Philippine Company Bitcoin Pinoy – The Place For Consumers or Businesses to Acquire, Sell, or Shop With Bitcoin

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Filipino citizens now have a way to transact with Bitcoin within their own country thanks to registered company Bitcoin Pinoy. Bitcoin Pinoy is owned and operated by Filipinos who have secured American based Angel funding. Bitcoin Pinoy currently supports buying and selling Bitcoins with instant or next day deposits to sellers’ bank accounts and will be rolling out additional capabilities to make transacting in Bitcoin easier, safer and more cost effective.

As founder Faith Tondares explains, Bitcoin Pinoy is committed to serving both the Bitcoin ecosystem and the Filipino economy: “We are honored to help Filipinos join the Bitcoin economy. We offer a secure and reliable method of securing Bitcoin and already have many satisfied customers. Over the next 12 months you will see more services being rolled out and Bitcoin Pinoy continuing to hire.”

The company has already served customers in Manila and across the Visayas. People living in the Philippines can easily buy and sell Bitcoins by completing the simple forms provided on the Bitcoin Pinoy website, then following the payment instructions. The user sends Bitcoins he wishes to sell to a designated address and he will receive a deposit to his bank account the same day or the next business day. To buy Bitcoins, customers would make a cash deposit to the bank account indicated in the instructions and will receive Bitcoins shortly thereafter.

Bitcoin Pinoy is especially helpful to people who need to buy or sell Bitcoins, but do not need to go through a full blown trading platform. Similar to USA-based Coin RNR, Bitcoin Pinoy has a set buy or sell price which fluctuates with the market but which the customer can either take or leave. Bitcoins can be bought or sold with Filipino Pesos (PhP). Bitcoin Pinoy can support customers with a MetroBank, BPI, UCPB or BDO bank account.

Bitcoin Pinoy maintains a blog designed to educate Filipinos on the basics of what Bitcoin is and how it works. Posts include videos on how to get a wallet, how to use a mobile wallet app and how to send and receive Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Pinoy will soon expand to provide support for online merchants who want to accept Bitcoin in payment and other capabilities all designed to make transacting in Bitcoin easier, safer, and more cost effective.

With its easy to use interface for buying and selling Bitcoins with PhP, Bitcoin Pinoy is fulfilling its mission to be the premier platform for Filipinos to buy, sell or transact in Bitcoin.

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Name: Faith Tondares


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Online Electronics Store BitRoad Accepts Bitcoin and Litecoin As Payment Methods, Ships High Quality Electronics Worldwide

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Online electronics store BitRoad accepts Bitcoin and Litecoin as payment methods in their checkout, utilizing the merchant friendly features of Bitcoin and Litecoin. BitRoad carries a wide selection of high quality electronics shipped worldwide directly from the manufacturer; including Tablet PCs, smart phones, baby monitors and even muscle massagers. Products come with a one year warranty and all orders are processed within 24 hours – shipping worldwide within three to five days.

As Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies continue to explode in popularity worldwide, BitRoad is leading the way in supporting the Bitcoin ecosystem – providing a professional outlet where people can spend their coins on popular items such as electronics. BitRoad currently accepts Bitcoin and Litecoin, but plans to expand into accepting even more emerging digital currencies in the future. The forward thinking company firmly believes Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general are the future.

Not only does BitRoad accept them as payment, the company is also active in promoting the adoption of Bitcoin in real world stores through BitPay’s Bitcoin payment gateway solution. To this end BitRoad had a booth at the Bitcoin Expo in London last November.

BitRoad retails only high quality electronics. All products are tested, screening out fakes and defective items. The company is so confident in the quality of its product line that every product comes with a one year warranty. Stores such as BitRoad give Bitcoin, Litecoin and cryptocurrencies as a whole added credibility because consumers know their coins can be traded for high quality merchandise.

BitRoad processes all orders within 24 hours and ships them worldwide directly from the factory within three to five days. Economy shipping is also available and BitRoad also provides discounts for wholesale orders.

By accepting Bitcoin as payment through BitPay’s payment gateway, BitRoad is on the cutting edge of the economy of the future. However, the company is no newbie to ecommerce or customer service. With years of experience in traditional ecommerce, BitRoad has seen it all when it comes to customer service. They are constantly working to improve customers experience on their website based on user feedback. Should anything go wrong with a customer’s order, friendly support staff will resolve the issue in a quick and professional manner.

By providing high quality electronics with one year warranties and quickly shipping them worldwide, BitRoad is adding value to the Bitcoin ecosystem. Enabling consumers to spend Bitcoin on real tangible products goes a long way towards Bitcoin’s acceptance as an actual spendable currency, rather than a speculative investment. Through being among the first stores to accept Bitcoin and Litecoin as payment, as well as their unwavering belief in the the future of crypto, BitRoad is well positioned to take full advantage of the worldwide digital currency gold rush currently underway.

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The SHA-256 Interest Bearing Bitcoin Alternative Battlecoin (BCX) – Now Trading on

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New fantasy digital currency Battlecoin is a SHA-256 hybrid Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake coin – with generous 1% interest staking every 10 day period for BCX holders. Battlecoin is a playful coin with serious potential. The currency recently began trading for Bitcoin on Cryptsy, where open bids went for over $3 to start and ended up at a 2000 satoshi bottom. The coin has a growing ecosystem and the dev team is working hard on a number of innovative projects to ensure Battlecoin has a bright future.

The Battlecoin dev team has big plans for the future, and is currently working with game developers to have games developed that will take Battlecoin as a payment method. Battlecoin is also currently accepted as a payment method at online precious metals outlet

The Battlecoin team’s main project is an innovative multipool where BCX miners will be paid in Battlecoin to aggressively mine other alt coins – the service is envisioned to serve coin developers and other alt coin fans who need hash power redirected to their coins. The service will also have a VIP room where BCX miners can interact and discuss profitable mining strategies. This innovative hash power for hire service will be the first of its kind in the alt coin world.

Battlecoin (BCX) utilizes the SHA-256 cryptographic PoW algorithm – the same as Bitcoin – basing Battlecoin’s network security on the proven technology underlying Bitcoin. The SHA-256 algorithm also ensures established Bitcoin miners can easily mine BCX with their current mining rigs.

Battlecoin is not only a new currency, but is also dedicated to the theme as the founder himself explained: “We are not just a coin we are a whole concept”.

The ever enthusiastic Battlecoin development team leads you straight out on the battlefield – rewarding their humble soldiers every 10 days with their 1% stake.

“BCX is a warrior from a land far away sent to slay these dragons and restore order to the land. The battlefield lay littered with dead and dying dragons. He postures up on his faithful steed, raises his sword to take another slice at one more dragon. Our warrior is outnumbered. The dragons keep coming he needs YOUR HELP… It is now your turn. Pick up your sword, put on your armour, march into battle and help us save the land from total destruction. The Time has come – Battlecoin”

The increasingly popular coin was released with an elevated difficulty to prevent ASIC insta-mine and there will be 100 Million BCX minted in total – making it an interesting prospect in the expanding world of alternative crypto currencies. With BCX already trading on Cryptsy, its use of the SHA-256 algorithm to secure the network, its growing ecosystem, its innovative multipool and its generous 1% staking every 10 days, this currency may very well win many battles in 2014 for miners, speculators and holders.

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This press release is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as investment advice. Please consult with your financial advisor before investing in Battlecoin or any other digital currency.

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Bitcoin Exchange “Hitbtc” Launches February 14th after $3M Investment

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With a $3M investment from a group of Israeli investors, the Hitbtc Exchange launches Friday, Feb. 14. The platform replicates the features of world-renowned exchanges, such as NYSE, NASDAQ and LSE.

The platform’s easy registration and clutter-less user interface will satisfy the needs of novice and professional traders alike. It offers effortless trading of the BTC/USD, BTC/EUR, LTC/USD and LTC/EUR currency pairs. Business accounts and market makers will be offered various incentives and premium market data services. A free tool offered to all users is the unique newsfeed ticker, which is constantly updated from various sources. The platform’s responsiveness and high-availability has already picked-up among several brokerage firms who have expressed an interest in developing desktop and mobile trading applications.

In view of recent security breaches in the Bitcoin world, the platform’s developers spared no expense or effort to offer the best protection to customers. The website is protected by state of the art cryptography, passes FIPS validation and offers two-factor authentication. Customers can rest assured that the exchange is vigilant about suspicious user behavior and fully compliant with AML guidelines. 24/7 customer service is available and ready to solve all issues related to the functioning of the exchange.

Presently, the exchange is only available in English but will soon be translated to French, German, Spanish and Chinese, to support its growing user base. The developers have announced other goodies such as the BTCX and VIX indices to help users develop trading strategies. The Hitbtc team has also agreed to introduce any features requested by a fair number of users.

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New Bitcoin Alternative CASH is Green, Fast and Yields Proof of Stake Blocks For CASH Holders


The best of both worlds, new digital currency CashCoin (CASH) confirms transactions fast and consistently, improves network security and uses less energy by combining proof of work with proof of stake. CASHrecently started trading with Bitcoin on Cryptsy, the world’s largest alt coin exchange. Its name “Cash” makes its purpose easy to understand as merchants the world over already know what cash is. This built-in name recognition will help facilitate its adoption.

Proof of work means it takes miners and computer power to mint new coins. CASH will employ this form of minting in the initial stages. Block reward will be small and variable, following Moore’s law which accurately predicts growth of computational power. Mining is incredibly energy intensive—$150,000 is used daily in the generation of Bitcoin—and as such leaves a large carbon footprint. The CASH generation program provides for the gradual phasing out of proof of work in favor of the less energy intensive, greener, proof of stake protocol.

Proof of stake means that wallets open to the network “earn” new coin simply by holding them in the first place. In return, these wallets do their part to strengthen the network and confirm transactions. Since proof of stake does not have the difficulty issues of proof of work mining, this eliminates slow confirm times due to an especially tough block—an issue common to Bitcoin and all proof of work alt coins. Additionally, proof of stake networks can be more secure and less vulnerable to the dreaded 51 percent attack than their proof of work counterparts.

Unlike many other cryptocurrencies, CashCoin does not have a specific market cap. It is designed to be scarce, but also allow for an annual inflation of one to three percent. This most closely mimics gold’s annual increase due to physical mining. CashCoin began trading on Cryptsy, the world’s largest cryptocurrency trading platform, in early February.

With its already recognized name, its presence on Cryptsy, fast and consistent transaction confirmation times, and its ingenious combination of the best of both the proof of work and proof of stake cryptocurrency models, CashCoin is ready made for retail acceptance by merchants all over the world.

To trade BTC for CASH please go to:

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Media Contact: Sean Parker


This Press Release is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as investment advice. Please consult with your financial advisor before investing in CASH or any other digital currency.

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Mainstream Consumer Protection Meets Bitcoin Thanks To Innovative Startup Bitrated

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While Bitcoin has been exploding worldwide, many have argued that for Bitcoin to reach the next level of mainstream adoption there needs to be a mechanism to protect Bitcoin users from scams and fraudsters. New innovative open source start-up Bitrated is doing just that – bringing the standards of consumer protection customers have come to expect from legacy payment systems to Bitcoiners worldwide. In a world first Bitrated offers consumer protection for the safe purchasing of Bitcoin and other goods with Bitcoin, an open arbitration marketplace, buyer fraud protection mechanisms, niche experts and more.

In the past, the permanent nature of Bitcoin transactions has made it potentially unfavorable for the everyday consumer, who might previously have had no recourse in case of fraud. With Bitrated’s arbitration process, a trusted third party can reverse payments in case of fraud and help consumers resolve possible disputes with merchants. This allows Bitcoiners to transact in an environment more conducive to their safety, especially if dealing with new or unknown merchants.

It is not just consumers who are the victims of fraud: merchants in the non-Bitcoin world have a serious problem with buyer fraud, where an individual buys a product, receives it, and then issues a chargeback request. In many cases, the dispute resolution process of companies like Visa or PayPal automatically protects the consumer at the expense of the merchant. Bitrated lowers the barriers to entry, allowing new and smaller players to enter the market, and making the dispute resolution process is more innovative, fair and comprehensive. Buyer fraud is estimated to cost tens of billions of dollars per year for online merchants. Bitrated may help reduce the number of fraudulent chargebacks online merchants receive, giving them a strong incentive to use Bitcoin instead of traditional payment methods.

Bitrated’s arbitrators are not required for releasing the Bitcoin payment. Due to the use of multi-signature Bitcoin transactions, if the transaction ends well, both parties can easily release the funds without any intervention from the arbitrator. Arbitrators also never have full control over the funds. They can only move the funds with the permission of either the buyer or the seller, and cannot control them in any way without their approval.

Instead of using a traditional escrow payment holding and release system, Bitrated utilizes Bitcoin’s inbuilt multi-signature transactions feature. This means that the strict escrow regulations, licensing requirements and associated high costs are not applied: making it possible for anyone to offer arbitration services, and not just large companies as was the case until now with fiat money. Individuals with specific knowledge about a specific market, such as software development, can offer arbitration services for that specific market; having the ability to use their knowledge to resolve disputes. This is not possible today with legacy payment platforms.

Bitrated, while packed full of features, has been designed to be as easy and intuitive to use as possible. Through bringing consumer protection for everyday people to the Bitcoin ecosystem, and also enhancing merchant protection from customer fraud, Bitrated not only improves upon Bitcoin, but also solves some of the key problems which have plagued ecommerce generally for years. With its innovative open arbitration marketplace, use of multi-signature Bitcoin transactions, buyer fraud protection mechanisms, niche experts and more: Bitrated may play a key role in propelling the Bitcoin ecosystem onwards to the next great wave of adoption.

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Name: Nadav Ivgi



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Raising Bitcoin And Awareness to Combat Hunger And Homelessness – Jason King’s Ultra-Marathon ‘Bitcoin Across America’

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Jason King, founder of homeless outreach center Sean’s Outpost, has launched Bitcoin Across America. He is running his own personal ultra-marathon from Miami, Florida all the way to San Fransisco, California to raise awareness of both homelessness and Bitcoin. He will be making a stop at the Texas Bitcoin conference on March 6 where he is a scheduled speaker. Money raised will provide meals and support for Satoshi’s Forest, the nine-acre homeless sanctuary owned and managed by Sean’s Outpost. Bitcoin wallet provider KryptoKit is providing the support RV and supplies.

Sean’s Outpost had been providing fifty meals a week to the local homeless community in Pensacola. Then on March 17, 2013, King began accepting Bitcoin donations with the following pitch: “Donate 1 BTC and we will feed 40 people.” At the time one Bitcoin was priced at $50 and it cost $1.25 to provide one meal.

The combination of the generosity of the Bitcoin community and how easy it is to donate anonymously using Bitcoin turned this decision into a watershed moment. Within twelve hours Sean’s Outpost raised enough to cover 80 meals. Eighteen hours later, enough Bitcoin to cover two months worth of mortgage payments flowed in. Sean’s Outpost purchased the land for Satoshi’s Forest and began building actual homes. King has dreams to produce food and supplies on Satoshi’s Forest using permaculture and other forms of sustainable agriculture and teach others how to do so.

King believes the issue of homelessness and hunger in America is not insurmountable, but rather a symptom of a monetary system that is rigged against the poor, whereas Bitcoin levels the playing field. “And while the game is rigged on the American banking system, Bitcoin changes that entire game. It tears down the walls built to deny access to the financial systems and gives control over personal economic freedom to anyone who wants to wield it,” King says on his website.

King announced the beginning of the Bitcoin Across America marathon at the close of the first North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami, which ran from January 24 to 26. With the increased adoption of Bitcoin allowing people to use it to make more and more ordinary purchases, the ability to use it to make near instant anonymous donations from anywhere in the world, and the game changing nature of Bitcoin itself, King may very well be on the verge of a major change for the better for the homeless population in America. Bitcoin has already helped provide food, land and homes. With King’s run across America, more people than ever will learn about Bitcoin, homelessness, and how they can help.

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Media contact: Jason King


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One of The Longest Running Bitcoin Alternatives – Devcoin Now Trading For Bitcoin on

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Long lasting ethical digital currency Devcoin is now trading directly for Bitcoin on, the largest digital currency trading platform in the world. Devcoin’s value peaked at 170 satoshis per DVC in mid December and has since settled down to a steady value ranging from 65 to 85 satoshis. With a currently stable Bitcoin price of around $800 each, this gives DVC a fiat value of around 16 DVC per cent, or 1600 DVC per dollar. Now that Devcoin is trading for Bitcoin on Cryptsy, its value is expected to enjoy another climb. Devcoin’s official website at has also recently been professionally redesigned.

In addition to its steady value, Devcoin is one of the longest running successful digital currencies. The Devcoin project began in mid 2011 — two and a half years ago. In a world where several new cryptocurrencies are released each week, Devcoin is proving itself once again to be a relatively safe investment for anyone looking to gain a position in cryptocoins.

The Devcoin team believes the world will truly be a better place when open source artists and developers can actually earn a living through their beneficial work. Devcoin’s unique form of generation, or mining, means that anyone who has reasonable engineering, composing, writing or programming skills can become involved in the Devcoin project. Devcoin’s mining algorithm is structured to give 90 percent of mining rewards to people who contribute to various Devcoin projects, including Devtome. Writers who publish their work on Devtome get paid with newly generated Devcoins. Programmers and other developers who contribute to various open source projects also receive Devcoins for their work.

People who are involved in various open source Devcoin projects are very close to being able to earn an actual living through their work. For example, someone earning twelve generation shares during round 30, converting their entire earnings into fiat for one week could have earned just under $460 for that week*, enough to pay a few bills. To earn those twelve generation shares, a new writer would have needed to publish eighteen thousand words in the previous month; more established writers whose work gets more traffic get paid more.

There are also a number of retailers who accept payment directly in Devcoins for their products. The number of merchants is ever growing due to Devcoin payment support on popular cryptocurrency payment gateway Being able to spend Devcoins directly for products means avoiding trading fees and cash withdrawal fees. As the Devcoin project continues to grow, it is likely to put an end to the sad but true starving artist syndrome.

With its long successful track record, its stabilizing value, its unique method of generation, and its recent addition to the Bitcoin market on Cryptsy, Devcoin continues to go grow: making the world a better place and helping artists and developers worldwide earn a living wage for their open source work.

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Devcoin Merchants and Services:

Devcoin Payment Processor For Merchant Checkouts And Invoicing:

Current And Future Devcoin Bounties According to Market Capitalization:

Devcoin Accepted Here Button For Merchants Use:


For the technically minded here are the Devcoin (DVC) protocol details:

  • Similar to Bitcoin, Devcoin uses the SHA-256 cryptographic algorithm
  • 10 minutes block target.
  • 50 000 DVC per block reward, to ensure there is no deflation this block reward never decreases. 5000 DVC goes to miners (who can merge mine DVC for free when they are mining Bitcoin), and 45 000 DVC goes to the open source developers and projects on the receiver files.

*Past earnings do not guarantee future results when contributing to the Devcoin project. This Press Release is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as investment advice. Please consult with your financial advisor before investing in DVC or any other digital currency.

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To Boldly Go Where No Crypto Has Gone Before – New SciFi Coins Exchange Launches With Star Trek Coins

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On Saturday the 25th of January 2014, the first science fiction focussed cryptocurrency exchange launched; allowing science fiction fans worldwide to trade Bitcoin and Litecoin for new Star Trek fan based currencies Gold Pressed Latinum, Klingon Empire Darsek, United Federation Credits, UFO, and Battlestar Galactica inspired Cubits.

The SciFi coins website states that their mission statement is “To boldy go where no crypto-coin has gone before…”. The goals of the SciFi coins’ team is “To provide exposure for sci-fi themed crypto-coins and cross trading opportunities for these. To seek out new community members that share such passion for all things sci-fi and wish to join others in the crypto-coin/commodity movement. To open new markets and trading opportunities for all goods and services with the transaction based on a sci-fi coin. To encourage community unity and meaningful growth. To Live long, and Prosper.”

While the SciFi coins community may seem to take a light hearted approach, their coins are serious business; they are excited to see how their coins will be utilized by the online science fiction community in future, as a medium of exchange. Colonial Treasury Cubits (QBT) is a SHA256 based coin, while The United Federation of Planets Credit system (UFC) is blake-256 based, with the Klingon Empire Darsek (KED) being a scrypt based coin.

As the cryptocurrency ecosystem worldwide continues to explode in popularity, niche coins serving specific communities, such as the SciFi Coins, most likely have a bright future. With their dedicated dev team, supportive community and the launching of their very own SciFi Coins exchange; the SciFi Coins community is just getting started on their own journey to seek out strange new worlds.

To trade on the new SciFi Coins exchange please go to:

To learn more about the SciFi Coins please go to:

Visit the SciFi Coins forums at:

Media Contact:

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