Bitcoin Startup Bitmarkers Disrupts $140 Billion Real World Casino Industry


From the time Bitcoin first gained traction with a passionate user base, many of its supporters have enjoyed using the digital currency for online gaming, with a number of online Bitcoin casinos building services to satisfy this emerging market. Bitcoin startup Bitmarkers is taking this concept one step further, bringing Bitcoin gambling to real world casinos in Las Vegas and other global destinations. With Bitmarkers, anyone from around the world can fly to Las Vegas, book hotel rooms, and play in participating casinos on the strip using Bitcoin. Bitmarkers’ players enjoy easy access to markers at casinos, no transfer fees, and instant trust establishment with casinos. For many players, Bitmarkers can dramatically lower total trip costs and post-trip follow up requirements. The startup also provides value to casinos, helping them reduce costs and increase revenue while simultaneously providing players with a secure, low-cost, and frictionless method to play in real world casinos.

The Bitmarkers platform is fundamentally designed to use Bitcoin as a tool to make trips to Las Vegas and other destinations more convenient. Players who join Bitmarkers receive an account which they can use to seamlessly play at all participating casinos on the Las Vegas strip. The Bitmarkers team is also establishing an online player community, which will offer discounts and other promotional offers. Ardon Lukasiewicz, CEO of Bitmarkers, has emphasized his focus on using technology to provide a unique experience for players, recently asserting that “Bitmarkers is deeply dedicated to its members and building an exciting extension to the Bitcoin community. We want people to be a part of a new use of this technology that makes their lives better.” Bitcoiners, industry professionals, and players worldwide can sign up for Bitmarkers’ beta at

Bitmarkers’ founding team brings years of experience in the casino and financial services industry, which they have combined with their passion for Bitcoin. Ardon Lukasiewicz, founder of Bitmarkers and brother of VC-backed Coinsetter’s CEO, is the Senior Financial Analyst for MGM Resort’s flagship property Aria, the largest privately funded construction project in U.S. history and has been involved with Tony Hsieh’s VegasTech since its creation in 2009. Previously Ardon was co-founder of Ticketometer, the world’s first crowdfunded event and concert service. James Wilson, Bitmarker’s CTO, has actively worked with companies in the Bitcoin space for over a year both as an investor and entrepreneur. Previously, James was the CTO of the successful and popular Bitcoin company Bitspend, which allowed customers to spend their Bitcoin anywhere, regardless of whether the merchant accepted Bitcoin or not.

About Bitmarkers: allows members worldwide to use Bitcoin to play in real world casinos, deriving bottom-line benefits to both casinos and their patrons. The company is focused on simplifying the live gaming process, as well as providing new revenue streams to live casino operators. Bitmarkers is based in Las Vegas, NV, founded by a team with years of casino, tech and financial services industry experience. For more information, please visit

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Media Contact: Ardon Lukasiewicz



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Innovative Revenue Sharing Bitcoin Directory CryptocoinD Launches

CryptoCoin D Logo

CryptocoinD is proud to announce its official release. The Bitcoin community is in need of a sustainable directory resource that remains current with the latest community developments; as a resource to both Bitcoin newcomers and veterans alike. One issue that Bitcoin directories face is one of motivation. The community has only weak incentives to update existing Bitcoin directories, with novel websites and mining pools causing records to quickly fall out of sync with the
rapidly evolving Bitcoin ecosystem.

CryptocoinD offers a unique solution. CryptocoinD is the first crowdsourced, revenue sharing directory that rewards site contributors for their time and effort. CryptocoinD features a Revenue Sharing System that pays each site contributor for their entry. When a user clicks on a directory link, they are directed to the listing through a brief interstitial Bitcoin related advertisement, which generates revenue. We permanently share 100% of this revenue with the site contributor, paid in Bitcoin. This incentive will encourage individuals to contribute to the community, and support CryptocoinD as the self-sustaining and up-to-date Bitcoin directory. CryptocoinD  is also working on a mobile app to serve mobile users. CryptocoinD is slated for release on both Android and Apple platforms in late 2013.

A redesigned website with a thorough set of features including user reviews and comments will follow shortly thereafter. CryptocoinD is eager to become an integral resource in a community that represents the most exciting paradigm shift of the century.

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Media Contact:

Name: Michael Pinter


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The Lifeboat Foundation Is Recruiting Members For Its Bitcoin and Digital Currency New Money Systems Board Which Already Has Over 100 Members


The Lifeboat Foundation is looking to expand their New Money Systems Board as the larger the board, the more they can accomplish. For example, their Space Settlement Board needed to expand to above 250 members before they had the ability to get a proposal accepted by NASA.

The Lifeboat Foundation is recruiting new members for its New Money Systems Board which already has over 100 members. If you know of any good candidates for their New Money Systems Board, or are such a candidate, please let the Lifeboat Foundation know by sending an email to with the subject “Lifeboat Foundation New Money Systems Board”.

About Lifeboat Foundation:

The Lifeboat Foundation is a nonprofit nongovernmental organization dedicated to encouraging scientific advancements while helping humanity survive existential risks and possible misuse of increasingly powerful technologies, including genetic engineering, nanotechnology, and
robotics/AI, as we move towards the Singularity.

Learn about the world’s first Bitcoin endowment fund at:

Media Contact: 

Lifeboat Foundation News Office

1638 Esmeralda Avenue

Minden, NV 89423, USA

+1 775-853-5212

Bitcoin-related people currently on Lifeboat’s New Money Systems Board include:

Jeff Bone,
Paul Buitink,
Vitalik Buterin,
Brenton Camac,
Philippe Camacho,
Brian Cartmell,
Stephen DeMeulenaere,
Matthew Elias,
Mark Friedenbach,
Chris Haley,
Adam Harding,
Zach Harvey,
Kris Henriksen,
Dan Ilett,
Nejc Kodriĉ,
Aaron Lasher,
Sean Lavine,
Adam B. Levine,
Colbert Low,
Jon Matonis,
Trace Mayer,
Sam Mindlin,
Lasse Birk Olesen,
Salvatore W. Delle Palme,
Michael Parsons,
Elizabeth Ploshay,
Alan Reiner,
Benson Samuel,
Charlie Shrem,
Eli Sklar,
Adam Stradling,
Jorge Timón,
Jonathan Waller,
Alex Waters, and
J.R. Willett

Current New Money Systems Board members are listed at:


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New Bitcoin Exchange Bitcoin Bourse Launches in Europe Offering Revenue Shares to Investors

Bitcoin Bourse Logo

Bitcoin Bourse is a newly launched European peer-to-peer Bitcoin trading system which includes a secure escrow service; Bitcoin Bourse holds the Bitcoin until the successful transaction has occurred between the seller and the buyer.

The Bitcoin trading platform currently has no trading fees for the buying and selling of Bitcoin. The service is open to Bitcoin traders in all European countries and is available in English right now. German and French versions will be launched next week with other languages to follow shortly.

Why is Bitcoin Bourse different to other Bitcoin trading platforms?

Bitcoin Bourse offers customers the opportunity to participate in the profits of the system. Bitcoin Bourse offers System shares, which do not represent ownership of the company, but do provide the owner with a weekly dividend of 0.001% (per share) of the all fees generated by Bitcoin Bourse.

System shares do not depend on the profitability of the system, but on the turnover.

To buy and sell Bitcoin on Bitcoin Bourse follow these 3 easy steps.

  1. Sign up :
  2. Deposit Bitcoins
  3. Buy System Shares

Bitcoin Bourse also offers an affiliate program and pays 0.5 BTC per sign up to advertisers. Anyone worldwide can sign up for the affiliate program at:


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Recharge Your Mobile and Cell Phone in 100+ Countries With Bitcoin: Spend-a-Bit Launches Public Beta

Spend-a-bit Screenshot has been available for public beta since the end of September 2013; providing prepaid mobile recharging for Bitcoin in 100+ countries worldwide. The innovative Bitcoin service enables mobile phone credit to be recharged with Bitcoin with over 300 network providers around the world. It is very easy to use; a customer enters their mobile number into the form and the service automatically detects the user’s country and mobile operator. The service then displays the available payment options, including prices in USD and the amount of credit users will receive in their local currency.

During the beta period recharges may take up to 8 hours to complete, with every transaction being manually checked before processing. When the beta phase is over the balance will be transferred after 3 to 6 confirmations have occurred in the Bitcoin blockchain (in 20-60 minutes).

Merchants that accept Bitcoin as payment for their products and services will always be the drivers of the Bitcoin economy. However, due to bureaucratic inertia and legal, IT and logistical barriers some institutions will most likely not start accepting Bitcoin payments in the near future – including mobile operators, public services and government organizations. These logistical barriers to entry for large organizations to accept Bitcoin is a problem Spend-a-bit is working to solve; accepting Bitcoin payments on behalf of telecommunications providers worldwide. The Spend-a-bit team has plans to add many other ways Bitcoiners can spend their Bitcoin worldwide in the future.

The Spend-a-bit public beta is an important milestone for the development team which has been fully immersed in the project for the past few months. Spend-a-bit is a start up which is not funded by any venture capital or parent company, and the team is reaching out for help from the wider Bitcoin community. The page lists ideas for the future growth and development of Spend-a-bit; anyone worldwide who wishes to contribute can get involved. The team has a clear roadmap for the future and offers the possibility for anyone worldwide to vote for new features and providers.

To learn more please go to:

Media Contact:

Name: Umbrel



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BitGive Foundation – Doing Good With Bitcoin – A Charitable Giving Organization of the Bitcoin Community

BitGive Logo

The BitGive Foundation, launched in July of this year, has been busy raising funds, increasing their exposure, and working to ‘do more good’ with Bitcoin.

The BitGive Foundation is a charitable giving organization of the Bitcoin community, whose mission is to provide gifts to environmental and public health causes worldwide. While still in the early stages of raising funds, the Foundation says contributions to recipients will be conducted in a financially prudent manner for the purpose of long-term sustainability of the organization to deliver its mission.

While some recent Bitcoin news has focused on regulation, volatility, and illicit activities related to the currency; there nevertheless exists a more positive dimension to the Bitcoin community: – its charitable giving and generosity.

BitGive has received several significant donations from Bitcoin mining companies KnCMiner and Butterfly Labs, as well as in-kind donations and services from Perkins Coie, LLP and BitPay, Inc., who also processes Bitcoin donations to charities at no cost.

More donations in Bitcoin have come in through the easy two-step donation process on their website. The Foundation has a multi-million dollar long-term goal for global giving and is confident that the Bitcoin community can support that bold vision.

BitGive will not require that their gifts be received in Bitcoin, but there are a number of charitable organizations that accept Bitcoin. A list of those organizations can be found here.

To support the BitGive Foundation, donations are being accepted at:

Media Contact:

Name: Connie Gallippi

Phone: 1-916-625-6BIT



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