipment free of charge to people with disabilities who cannot afford it. Founded in 1993, Ability Found, a small nonprofit based in Murray, UT, has donated millions of dollars of medical equipment and professional services to Utahans in need.

To donate Bitcoin please go to:

To learn more please go to:

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Introducing CoinGig – The Amazon For Bitcoin

CoinGig Logo

In April 2013 Florida based Bitcoin ecommerce platform CoinGig was launched with the primary goal of becoming an international online Bitcoin superstore. With ever growing support from users and increasing traffic, CoinGig is becoming a popular alternative to purchase almost anything online with the digital currency Bitcoin.

As the Bitcoin equivalent of the online ecommerce giant CoinGig enables buyers and sellers across the globe to trade goods and services for Bitcoin. For the buyers peace of mind GoinGig has an integrated escrow system; the Bitcoin is not released to the seller until the buyer has received the goods. Comparable to eBay CoinGig provides a safe online shopping environment through its integrated feedback system; sellers receive a store badge for every successful transaction which is displayed on the product list alongside previous customer ratings.

The Bitcoin exchange rate on the CoinGig platform adjusts automatically to the latest BTC / USD market price every 10 seconds; ensuring both buyers and sellers get the fairest exchange rate possible for their trade.

Bitcoiners can purchase anything they might need – from business supplies to day-to-day essentials on CoinGig. Everything from arts, electronics, books, industrial merchandise, sports equipment and garden tools to pet food, clothes, jewellery, beauty products, games and more.

CoinGig is constantly working on implementing new features that will help make buying and selling products as effortless as possible. Realising that excellent customer support is the key to a successful business; CoinGig makes sure issues are resolved as soon as possible.

The idea that Bitcoiners would be hoarders is constantly proven wrong at CoinGig where people spend their Bitcoin daily when purchasing all types of merchandise.

The co-founders both agree that “The true purpose of bitcoin is to allow conducting business easier for all parties”. CoinGig was founded by two highly qualified individuals both with their background in engineering, one holding an MBA. They both share a mutual enthusiasm for, and years of experience in, the Bitcoin space; making them a solid team for this upcoming Bitcoin ecommerce platform.

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Coinality – New Bitcoin Gig Site Cuts Out The Middleman

COinality Logo


Bitcoin and other emerging digital currencies are creating new opportunities for professionals seeking to sell their services online. Disruptive digital currencies are attractive to professionals, and those who use their services, because they eliminate middle men through whom payments are made. Currently sites such as Elance and Odesk take a slice of the pie when they match skilled individuals and those who need their expertise.

But now, Daniel Roseman has launched, an open marketplace where freelancers can sell their services for digital currency and – get this – he’s not going to take even the tiniest, wafer thin slice of anyone’s pie. “I’m not out to make a profit,” says the Irvine, California based entrepreneur. “All expenses are covered by donations from people who understand what we’re doing.”

So, what is Roseman doing? He’s eliminating barriers that impede the growth of digital currencies. “When Coinality’s competitors take a piece of the action they discourage people from switching to disruptive currencies. Conversely, we are encouraging people to use them by keeping our hands out of their wallets, whether the contracts are full-time jobs, or one-off gigs”

Coinality is the first such platform that encourages the use of all digital currencies, not just bitcoin. Roseman says, “It’s important to support the growth of all digital currencies. We encourage people to investigate what’s available and start switching over from fiat currencies to add to the liquidity and robustness of all of the coins”

The only ads you’ll see on Coinality are those placed by its users and it’s totally free to use. Roseman pledges, “Your registration information will never be sold to anyone.”

Roseman is looking for input from the hordes who are switching over to digital currencies. “I want to know what you want the site to be. I want to hear from developers, programmers, artists, MADmen, filmmakers, scientists, “says the Californian, adding, with a smile, “and I might even listen to a lawyer, or two, so long as they’re not billing me while they’re writing or speaking .

The captain of this enterprise is looking for feedback from anyone who backs his mission to make cyberspace a better place to work, “The wider the cross section of professionals we draw into disruptive digital currency the stronger disruptive digital currency will become and Coinality is ready to do its part.”

All aboard!

For more info –


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CrookServers accepts Bitcoin as a payment method for its dedicated hosting solutions.

CrookServers Logo

CrookServers provides enterprise level dedicated server hosting at competitive prices and is now accepting Bitcoin as a payment method. Totally reliable, and in complete control, CrookServers makes its premium performance available to Bitcoiners in every corner of the world.

CrookServers is built on an infrastructure that includes: optical fibres network connected in double safe circulation; IP multihomed network passing through 3 independent transit providers; multiple peering through peering points in Paris, London, Frankfurt and Amsterdam. The total bandwidth of the network is 120Gbps.

Pick CrookServers and you won’t be stuck with a sluggish, over-sold network. The uplink of each switch is connected to the distribution router with a bandwidth of 1000Mbps. Bitcoiners can choose from 32G, 64G and 128G dedicated servers, all of which come with 24/7 monitoring, free system re-installs, free manual reboots, and full root access.

They offer cloud server packages in 25GB, 50GB, 100GB, and 200Gb denominations. All cloud packages come with 4GB of vRAM, unmetered premium bandwidth, VMware® ESXi virtualization, ICMP protection, UDP protection and TCP synflood protection. Cloud packages are available for Linux or Windows.

Every domain registered through CrookServers comes with over £100 worth of free services, including two email accounts, mail forwarding, privacy protection, domain theft protection, domain forwarding, and lifetime DNS management.

CrookServers servers are up and running 99.9% of every month. Once the first payment has been made virtual private servers and dedicated servers are set up within 24 hours. Techs are on site at the data center 24.7. Support and sales staff are available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (GMT) Monday through Friday but guarantee a response within 24 of a query.Proxies are allowed on the servers but only private/authenticated/protected proxies. Torrent sites are allowed. However, you will be given 24 hours notice to remove the files if a DCMA notice is received.

Every package comes with free: reinstallation of the server; personalized reverse; rescue system; 100GB FTP backup. They guarantee bandwidths of 100Mbps & 1Gbps. Soon, CrookServers will offer SSL certs. CrookServers’ decision to accept Bitcoin is another sign that our community is growing larger and more diverse.

To learn more please go to:


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