Acquires ZeroBlock, The Killer App For Bitcoin

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Bitcoin icon is proud to announce the acquisition of ZeroBlock: a leading mobile application for iPhone and Android devices.

Alongside Bitcoin itself, both companies have had explosive growth and the timing is perfect to combine forces. In November, added nearly 300,000 users and ZeroBlock saw meteoric downloads with the release of its much anticipated Android version.

“When I’m asked what’s the killer app for Bitcoin right now I always recommend ZeroBlock.” Says Nicolas Cary, CEO of

“What Dan Held and Kevin Johnson have accomplished is truly remarkable. ZeroBlock has created an enduring design aesthetic that elegantly filters the signal from the noise in the Bitcoin ecosystem. I’m completely obsessed with it” he added.

“Kevin and I felt there was a void in the app marketplace for a well-designed, informative Bitcoin app.” Said Held. “So we built ZeroBlock to be simplistic but possess deep functionality, focusing on easily digestible and relevant information.”

“We were excited to have the opportunity to grow ZeroBlock with the resources and user base of With their support, ZeroBlock will solidify its position as the leader in the mobile Bitcoin app marketplace.” has some very ambitious future goals in the Bitcoin space – one of these is to build an informed global Bitcoin audience. ZeroBlock will play a pivotal role helping the global Bitcoin community follow market trends and open up new revenue sources.

Finally, is excited to announce that Dan Held will be joining the Blockchain team as Product Manager.

Held plans to accelerate development of products. “I took the normally boring task of checking financial data and news, and managed to make it an enjoyable and highly engaging experience. Now I hope to bring that usability to, starting with the redesign of the Bitcoin wallet aesthetics and functionality, while simultaneously working to take ZeroBlock to new heights.”

About Blockchain: is the original and pre-eminent online Bitcoin wallet; praised by geeks and loved by Bitcoiners worldwide. also hosts fresh Bitcoin charts, currency statistics, and an easy to navigate Bitcoin Blockchain explorer.

About ZeroBlock:

ZeroBlock is the leader in mobile development for Bitcoin enthusiasts. ZeroBlock combines live Bitcoin exchange data with up to the minute breaking news and charts.

To learn more about ZeroBlock, please visit:

Mobile page:
Main landing Page:
Download ZeroBlock on iOS:
Download ZeroBlock on Android:

Media Contact:

Name: Nicolas Cary CEO,

ZeroBock iPhone and Android Bitcoin App

Bitcoin PR Buzz Feed

Clearly Canadian Joins Bitcoin Community

Clearly Canadian Accepts Bitcoin Logo

Ambassador Brand of Canada accepting Bitcoin in global online campaign.

(Richmond Hill, ON) Dec. 20, 2013, – Clearly Canadian, in keeping with the ever evolving digital age, is opening up its coming online pre-sales campaign to the global bitcoin community. “Online virtual currencies are clearly here to stay – no pun intended”, according to Mitch Callahan, Clearly Canadian’s Bitcoin Campaign Manager. “Just as Clearly Canadian pioneered the new age beverage industry in the ‘80s and ‘90s…bitcoin, in a much more profound way, is poised to change how we all transact business on a global scale. Clearly Canadian finds that truly exciting and we are proud to be a new emerging member of the bitcoin community.”

Clearly Canadian is commencing an online fan-sourced pre-sales campaign worldwide Monday, December 23rd, two days before Christmas, to re-ignite large-scale production and supply current demand. At its last peak Clearly Canadian was producing in excess of 5 million cases annually. “We’d like to pre-sell at least 25,000 cases of Clearly Canadian online to the global bitcoin community, personally I hope we double, triple or even quadruple that goal, but let’s see what happens. Pricing will be denoted in dollars but transacted in bitcoins through BitPay, the leading bitcoin merchant processing platform. We intend to be a long-lerm merchant in bitcoin transacted consumer goods,” stated Mr. Callahan.

“Having a globally recognized consumer brand such as Clearly Canadian join the bitcoin community is a powerful statement about the increasing popularity and growing base of bitcoin merchants and users. Many are watching the bitcoin market closely and we hope that this is the first of many established brands that see the benefits of adding bitcoins to their payment options. We are happy to have Clearly Canadian on board and wish the very best of success in its campaign,” stated Tony Gallipi, CEO of BitPay.

About Clearly Canadian

Clearly Canadian, established 1987, is one of North America’s leading signature food & beverage brands. Clearly Canadian is focused on producing and marketing high-quality Canadian made consumer goods. Visit

About BitPay

BitPay is a leading Payment Service Provider (PSP) specializing in eCommerce and B2B solutions for virtual currencies. Visit


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Devcoin (DVC) At Its Highest Dollar Value Yet – Continues To Make The World a Better Place

Devcoin Logo

Long lasting ethical digital currency Devcoin recently reached its highest dollar value in history – with 1 million Devcoins now worth approximately $900 USD. Devcoin stands out from the other Bitcoin-like currencies because it is the only currency which can be generated by non-miners, as a reward for the open source work they create. It can also be merged mined with Bitcoin so miners are not left out. Devcoin was created with a unique world changing mission in mind – to fund open source development of all kinds; including writing, programming, music composition and other arts, and even cutting edge engineering feats such as 3D printers, and when the market cap reaches a high enough level, a spaceship.

The Devcoin project began in mid 2011 and has been going strong ever since. Devcoin is now close to two and a half years old. As one of the longest running successful digital currencies, it is already showing that it is here to stay and is a relatively safe investment for anyone looking to gain a position in cryptocoins. When investors buy and hold Devcoins they are also supporting the mission of Devcoin which is to support open source development by paying the developers decent wages. Devcoin hopes to bring an end to the all too common starving artist situation. The Devcoin developers believe the world will truly be a better place when artists and developers can actually earn a living through their beneficial work.

One typically acquires cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin by mining, a process where computing power is put into solving complicated algorithms which support the coin’s network and open virtual blocks, releasing the coins. While in the early stages of Bitcoin anyone with a computer could be a miner, it currently takes expensive specialized hardware and well cooled warehouses to mine with any sort of profit. The Devcoin mining algorithm is structured to give 90 percent of the proceeds to open souce writers, artists and developers to compensate them for their work. Writers can contribute content to the Devtome in exchange for generated (mined) Devcoins. The Devcoins will show up in their wallets a few weeks later. All the writer needs to do is what he or she does best: write. This unique distribution mechanism puts Devcoins into the hands of a wider demographic than the computer mining type. It has also likely fueled the steady increase in value up to this point as the people who earn Devcoins often use their earnings to build up a viable Devcoin economy. The number of merchants who accept Devcoin in payment for their product is 15 and growing, aided by the support of Cryptocurrency payment gateway CoinPayments. Developers who do work other than writing can apply for Devcoin bounties which get awarded upon satisfactory completion of their project.

The Devcoin network is primarily supported by miners who merge mine Devcoins with Bitcoins. These miners view their Devcoin earnings as free additional mining profit and so are willing to continue to support the DVC network, despite only receiving ten percent of what they mine. Consistent miner participation keeps the Devcoin network secure and robust and helps transactions confirm quickly.

With its long successful run of over two years, its secure and robust network supported by miners, its unique feature of allowing open source developers worldwide to earn DVC, and its consistent support of open source projects which will better the life of all humanity: Devcoin stands out as the most original and ethical Bitcoin alternative in existence. Being at its highest dollar value in history, Devcoin shows no signs of slowing.

To learn more please go to:

Media Contact:

Devcoin Funding For Open Source Projects:

Devcoin Exchanges: DVC/BTC DVC/LTC DVC/BTC

Devcoin Merchants and Services:

Devcoin Payment Processor For Merchant Checkouts And Invoicing:

Current And Future Devcoin Bounties According to Market Capitalization:

Devcoin Accepted Here Button For Merchants Use:


For the technically minded here are the Devcoin (DVC) protocol details:

  • Similar to Bitcoin, Devcoin uses the SHA-256 cryptographic algorithm
  • 10 minutes block target.
  • 50 000 DVC per block reward, to ensure there is no deflation this block reward never decreases. 5000 DVC goes to miners (who can merge mine DVC for free when they are mining Bitcoin), and 45 000 DVC goes to the open source developers and projects on the receiver files.

This Press Release is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as investment advice. Please consult with your financial advisor before investing in DVC or any other digital currency.

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Bitcoin PR Buzz Feed

Bitcoin Descendant NXT Features 100% Original Code Base, Green Mining, Decentralized Trading And Many More Primary Innovations

Second generation digital currency NXT possesses a 100% original code base, eliminates transaction confirmation wait times, utilizes 100% green (or low energy) mining, decentralizes trading, and enables the creation of smart property via “colored” coins. NXT currently possesses an entirely original code base, instant transactions and green mining; the rest of these features and more will be introduced in January 2014 when the new NXT client launches, with some believing NXT is poised to overtake Bitcoin within two years.

Unlike all other alt coins which are really just variations of Bitcoin, NXT is a completely original design built from scratch with an entirely new code base. NXT supports instant transactions while still being extremely secure; ending the endless confirmation wait times. NXT transaction speeds are almost as fast as the VISA and Mastercard transactions of the debt based economy which make buying and selling so convenient. But with NXT, those instant transactions can be just as anonymous as Bitcoin, bringing to its users the best of both the fiat and crypto worlds.

NXT is currently traded on the Bitcoin-Next Exchange with a current value of 0.00001000 BTC/NXT. However, the Bitcoin-Next Exchange is only temporary. Soon, centralized exchanges with their ever present risk of the operators suddenly disappearing and making off with the users’ funds, will be a thing of the past. The NXT wallet client is currently rolling out a new feature which will enable decentralized peer to peer trading between NXT and BTC, once and for all eliminating the need to place trust in whoever is behind the centralized exchange. Furthermore, those trades can be conducted completely anonymously.

Decentralized trading is only the beginning. Next comes decentralized DNS (significantly enhancing Namecoin’s current offering), decentralized instant messaging and chat, completely anonymous websites with no additional plugins required to browse them, decentralized stock exchanges, and peer to peer transactions of all kinds which are 100% green, secure, encrypted and irreversible.

NXT was initially brought into circulation by 71 stakeholders who donated a total of 21 Bitcoins in exchange for a stake in the NXT genesis block which generated one billion NXT. In other words, all the NXT has already been mined. However, transaction fees will continue to be distributed to all NXT wallet clients based on the portion of total NXT each client holds. This proof of stake mining, or more accurately, forging, completely eliminates the need to secure the network with vast amounts of hashing power. It also eliminates any incentive to control 51 percent of the network. Finally, it is a truly green network because the amount of energy required to “forge” transaction fees is minimal. Any ordinary computer with the client installed can forge; which means anyone worldwide can participate in and get rewarded for maintaining the NXT network.

NXT’s code supports the creation of “colored” coins, a way to designate specific coins and tie them to physical property. This concept has been attempted with Bitcoin but so far those attempts have been unsuccessful. The ability to “color” or designate specific coins serves as a bridge between the cryptoworld and the physical world. It also provides a way for cryptocoins to be tied to some kind of physical asset. This ability is already being built into the very foundation of the NXT code base.

With its instant transaction confirmations, decentralized trading, 100% green mining or forging, and utility for creating smart property, NXT has immediate utility, high demand and potentially unlimited value because of the multitude of possibilities within its ecosystem.

One result expected to take off is a multitude of profitable decentralized autonomous corporations (DACS) which will be 100% backed by shareholders and which will pay out profits to shareholders in dividends. NXT will also support the near complete replication of existing financial systems—with the added benefit of actually being decentralized and anonymous.

For the first time in alt coin history, we will have a currency and infrastructure which is based on a 100% original code base, 100% green, accessible to anyone on the planet, truly secure, and fast. With NXT, anyone worldwide can participate in securing the network of this emerging next gen digital currency which is positioned to explode; the high barriers to entry which are characteristic of Bitcoin today will be a thing of the past.

To learn more:

To trade NXT please go to:

NXT thread on Bitcointalk:

This press release is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as investment advice. Please consult with your financial advisor before deciding to invest in NXT or any other digital currency.

Bitcoin Descendant NXT


Bitcoin PR Buzz Feed

Bitcoin Alternative SXC Gaining in Popularity- A Sure Thing According to Max Keiser

Sexcoin Logo


Bitcoin alternative SXC was launched in May; giving individuals the most discreet payment option for transactions between merchants who offer adult fare, and discerning consumers who demand discretion. SXC, which is available for Windows, Mac and Linux users, has partnered with, a merchant payment gateway that supports automatic invoicing, making it easy for anyone worldwide to accept SXC on their sites. SXC can be traded for LTC on popular digital currency exchanges Cryptsy and CoinEX.

The new blockchain based crypto currency has been developed specifically for the adult industry. The coin’s website looks into the mirror and boasts that SXC is, “Super Sexy and Delicious,” and promises to “provide adult content consumers, performers and producers a fast, stable and secure method of accepting microtransactions, protecting their customers privacy and progressing adult retail services into the crypto age.”

The crypto’s developers generated a buzz when they announced SXC’s debut on the forums back in May. Emerefer declared, “I can’t believe it took this long,” iGotSpots urged, “Just release it now and let’s do this,” triggering this caution from Rannasha, “Can’t have a premature release, of course.”

But as much fun as SXC is, it’s serious business, and the development team takes its business very seriously:

“While the industry has struggled with a subscription based business model – or tried to mimic a microtransactional business model that has been so successful in reviving other entertainment industries online, by using ‘inhouse’ tokens on various sites – we aim to provide the first cohesive payment system that allows adoption of microtransactional business models across the entire industry, while eliminating chargebacks and allowing greater flexibility in marketing including the ability to increase points of sale for a particular item.”

“Follow the money,” Deep Throat advised a wise man in 1974. Forty years later, another wise man, no less a luminary than the brilliant and bombastic bitcoin billionaire Max Keiser, said that SXC is the crypto moneyshot and gave it two thumbs up when he tweeted that it is, “the first industry specific crypto that has billion dollar blockbuster encrypted all over it.”

The prescient Kaiser proved to be positively Pavlovian when his prediction sent SXC soaring, but speculators and miners should rest assured that this unique coin has staying power, and should continue to perform.. With its industry specific focus, fast transaction speeds, and support from the likes of Keiser; SXC is an emerging digital currency to keep and eye on in the exploding cryptocurrency space.

To learn more please go to:

Payment processor for merchants accepting SXC:

Exchanges for trading SXC: SXC / LTC SXC / LTC

Media contact:

Name: Jim Stover


SXC Accepted Here Logo For Merchants:

Sexcoin Accepted Here Logo

SXC Technical Specs:

BlockTime: 60sec
Confirmations: 6
Difficulty: Retargets every 30 blocks
Coins: 250,000,000
Reward: 100 coins per block, halved every 600,000 block
Lucky chance to have x5 or x50 sxc block.
Port: 9560

This Press Release is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as investment advice. Please consult with your financial advisor before investing in SXC or any other digital currency.

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Elsa’s Pacific Solo Row From California To Hawaii Seeking Bitcoin Sponsorship And Donations

Elsa Hammond Logo


On 7 June 2014, Elsa Hammond will depart from Monterey Bay, California to row 2,400 miles across the Pacific Ocean to Hawaii. She is competing in the Great Pacific Race 2014, the first ever rowing race in the Pacific Ocean. Rowing solo and unsupported, Elsa will be alone at sea for up to three months. This is the first ocean rowing race to attempt the largest ocean in the world, and the odds are high that the current world record for this course will be broken. Of the ten women who have ever rowed an ocean alone, only two have rowed the Pacific. Unlike the Atlantic, these waters are not tried and tested by many races. There are no engines or sails – instead, Elsa will rely on her own muscle to propel her boat 2400 miles to Hawaii.

As well as passing through a great white shark breeding area…the race will take Elsa just south of the ‘great Pacific garbage patch’, the most notorious example of concentrated plastic pollution in the world. Each generation has its challenge to face; environmental sustainability and climate change are ours. Elsa is supporting the Plastic Oceans Foundation, a charity that works to raise awareness of plastic pollution in our oceans, and to combat the issue through a range of solutions and projects. Plastic pollution is a problem on many levels, detrimental to the environment, world economy, and human health, and Elsa is keen to raise awareness of this issue through her blog and updates during the row, as well as in schools on her return.

The row is a high-profile event, which presents a variety of opportunities for publicity and recognition in a range of media on both sides of the Atlantic. The race itself has international appeal – being organised from the UK, taking place across the US, with a wide field of international entrants. Elsa is already using a range of social media to promote her campaign, and she will be tweeting, posting and audio-blogging throughout the challenge (using Satellite connection when out on the Pacific).

Elsa’s Pacific Solo Row is now also open to sponsorship and donations in Bitcoin ( A high-value and publicly visible project like this could be a great way to raise awareness of Bitcoin. With the current media stories focusing on lost wallets and unsavoury commerce, the more positive Bitcoin-related stories in as wide-ranging fields as possible, the better.

Please get in contact with Elsa if you are interested in getting involved in this adventure and helping to raise the positive profile of Bitcoin.

To learn more please go to:

Media Contact:

Name: Elsa Hammond


To order a Bitcoin Press Release for your Bitcoin business please click here.

Phone: (+44) 7960 302 561

Elsa Hammond Screenshot

Elsa Hammond Training

Elsa Hammond Backstops


Bitcoin PR Buzz Feed – The Prime Online Directory of Digital Currency Merchants, Businesses and Platforms

Cryptocoinshops Logo was launched in June 2013 with the motto “For all your online crypotocoin shops and websites”. CryptoCoinShops is a cutting edge directory of Bitcoin and alternative digital currency merchants, businesses and platforms. The directory management truly believes that digital currencies are the future of both offline and online shopping.

CryptoCoinShops was originally conceived due to the lack of directories that make it easy for enthusiasts to find companies that specialize in digital currencies. Due to the ever growing demand for digital currency services; enables anyone to find shops, businesses, projects and sites quickly that offer digital currencies as a form of payment. The directory’s mission is to be the prime online cryptocurrency directory and to help spread the use of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Feathercoin and other emerging internet based currencies. features online coin shops, coin dealers, gold jewellery, mint coins, silver coins, collectible coins, gold coins, American silver eagle, coin collecting supplies, gold coin dealers and rare U S. coins. With continually expanding services provided for companies, traders and individuals alike.

The website is easy to navigate: searches can be made by topic, relevance, popularity, suggestions or by category. The website also includes a World Coin Price Guide; enabling users to see the latest digital currency exchange rates with ease.

As Bitcoin and other alternative digital currencies continue to explode in popularity a comprehensive directory of digital currency shops, businesses, and projects is a much needed and worthy project. The number of Bitcoin merchants online has risen by 900% in the last three months – so no doubt has a bright future ahead.

To see CryptoCoinShops for yourself please go to:

Media Contact:

Name: Paul


To order a Bitcoin Press Release for your Bitcoin business please click here.


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Innovative Startup Cheap Explainer Video Accepts Bitcoin, Offering 20% Discount to Clients Paying with Bitcoin

CheapExplainerVideo Logo

Cheap Explainer Video now accepts Bitcoin and offers a huge 20% discount to customers who pay with Bitcoin. Cheap Explainer Video specializes in creating short, highly engaging animations which succinctly present the features and benefits of a product. These animations, also known as Explainer Videos, can increase conversion rates for online businesses by 50% or more. A well made Explainer Video leverages the power of storytelling to create an emotional connection between businesses and customers, or between the product and customers. It also quickly grabs a website visitor’s attention and educates them about the product before they have a chance to lose interest. Explainer Videos are quickly becoming standard fare for web based businesses. If a website does not have a good Explainer Video, it is probably losing customers.

Cheap Explainer Video founder Oladapo Ajayi is a decentralized currency enthusiast, serial entrepreneur and software developer — his innovative peer to peer Bitcoin trading software is scheduled to be released in early 2014. He is also very active in the Bitcoin community – being the sole developer and founder of the Bitcoin Coinsigner project.

Bitcoin businesses have an added challenge in that they also need to be able to quickly, easily and engagingly explain what Bitcoins are to potential customers; who may have not heard of them. They have to accomplish this in addition to showcasing the features and benefits of their particular product. Cheap Explainer Video works with each client to distill the product down to its most useful or exciting features and benefits, then create an engaging short animation which clearly shows potential customers how the product will better their lives.

According to Cheap Explainer Video founder Oladapo Ajayi, all online businesses need Explainer Videos that make customer understanding as painless as possible. No matter how complicated the product or service might be, Cheap Explainer Video will create a video designed to grab customer attention within the first five to ten seconds using animation, sound, sound effects and emotion-based voice over acting.

In an effort to support businesses and startups in the Bitcoin ecosystem, Cheap Explainer Video is offering a massive 20 percent discount to all clients who pay in Bitcoin. Oladapo Ajayi’s vision for Cheap Explainer Video is simple: to produce high quality, affordable Explainer Videos which engage and educate online visitors, turning them into customers at a dramatically improved rate. As more and more online businesses enter the exploding Bitcoin space, Cheap Explainer Video‘s innovative and one-of-a-kind media service is perfect for Bitcoin startups worldwide to increase profits and conversions. Through Oladapo’s solid Bitcoin background, and by offering a generous 20% discount on all orders paid with Bitcoin, Cheap Explainer Video is a true benefactor of Bitcoin startups across the globe.

Cheap Explainer Video also supports the long-term interest of Bitcoin by taking a stance to support efforts to preserve the fungibility of Bitcoin as a currency by supporting doctrines such as net neutrality. As that, Cheap Explainer Video will not participate in initiatives to validate, whitelist, greenlist or blacklist Bitcoin addresses.

To get in touch with Cheap Explainer Video please go to:

Donations are welcome: 1C4vYv8mqxnZqc6ryTHj37JHDXp2GT6u2i

Media Contact:

Name: Oladapo Ajayi


Phone: +1 (646) 502-4690



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Mining Bitcoin From Anywhere For Profit – A Beginners’ Guide To Bitcoin Cloud Mining

Important: CEX.IO are no longer offering Bitcoin cloud mining services. We now recommend HashFlare for the best value Ethereum Cloud Mining and Bitcoin Cloud Mining available today. You can also read a HashFlare Ethereum Cloud Mining and Bitcoin Cloud Mining review here.

In the space of several months, mining Bitcoins went from being the sort of hobby anyone with a computer could do to this entire industry where you need a well cooled warehouse full of specialized mining rigs. The Chinese company Asic Miner, with its application specific integrated circuit designed to do nothing but mine Bitcoins, turned mining over to the realm of the specialists, and right behind them several other companies raced to push out their own specialized mining hardware. Meanwhile, the value of Bitcoins started climbing and more and more people wanted to mine them.

With one Bitcoin now being traded for over $500, mining Bitcoins is more profitable than ever, but can you get your piece of the action if you are brand new? Is Bitcoin mining for beginners even possible?

The answer is a resounding yes. Thanks to cloud mining Bitcoins, a complete Bitcoin beginner can start mining within hours without having to purchase any specialized hardware. In fact, it is theoretically possible (though maybe not convenient) to mine Bitcoins in the cloud without even owning a computer! For an overview of all of the companies providing Bitcoin cloud mining, including which service is the easiest to use and the most profitable please take a look at

This is your step by step guide for how to mine Bitcoins. It will take you from complete Bitcoin newbie to cloud mining Bitcoins of your very own. It will also describe the process a bit further: Bitcoin mining explained.

Step 1: Get a Bitcoin wallet

CoinBase is a web-based free Bitcoin wallet which also allows you to purchase some Bitcoin by linking to your regular bank account. This allows you to bypass the whole process of having to get on an exchange. It is easy to register an account with CoinBase. This is the first step for how to cloud mine Bitcoin.

Step 2: Buy some Bitcoin

You will need some Bitcoin to start cloud mining Bitcoins, and you can purchase some directly through CoinBase. First click on the Buy/Sell tab in the left hand margin. Next, click on “payment methods” in the top bar. From there you can link your bank checking account. Once your bank account is verified you will be able to make your first Bitcoin purchase. You can theoretically start off as small as you’d like, but it is recommended you purchase at least 0.1 BTC. At current prices this comes out to an initial investment of less than $150. As far as Bitcoin investments go, this is a nice low entry point. It may take a few days for your bank account to be deducted and the Bitcoins to get deposited into your wallet.

Step 3: Register to mine Bitcoins in the cloud

Point your browser to and register your account. You will need a valid email address, a user name and password. Please choose a user name and password combination that you do not use anywhere else for maximum account security. CEX.IO is the service for how to mine Bitcoins quickly and easily. It provides Bitcoin mining for beginners at its finest.

Step 4: Deposit your Bitcoins into your cloud mining account

Once your Bitcoins arrive in your CoinBase wallet, you need to send them to your CEX.IO account. Click on the balance tab in the top navigation area. At the top of the page you will see your CEX.IO Bitcoin address. It will look like a medium length string of random letters and numbers. Highlight and copy this address.

Then in your CoinBase account click on the send/request tab in the left margin, then select the send money button in the top right corner. Paste your CEX.IO address in the address field and enter the amount of Bitcoin you want to send in the amount field. Be sure to double check that you have copied and pasted the entire string of numbers and letters of your CEX.IO address. It is very important that nothing gets left out. Then hit send and your funds are on their way. It will take up to a half hour for your funds to become available in your CEX account.

Step 5: Buy your Bitcoin cloud mining power

Head on over to the trade section by clicking on the trade button in the top navigation bar. It will take you to the place where you buy cloud mining power with your Bitcoins.

Hashing power is denominated in GH/s (Gigahash per second), and at this writing the cost for one GH/s is 0.072 BTC. If you transferred 0.1 BTC into your cloud mining account you will be able to purchase about 1.25 GH/s.

There are a couple of approaches you can take to buying your hashing power. The trading section is set up like a regular online trading floor. If you think the price per GH/s is too high, you can place a buy order at a lower price and wait for it to fill.

But you are probably anxious to just get started with mining Bitcoins. Right underneath the GHS buy and sell windows is a little button that says “instant buy/sell.” Click on that and it will bring up a set of very similar buy and sell windows. The buy window is on the left hand side. Enter the amount of Bitcoin you want to spend into the BTC to spend box. The estimated GHS amount box will calculate automatically. Click the buy now button, and confirm when the dialog box pops up. Congratulations! You are now cloud mining Bitcoins.

Step 6: Relax

Once you buy hashing power on CEX.IO, it instantly goes to work mining Bitcoin for you. You do not have to do anything else. You could stare at the screen waiting for something to happen, and within a half hour (on average) you will earn some Bitcoin from the hashing power you purchased.

Even better, log out of CEX.IO, go do something else for a few hours, and then come back to check on your progress. Those results will be much more impressive. With cloud mining you can earn Bitcoin even when you are sleeping or relaxing.

Important: CEX.IO are no longer offering Bitcoin cloud mining services. We now recommend HashFlare for the best value Ethereum Cloud Mining and Bitcoin Cloud Mining available today. You can also read a HashFlare Ethereum Cloud Mining and Bitcoin Cloud Mining review here.

Step 7: Buy more GHS, make Bitcoin again

At first you might want to reinvest your earnings into more hashing power, using them to make Bitcoin again. You will notice that besides Bitcoin your hashing power is also mining Devcoin, Namecoin and Ixcoin. Those are three alternative cryptocoins which are able to be merge mined with Bitcoin. You can purchase more GHS directly with your Namecoins. Ixcoins and Devcoins will soon be able to be traded for Bitcoins right on CEX.IO. Since CEX.IO only recently added merge mining, you can think of all those other mined coin as free Bitcoin.

You will eventually want to do something else with the Bitcoin you mine, just like you would with all other Bitcoin investments. When you get to that point, on the Balance page, you will see a withdrawal button next to your Bitcoin balance. Click on it, then copy/paste your wallet address in the address field and fill in the amount field. CEX.IO subtracts a commission of 0.001 BTC from your withdrawal amount so take that into account. Add 0.001 BTC to the amount that you would like sent to your wallet.

To find your CoinBase address, click on “Account settings” in the left margin, then “Bitcoin addresses” in the top navigation. You will be taken to a page with a list of one or more addresses. Any one of them will work, or you can even generate a new one. As before, make sure that you copy and paste the entire string of numbers and letters.

Bitcoin mining explained

Now that you have begun your Bitcoin cloud mining adventure, you may be wondering what is going on behind the scenes. If you were to purchase your own mining hardware, you would need to integrate it with your computer, install mining software, join a mining pool, and then you’d be ready to go. Then you would have to let your mining equipment run day and night. You would also have to keep it cool with some good fans. You would have to pay for increased electricity costs. You would have to deal with anything that goes wrong. In short, you’d better be pretty tech savvy to mine using your own equipment. Although your computer equipment would be doing the actual mining work, it would take a lot more effort on your part to make Bitcoin.

Or you can skip all that and follow the above steps for how to cloud mine Bitcoin. When your GHS on CEX.IO gets a mining reward, a small amount is deducted to cover the costs of maintaining and running the hardware. Those costs are much smaller than what you would pay doing the same thing at home because at CEX.IO, the operation takes advantage of the economies of scale.

Once you have purchased some hashing power, it works for you 24/7 no matter what you are doing. You could be sleeping, on vacation or working on something else. You could even have your computer turned off for days and still your cloud mining power will earn Bitcoin for you.

Important: CEX.IO are no longer offering Bitcoin cloud mining services. We now recommend HashFlare for the best value Ethereum Cloud Mining and Bitcoin Cloud Mining available today. You can also read a HashFlare Ethereum Cloud Mining and Bitcoin Cloud Mining review here.

Dealing with mining difficulty increases

One of the not so fun facts about Bitcoin mining, and a huge reason why it’s tough to do at home, is that the more hashing power that’s dedicated to Bitcoin mining, the more hashing power it takes to get the job done. The Bitcoin mining algorithm adjust difficulty levels every couple weeks so that no matter what, one new block is mined every ten minutes on average.

This means you can’t buy a set amount of hashing power and then let it go indefinitely. You will need to reinvest some of your earnings into buying more GHS. You can experiment with the amounts and percentages, but you will have to frequently buy more hashing power. You can reinvest your merge mined altcoins back into hashing power as well.

Trading hashing power like a commodity

Once you have been cloud mining for a while you will start to become aware of the way in which GHS prices fluctuate. If you have a knack for trading, then you could treat hashing power just like any other commodity you might trade in. You can try to buy low and sell high. Some people have reported doing far better on the trading than on the actual mining. Please be advised that trading GHS, just like with other Bitcoin investments, comes with risks so take your time to learn the ropes and only invest what you can afford to lose.

Bitcoin cloud mining is best for beginners

There is no doubt about it. Bitcoin mining for beginners is best done in the cloud. When you mine Bitcoins in the cloud, all you have to do is buy your hashing power and it starts mining Bitcoins instantly. You don’t have to deal with hardware setup or maintenance or increased electricity costs, and all you have to do to deal with mining difficulty increases is buy more hashing power. CEX.IO gives you the ability to benefit from their highly specialized mining factory without having to worry about your own hardware. And if you ever get to the point where you do want to be a do it yourselfer, CEX.IO allows you to redeem your hashing power into hardware that gets shipped right to your door.

This is Bitcoin mining explained for the complete beginner. Even for non beginners cloud mining can’t be beat for ease and convenience, not to mention the ability to get going with less than a couple hundred dollars.

Important: CEX.IO are no longer offering Bitcoin cloud mining services. We now recommend Bitcoin Cloud Services for the best value Bitcoin Cloud Mining available today. You can also read a Bitcoin Cloud Services review here.

As with all BTC trading opportunities do not play with more than you can afford to lose, and please conduct your own due diligence.

Important: CEX.IO are no longer offering Bitcoin cloud mining services. We now recommend HashFlare for the best value Ethereum Cloud Mining and Bitcoin Cloud Mining available today. You can also read a HashFlare Ethereum Cloud Mining and Bitcoin Cloud Mining review here.

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Devcoin (DVC) Experiences Value Increase of Over 300% in Two Weeks – The Ethical Merge Mined Bitcoin Alternative

Devcoin Logo

In 2011 the unique digital currency Devcoin was launched; an ethically inspired open source project based on the Bitcoin protocol, with the unique mission of funding open source projects created by programmers, hardware developers, writers, musicians, painters, graphic artists and filmmakers worldwide. When the market cap of Devcoin reaches a certain point, a significant reward will be offered for the development of an open source spacecraft. Devcoin is one of the longest running blockchain based digital currencies, which means the currency’s network itself is well established and has proven itself to be robust and reliable. The main difference between Devcoin and Bitcoin is that Devcoin is merge mined with Bitcoin; Bitcoin miners can mine Devcoin and Bitcoin simultaneously, essentially earning “free coins” for supporting the Devcoin network.

In the last month, Devcoin has risen in value from 0.00000014 per BTC to 0.00000053 per BTC. Each block of DVC yields 50 000 Devcoin – so Devcoin is often traded in lots of 1 000 0000 or more: 1 000 000 DVC has increased in value over 300% from $145 USD to $548.90 USD in the space of two weeks. Devcoin’s market capitalization is currently $3 239 000 USD.

Being an established alternative digital currency, Devcoin has a healthy and growing ecosystem with over 15 merchants and exchanges supporting DVC. Books, precious metals, jewellery, computer hardware, hard cash, press releases, writing services, lotto tickets, digital currency investments and much more can all be purchased with DVC. Online merchants worldwide can easily accept DVC as a payment method by using CoinPayments, for integrated Devcoin payment at checkout and invoicing in DVC. The popular digital currency exchange platforms Vircurex and Crypto-Trade both support Devcoin and Bitcoin trading, while Cryptsy offers a Devcoin to Litecoin currency pair.

At the current market cap, significant bounties payable in Devcoin are being offered for an open source aircraft (a hot air ballon which is at least 3 metres in diameter), medicine, fortified food, a boardgame, and a new open source toy. When the market capitalization of Devcoin reaches a certain point, a massive bounty will be offered for the development of an open source 1 seater spacecraft which can exit and enter the Earth’s atmosphere. Digital currency enthusiasts who are also passionate about easier access to space for all of humanity, can support this cause in a practical way by supporting Devcoin.

Anyone worldwide who wants to work and produce open source material can earn Devcoins: writers can sign up to Devtome, Devcoin’s open source wiki and be paid in DVC for their work. Devcoin is also currently reaching out to open source developers in IT, engineering, arts, sciences and humanities who wish to receive Devcoins for their work. Anyone, anywhere can apply for funding by joining the bitcointalk forums or contacting Devcoin ensures that no one on the planet who wants to work needs be completely out of money: anyone who does good work will get some Devcoins. In this way Devcoin levels the playing field for anyone worldwide to earn digital currency and participate in this erupting space.

With its unique paradigm changing mission, its network integrity through being one of the first and most established Bitcoin alternatives, and its recent 300% value increase: Devcoin is a wise choice for investors, enthusiasts, open source developers and visionaries worldwide looking to engage with the explosive digital currency space. As the emerging digital currency industry continues to experience a break out, Devcoin is better positioned than ever to begin delivering in an even bigger way on its unique and world-changing mission.

To learn more please go to:

Media Contact:

Devcoin Funding For Open Source Projects:

Devcoin Exchanges: DVC/BTC DVC/LTC DVC/BTC

Devcoin Merchants and Services:

Devcoin Payment Processor For Merchant Checkouts And Invoicing:

Current And Future Devcoin Bounties According to Market Capitalization:

Devcoin Accepted Here Button For Merchants Use:


For the technically minded here are the Devcoin (DVC) protocol details:

  • Similar to Bitcoin, Devcoin uses the SHA-256 cryptographic algorithm
  • 10 minutes block target.
  • 50 000 DVC per block reward, to ensure there is no deflation this block reward never decreases. 5000 DVC goes to miners (who can merge mine DVC for free when they are mining Bitcoin), and 45 000 DVC goes to the open source developers and projects on the receiver files.

This Press Release is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as investment advice. Please consult with your financial advisor before investing in DVC or any other digital currency.

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