Cryptonator Brings New Exciting Cryptocurrency App To All iPhone And iPad Users Worldwide


A new and exciting digital currency conversion app for Apple iPhone/iPad was released by Cryptonator today, on April 29th and is now available for everyone to freely download from the App Store. Cryptonator is an online cryptocurrency exchange rate calculator and conversion tool, which enables conversions between 300 digital currencies and fiat money. As of now it is the only digital currency conversion tool available in the App Store.

Anyone can begin to use the Cryptonator app instantly, since it does not require registration or any kind of authorization. As well as supporting established coins such as Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC) and Dogecoin (DOGE), the fully scalable app also supports over three hundred other cryptocurrencies including recent additions such as Auroracoin (AUR) and Einsteinium (EMC2). Moreover, users can easily convert digital currencies into US dollars, Pounds Sterling or Euros with a simple tap of the screen.

“Cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular and expanding beyond the internet’s borders. Today over 300 different cryptocurrencies exist and new ones are brought into existence every day. Just half a year ago, only Bitcoin and Litecoin exchange rates were primarily of interest to the cryptocurrency community. But as new digital currencies continue to emerge, the ability to convert the exact value of certain cryptocurrencies into fiat money worldwide, such as the USD or Euro, becomes highly essential.” Says Roman Boss, founder of

Cryptocurrencies, which enthusiasts are currently following, can be saved to the Pinned Rates for quick and easy access at users’ convenience. Furthermore, users can monitor currencies’ exchange rates in real time; as they are updated every 30 seconds by the innovative Cryptonator engine across twenty key online exchanges.

Another feature of Cryptonator’s app is My Portfolio; which allows users to track the total value of all of their cryptocurrency assets in real-time. App users simply select which coins and how many of them they own and the app instantly displays their coins’ current value in USD, EUR, GBP or BTC. My Portfolio is capable of tracking up to a hundred different cryptocurrencies simultaneously; which is probably more than enough even for extremely wealthy crypto-geeks.

“The ability to recalculate the value of one cryptocurrency into another and fiat money is fundamental to the integrity of the ever expanding world of digital money. Meeting this need is exactly why Cryptonator was founded. Moving forward, we are striving to provide an even more user-friendly exchange rate platform for both experienced traders, and for those who have just stepped into the exciting world of digital currency alike.” Says Roman

With the launch of their free iPhone/iPod app, the ease of use of the platform, and the ability for users to convert between almost all digital currencies, and fiat – Cryptonator is a much needed, innovative service, which brings industry grade currency conversion to the mobile devices of digital currency professionals and enthusiasts worldwide.

Cryptonator in the App Store.

About is a cryptocurrency exchange rate calculator and conversion tool, which allows instant conversion of almost every cryptocurrency into another cryptocurrency, or into US Dollars, Euros and British Pounds. It supports not only Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC) or Dogecoin (DOGE), but also more than 300 other cryptocurrencies including the latest ones such as Auroracoin (AUR). Cryptonator is available online, in AppStore for iPhone/iPad. and as an extension for Chrome browser.



Media contact:
Mediapro UG
Munich, Germany
Tel. +49 89 20948098

Cryptonator Screenshot

Cryptonator Screenshot

Bitcoin PR Buzz Feed

Digital Currency Non-Profit Organization Dedicated to Science Founded by Einsteinium EMC2 – Pledges $1500 USD to Diabetes Research

Einsteinium Coin

Devoted to fast-track the future with the modern means of digital currency, the Einsteinium Foundation continues to fund vital scientific research worldwide with the digital coin EMC2. Only two months in and they have made their second monthly donation: $1500 USD to diabetes research. The organization behind the EMC2 digital currency, the Einsteinium Foundation, has also legally registered in Canada as the first non-profit in the digital currency space dedicated to scientific research worldwide. EMC2, similar to Bitcoin, Litecoin and Doegecoin, is an increasingly popular scrypt based digital currency that implements proof-of-work algorithm.

the Einsteinium Foundation became an official Non-Profit Organization on April 7th, registered in Montreal with NPO corporation number: 882658-4: Through being the first non-profit dedicated to scientific research to be registered in the world of digital currency, the Einsteinium Foundation hopes to secure grants and build long lasting relationships with other NPOs worldwide – in order to support future ground breaking science projects of all kinds.

April’s financial contribution of just over 500K EMC2, or $1500 USD, represents a 50% increase from last month’s donations; in line with the increasing popularity of the foundation’s digital currency EMC2.

The funds were pledged to NPO Mend Therapeutics for their vital research in inexpensive diabetes medicine. The research can potentially aid millions of people suffering from diabetes and related complication globally. According to the World Health Organization diabetes is predicted to become the seventh leading cause of death in the world by the year 2030. Diabetes is a leading cause of blindness, amputation, kidney failure and cardiovascular disease. 80% of diabetes deaths occur in low to middle income countries – hence affordable and accessible medication is crucial for survival.

“Mend Therapeutics is creating affordable drugs for the World’s 371 Mill diabetics who don’t have health insurance. Diabetic complications are catastrophic and include non-healing wounds leading to amputation. We want to develop a protein for diabetic wounds that can be manufactured at low cost, an important step in creating an affordable drug. If all patients, irrespective of economic status, can afford medications, they have a brighter future.” -Mend Therapeutics.

To find out more about Mend Therapeutics visit

Last month’s recipient Walter Moss received $1000 USD for his work researching if viral molecular structures can cause cancer. To help Walter Moss reach his funding goal, the Foundation also raised an additional 300 000 EMC2 (approximately $600 USD):

“Winning the Einsteinium Foundation award was hugely helpful to this effort: a game-changer really.“ Dr Walter Moss expressed in an AMA on Reddit.

Scientific research and education programs are nominated worldwide by EMC2 users. All nominations are carefully screened by the Einsteinium Foundation science board to make sure they uphold strict scientific and ethical guidelines. The EMC2 community then votes online each month at; EMC2 automatically donates 2% of every block mined to the Einsteinium Foundation Fund.

With the second donation of over 500 000 EMC2 ($1500 USD) to support Mend Therapeutics’ diabetes research, EMC2 continues to dedicate essential funding to science each and every month. The registration of the Einsteinium Non Profit Organization in Canada also demonstrates that EMC2 takes its mission seriously and is a great leap forward for both EMC2 and digital currency more generally: to fund the future with the future of currency.

For more information and to get involved please go to:

Einsteinium on Twitter:

Media Contact: Ryan Wright – Marketing and Communications Officer


To trade EMC2 and Bitcoin:

** This Press Release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.

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Einsteinium Screenshot 2

Bitcoin PR Buzz Feed

Major U.K Courier P4D Accepts Bitcoin – Ships Worldwide Working With TNT, DHL, Yodel And More

P4D Logo

UK based P4D, one of Great Britain´s largest courier booking agents, has announced that they are now accepting Bitcoin. P4D provides delivery options from the UK’s major couriers at discounted prices. Services for both consumers and businesses globally range from documents, parcels, pallets and custom deliveries couriered domestically as well as internationally: a service so far unprecedented in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

With 8 years in the business P4D is one of the few official resellers working in partnership with the largest courier networks in the world; such as TNT, DHL, Yodel, City Link and Parcelforce, amongst others. P4D´s size and buying power enable the courier to negotiate cheap rates with the UK’s major carriers, meaning they can offer the same premium courier services for a fraction of the usual price. P4D´s courier service is ideal for crypto businesses and savvy Bitcoin holders alike.

P4D emphasises the importance of being convenient, precise and user-friendly: accepting Bitcoin is a natural step in the evolution of this company ethos. To use the service the client simply goes to, types in the collection area and the destination, fills in the amount, weight and dimensions and then clicks the “get an instant quote” button. The search will show different options and price ranges from which the customer can select the preferred courier. No account is needed and by accepting Bitcoin P4D have made it even easier for customers to quickly and easily arrange a package to be couriered anywhere in the world.

P4D caters for transportation by road, air and sea. The customer has the option to either wait for the courier to collect the parcel on the preferred date or drop it off at one of over 7,000 locations across the UK. The client can then track the item online all the way to the destination.

P4D offers a wide range options, like a “Bespoke Quote” service for areas that are not available in the instant quote tool or for delivery of freight, a “Two-man Currier Service” for businesses that requires shipping of over-sized items and “Same Day” service for parcels, pallets and documents that require delivery on the same date as ordered. P4D arrange global imports or exports to or from the UK, Europe and worldwide, with extra services for businesses who ship regularly and online sellers.

Accepting Bitcoin is one more addition in the company´s progressive strategy of embracing new technology in order to make the delivery process as easy as possible. With the vast increase of crypto companies and individuals trading in Bitcoin, a worldwide courier booking agent with a wide range of services is an important addition to the Bitcoin ecosystem.

To learn more please go to:

Media Contact

Name: Chris Black, Managing Director


P4D Screenshot

Bitcoin PR Buzz Feed

ZeusMiner Announces The First Scrypt ASIC Miners To Ship Worldwide

ZeusMiner Logo

Hong Kong based have announced pre-orders on the first generation of Scrypt ASIC miners with a confirmed shipping date: Blizzard, Thunder, Lightning and Cyclone. The new ASIC Scrypt mining rigs are available for pre-order now and will ship internationally before May 31st 2014. ZeusMiner’s commitment to cryptocurrencies means that customers paying with Bitcoin and Litecoin will receive a 5% discount.

Zeus bring to the table a ton of experience in the cryptocurrency mining space; having produced highly popular SHA-256 ASIC chips. ZeusMiner’s team has more than 15 years of SoC and ASIC chip design and development experience. For 3 years, they have been providing custom mining rig development, professional manufacturing, and mining farm deployment to their clients.

Lightning, the first pure Scrypt ASIC mining rig, achieves 72-80Mh/s for a $9,999 investment. The rig has been designed with meticulous attention: the four blade design will keep the device cool and producing returns for years. Furthermore, the first 100 customers will receive an exclusive name-plate to mark their involvement in the new era of mining.

For beginners, ZeusMiner’s ‘Blizzard’ produces 1.2Mh/s for only a $199 investment. Alternatively, the more ambitious miner will find the 36-40Mh/s that ‘Thunder’ can provide for just $5,500 great value.

To meet the demand of the public ‘Cyclone’, will be co-released in limited supply. With 18 – 20Mh/s ‘Cyclone’ is a great option for miners that want more fire power then ‘Blizzard’ at an affordable price of $2,999. ‘Cyclone’ is upgradable which means that there is one slot open for another blade to make it into ‘Thunder’. Price of additional blades will be announced in the future.

By implementing the latest technology ZeusMiner is presenting a cost and time efficient truly modular PCB design, the first ever to be produced on a big scale and made available to the public. By dividing the design into two types of boards – the calculation board can be easily replaced when future technologies are available. All miners are equipped with mirror finishing which allows better heat transfer and dissipation.

There is much excitement among the Litecoin community on One miner said “This is very impressive announcement and development, very big congratulations to [Zeus]. I note with great interest you are offering to provide the engraved plaque.”

Given this anticipation, pre-ordering is recommended to secure one of the limited numbers of rigs that will be created in the first production batch.

To reward pre-orders, Zeus are pleased to be able to offer discounts for both new and existing customers. For new customers, a 1% discount can be obtained by liking the Zeus Facebook page, or sharing their products. Existing customers have a range of upgrade offers that provide savings of up to $1,500. Customers that have already placed pre-orders for the old ASIC chips will be automatically upgraded by Zeus within seven days, unless a specific upgrade plan is selected. The upgrade plans can be viewed here:

To support Litecoin cloud miners ZeusHash will be catering to their needs at To give back to the Litecoin community and thank their loyal customers by increasing their return on investment ZeusMiner will be giving Batch 1 customers absolutely free cloud mining: up to 120% of their original purchased hashing power. Early birds buying a miner before April 30th also receive a generous 100% increase in hashing power.

ZeusMiner are pioneering the next generation of Scrypt mining by announcing the world’s first Scrypt ASIC miners with an unprecedented modular design – with a confirmed shipping date of earlier than May 31st 2014. With ZeusMiner’s 5% discount to enthusiasts who pay in Bitcoin and Litecoin, the launch of, the additional free hashing power offered to current customers, and their unprecedented Scrypt ASICs; ZeusMiner are heralding an era of change in the Litecoin ecosystem.

To learn more please go to:

ZeusMiner official litecointalk thread:

ZeusMiner on Facebook:

Media Contact:

Name: Terry li



ZeusMiner Shipping May

Bitcoin PR Buzz Feed

ASIC Resistant Cryptocurrency CACHeCoin Features Accessible Mining And PoS / PoW Algorithm

Cachecoin Logo

CACHeCoin is an ASIC proof cryptographic currency similar to Bitcoin and Litecoin, which implements not only a proof-of-work (PoW) system but also a low energy proof-of-stake (PoS) algorithm to secure the network. CACHeCoin was released without any premine; early miners are therefore well-rewarded.

CACHeCoin gives users many options to choose the preferred mining strategy and can be energy efficiently staked using PoS, or mined with hashing power for those who prefer mining pools. CACHeCoin is compatible with all mining pools that support the Scrypt-Jane algorithm. CACHe is accessible for mining by the small scale miner as it is ASIC resistant, which prevents large million dollar investors from monopolizing the coin. CACHe also adjusts difficulty by implementing a logarithmic adjustment algorithm.

CACHeCoin utilizes PoS minting which generates more CACHeCoins for holders, when coins are retained in a wallet for at least 7 days. CACHeCoins´ PoS block require 520 confirmations; once the confirmations are made the staked coins become available again in the wallet. PoS is not very CPU intensive, requires no special programs and once coins have been in a CACHe wallet for at least 7 days new coins will be minted automatically. It is possible to exclude coins from PoS minting easily by using the Reservebalance setting.

With the launch of CACHeCoin a new Bitcoin alternative for the small scale miner has entered the crypto space. With versatile mining options like proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-Work together with its ASIC resistant features and no premined coins; CACHe may be a prosperous option for small scale miners and proof-of-stakers who like to be rewarded for simply holding coins in their wallet.

To learn more please go to:

CACHeCoin thread on bitcointalk:

To trade CACHe for Bitcoin:

Media Contact:

Name: Jasin Lee


** This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest. Please conduct your own due diligence.

Cachecoin Screenshot

Technical Specifications:

  • Scrypt-Jane Coin
  • No ASIC Miners
  • No Premine
  • Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake Mining
  • Block Reward: Inversely proportional to the difficulty
  • Difficulty adjustment every block
  • Difficulty adjustment algorithm: Logarithmic
  • Target of 15 minute block generation
  • Maximum of ~2 billion coins per transaction
  • Block maturity: 520 confirms
  • Transaction Maturity: 6 Confirms
  • Coin age of stake: 7 days
  • RPCPort: 2224
  • Network port: 2225
Bitcoin PR Buzz Feed

Bringing Cryptocurrency To Women Worldwide, Launches With 3 Million DNotes Giveaway

CryptoMoms Logo

The fact that the emerging world of cryptocurrency is overwhelmingly dominated by men has never been in dispute. As of April 2014, surveys show that currently the male to female ratio is 19:1, or 95% (male) to 5% (female). This troubling gender imbalance has been voiced by women’s advocates and discussed in different Bitcoin forums; but until now a highly focused and dedicated effort to change the playing field has been lacking.

Developed and fully funded by the same team who created DNotes, officially launched today in the Mid-West, USA; aiming to bridge the gender gap as clearly articulated in their mission statement: is a digital community center with a dedicated mission to encourage and assist women to participate in the emerging world of crypto currency overwhelmingly dominated by men. We begin by creating a culture of mutual respect for women with genuine efforts to help them acquire the basic knowledge about digital currency along with many earning opportunities. We will relentlessly pursue to accomplish our mission through multiple campaigns and outreach projects and invite the participation of our industry peers and advocates to join force with us.  We will set very specific quantifiable goals and sponsor creditable surveys to measure our achievement against those goals. For the common good of our industry we are committed to make a difference.”

The Cryptomoms forum is already buzzing with great enthusiasm and excitement. In a matter of days one can feel that a new culture is born. There is a great a sense of a family atmosphere, where everyone is genuinely excited to welcome new members, helping, teaching and inspiring each other.

While both men and women are welcome, there is a sense that there is some kind of super “girl power” taking charge that could change the male dominated world of cryptocurrency forever.

The official launch of will begin with a huge give away of up to 3 million DNotes. Participants who register and participate in the forum will be sent 250 DNotes to their wallet address. In anticipation that many will be new to the digital currency world Cryptomoms supporters will be on stand by to help. The site is already fully loaded with instructions and tutorial videos. For beginners, it is also recommended that they simply open an account with an exchange where DNotes is currently listed which includes Allcoin and Poloniex.

A spokesman from DNotes commented that for digital currency to become truly mainstream the huge gender imbalance must be corrected, as women control more than 50% of consumer purchasing power. He elaborated that DNotes is positioned as a serious digital currency, with a strong commitment to generating trust and support for its stake holders. In a never ending journey to build asset value for their stake holders: is the first of many ambitious web properties planned by the Dnotes team.

To see the Cryptomoms community please go to:

To learn more about Dnotes please go to:

Media Contact:

Name: Alan Yong


CryptoMoms Screenshot

Bitcoin PR Buzz Feed

CEX.IO’s GHash.IO Launches Innovative Scrypt Mining Multi Pool Pro



10th April 2014 – London based CEX.IO has announced the launch of their revolutionary new scrypt mining pool: Multi Pool Pro, where Pro stands for progressive, professional and profitable. Multi Pool Pro is an innovative scrypt multi pool with exclusive options. GHash.IO follows emerging developments and constantly adds new cryptocurrencies like LTC, DOGE, FTR and AUR — which are all currently available for mining.

The ‘Pro’ in Multi Pool Pro firstly stands for progressive. The Multi Pool Pro option is available as a part of GHash.IO, the leading Bitcoin Mining Pool, which has shared credentials with the CEX.IO Bitcoin cloud mining and trading platform. CEX.IO’s new Multi Pool Pro includes up to date trends, options and features, combined with real-time mining stats — all available to meet the needs of mining adherents.

Secondly, the ‘Pro’ in Multi Pool Pro stands for professional; CEX.IO has been running its GHash.IO Bitcoin mining pool, the largest in the world, smoothly for a year. The Multi Pool Pro will be operating according to the proportional reward system; when a block is found, the reward is distributed among all workers proportionally to how many shares each of them has found.

Finally, the ‘Pro’ in GHash.IO’s Multi Pool Pro stands for profitable: the pool is programmed to automatically mine the most profitable coin at any given moment. GHash.IO Multi Pool Pro users are also provided with real-time profitability indicators, such as difficulty, block reward and exchange rate, shown in a summary table, as well as a visual Last Hour Mining Diagram. Users can choose to convert their coins into BTC or LTC and switch settings; dropping miner jobs when switching coins. Smart investors and savvy miners looking for maximum profit will find Multi Pool Pro geared to their needs.

For cryptocurrency mining experts and beginners alike, Multi Pool Pro’s plethora of features such as real-time profitability indicators and automatically mining the most profitable coin, make Multi Pool Pro the scrypt miner’s mining pool of choice. With the unprecedented features available at Multi Pool Pro, and the impeccable track record of CEX.IO as a Bitcoin company; Ghash.IO is taking the lead to very well become not only the world’s largest Bitcoin mining pool – but also the largest scrypt mining pool on the planet.

To start mining at Multi Pool Pro please go to:

To learn more about CEX.IO please go to:

Media Contact:

Name: Jeffrey Smith



Multi Pool Screenshot

Bitcoin PR Buzz Feed

Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency Conversion Tools And Market Cap Data Offered by

Brave New Coin Logo

New Zealand based Techemy Ltd’s new website offers badly needed accurate price and conversion data for the followers of Bitcoin and alternative cryptocurrencies. In a market that has exploded in recent months, nobody has been able to put together a truly accurate price index, combined with market information for the vast amount of cryptocurrencies traded around the world. provides users with constant cryptocurrency price and conversion tools: with plans for industry grade digital currency portfolio management tools to be offered in the near future.

The currency conversion tool at accumulates accurate data from a vast majority of the most trusted global cryptocurrency exchanges and business sources. Similar to, Bravenewcoin also displays up to date key indicators for cryptocurrencies such as global trade volume, market cap, total supply and weighted price in USD. pulls data from every exchange on the planet and offers a global and market weighted average or ‘spotprice’ for the top 50 (and growing) notable Bitcoin type currencies. Embeddable price tickers are also available for for each currency.

The app calculates the market weighted average of over 50 cryptocurrencies including newer coins such as Dogecoin. The user simply types in the value, chooses a fiat currency or cryptocurrency, selects the currency to convert to and clicks the convert button. New currencies are being added constantly and Bravenewcoin pulls exchange rates from up to 41 global digital currency exchanges.

Over the next 3 months they will continue to add coins but more importantly offer the badly needed service of cryptocurrency portfolio management. Saving retailers, accountants, fund managers and individuals the headache of figuring out what their digital transactions and holdings are worth.

Currently, there are approximately 2.5 million individuals involved in the Bitcoin community, a number that has drastically increased just over the last year. Alternative cryptocurrencies have also skyrocketed in popularity over the same period, increasing the demand for easy access to vital market information. Visionary Techemy Ltd has identified these needs with providing an unparalleled cryptocurrency market data and information service to the world’s fastest growing financial audience.

To learn more please go to:



Media Contact:

Name: Fran Strajnar



Brave New Coin Screenshot

Bitcoin PR Buzz Feed

New Cryptocurrency Einsteinium Supports Ground Breaking Scientific Research – Funding the Future With The Future of Currency

Einsteinium Coin

Dedicated to raising funding for cutting edge scientific research worldwide, The Einsteinium Foundation has just released an unprecedented digital currency: Einsteinium (EMC2). With EMC2 the Foundation aims to finance important world changing scientific research worldwide, with projects receiving monthly donations – determined by a community based voting system. EMC2, similar to Bitcoin, is an emerging scrypt based cryptocurrency with no premine, based on a proof-of-work algorithm.

The Einsteinium Foundation pledged their first financial contribution on the 29th of March to an important scientific research program: Walter Moss, a post-doctoral researcher in the lab of Prof. Joan A. Steitz at Yale University, received 526314.56 EMC2 (approx. $1,000 in USD) for his work researching if viral molecular structures can cause cancer. The Einsteinium Foundation will deliver the funds to Walter Moss via crowd funding site; more information on his important work can be seen at To help Walter Moss reach his funding goal, the Foundation also raised an additional 300 000 EMC2 – approximately $600 USD.

Each month, scientific research programs and science education programs are nominated worldwide by EMC2 users – the EMC2 community then votes online at The Einsteinium Foundation is currently seeking more world changing scientific projects to sponsor: nominations can be submitted at . To be eligible for funding the scientific project must be pushing humanity’s understanding forward and helping us build a better, safer future.

EMC2 automatically donates 2% of every block mined to the Foundation Fund to be used for donations. The mining of Einsteinium is divided into Epochs: each Epoch mines 36000 blocks of coins and is targeted to last approximately 25 days. Every 25 days, at the end of each Epoch, a new ground breaking scientific cause is selected to receive Einsteinium Foundation funding.

Like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin, Einsteinium is a distributed peer-2-peer digital currency released without any premine. EMC2 implements the primary innovation of Wormhole Mechanics. To reward long term miners each Wormhole Event occurs randomly during each epoch and is 180 blocks long; with a reward of 2970 EMC2 per block.

With the unprecedented launch of EMC2, The Einsteinium Foundation will continue to offer support to ground breaking scientific projects across the globe. With Einsteinium’s innovation of Wormhole Mechanics, and its unique mission to raise funding for cutting edge scientific research worldwide with every block mined; EMC2 really is “Funding the Future with the Future of Currency”.

For more information and to get involved please go to:

Einsteinium official Bitcointalk thread:

Media Contact: Ryan Wright – Marketing and Communications Officer


To trade EMC2 and Bitcoin:

This Press Release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.

Einsteinium Screenshot 1

Einsteinium Screenshot 2

Bitcoin PR Buzz Feed

Bitcoin Accepted by High Profile Advertising Agency Joystick Interactive – 20% Discount Offered to Clients Who Pay in Bitcoin

Joystick Interactive Logo

Joystick Interactive, a high profile advertising agency who works closely with clients like Google and Disney, has announced they will now be accepting Bitcoin as a payment method for their work. Joystick’s expertise includes creating compelling digital ad campaigns, mobile applications, and websites tailored to each client’s unique vision and needs. A global digital advertising agency with Joystick Interactive’s track record and client base is an unprecedented addition to the Bitcoin ecosystem. Joystick works continuously with iconic companies such as Google and Disney – amongst many others.

To celebrate embracing the future of money, Joystick is offering all clients paying in Bitcoin a generous 20% discount.

Joystick offers various services; drawing on their passion and expertise to devise custom digital marketing strategies which are highly beneficial for Bitcoin brands, agencies and publishers alike. Accepting Bitcoin is a continuation of Joystick’s ethos of ceaseless innovation, which underpins the company’s digital creative and production offerings.

Bitcoin is the first decentralized electronic currency not controlled by a single organization or government. It is a virtual form of currency that can be used to make payments over the Internet with low transaction fees and without involving a financial institution. It is used by people all over the world who are trading millions of dollars’ worth of Bitcoin every day; with no middle man and no credit card companies.

Joystick says the embryonic digital currency world of today reminds the founders of attributes of the digital advertising industry in its early years. Having followed the evolution of the digital creative industry, they appreciate the potential evolution of digital currency into mainstream business practices.

“As an agency with global clients and a focus on creative innovation, we recognize the need for innovation and growth in digital currency; just as there is in digital advertising” Chris Wilson, Joystick’s CEO said in a press release on Thursday.

By accepting Bitcoin and giving Bitcoin clients a 20% discount, Joystick has shown their commitment to contributing to the evolution of both Bitcoin and digital currencies as a whole. With their proven track record, previous high profile clients, experience in the digital advertising industry, and their acceptance of Bitcoin; Joystick Interactive may well be the premier digital advertising agency for Bitcoin and digital currency businesses across the globe.

About Joystick Interactive:  

Joystick Interactive is a trusted full service agency led by veterans of the interactive advertising industry. They instill a consistent balance of design expertise, interactive best practices and technological innovation to a wide range of clients across the digital landscape.  This expertise results in creating compelling digital ad campaigns, mobile applications, and websites. With offices in New York, Los Angeles, and London, as well as a presence in Asia, Joystick handles the creative and production needs for a global marketplace.

To learn more please go to:

Media Contact:

Name: Chris Wilson


Phone: 1-646-597-6558

Joystick Interactive Screenshot

Joystick Interactive Screen 2

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