HitBTC Partners With World’s First Licensed Bitcoin Derivatives Platform TeraExchange


Summit, NJ; HitBTC, the cryptocurrency exchange known for its technological innovations, and TeraExchange, a swap execution facility registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, signed an agreement to provide an accurate and timed reference point for the first regulated platform for Bitcoin derivatives.

According to the agreement, HitBTC’s trading data is included in the TeraExchange Bitcoin Price Index. The Tera Bitcoin Price Index employs a dynamic algorithm that compiles and filters data on a real-time basis from a number of widely utilized global Bitcoin exchanges. HitBTC executes and maintains the information sharing agreement with TeraExchange in order to be included in the index, as required by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

“The structure of the Bitcoin swap marketplace reflects extensive client input, providing participants the benefits of transparent price discovery and efficient risk transfer.”

Leonard T. Nuara, President and co-founder of TeraExchange

As a measure to ensure effective functioning of trading marketplaces HitBTC and TeraExchange agreed to jointly develop measures to counteract potential market manipulation and disruptive trading practices.

“Regulated Bitcoin swap trading provides institutional clients with a more efficient and confident way to hedge and trade. A robust price index also helps the growing Bitcoin trading community to accurately mark-to-market positions while establishing trust and stability in this growing global marketplace.”

Christian Martin, CEO and co-founder of TeraExchange

Presently, both companies plan to extend cooperation and seek new opportunities to provide the best and most technologically advanced solutions for the benefit of their customers.

Company Info:

HitBTC, LLC is a leading and rapidly developing cryptocurrency exchange that provides trading services to institutionals, merchants and individual traders. The HitBTC trading platform is known for its state-of-the-art matching engine, multi-currency support (EUR, USD, and GBP) as well as for its friendly customer service.

TeraExchange, LLC is a Swap Execution Facility that is registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and provides market participants with access to interest rate swaps, credit default swaps, non-deliverable forwards and Bitcoin swaps.

To visit HitBTC please go to: https://hitbtc.com/

To learn more about TeraExchange go to: http://www.teraexchange.com/

For more information, please contact: 

David Dahan
HitBTC Public Relations

Simon Hylson-Smith
TeraExchange c/o Paragon Public Relations

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Bitcoin Alternative Ultracoin To Attend World’s Largest Cryptocurrency Mining Conference ‘Hashers United’ In Las Vegas In October

Ultracoin Logo Final

Superfast cryptocurrency Ultracoin has been invited to the world’s largest cryptocurrency miners conference Hashers United in Las Vegas, NV, to give a speech on their Scrypt-ChaCha implementation and Ultracoin as a whole. The convention will take place October 10th and 11th at the Tuscany Hotel and Casino. Ultrafast and ASIC Resistant Ultracoin pushes the limits of fast transactions to 6 seconds with only 30-40 second confirmation times and has much to share when it comes to state-of-the-art cryptocurrency technology. Ultracoin has been climbing the rankings very quickly on Coinmarketcap.com.

Hashers United is hosted by Final Hash, a company that leases mining equipment and hash power and is also a developer of Scrypt ASIC’s. The conference lineup includes keynote speakers; such as Tim Draper of Draper Fisher Jurveston whose firm has provided equity for services such as Hotmail, Skype and Baidu. Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin, and the founder of Ethereum, Vitalki Buterin will also be speaking at the conference. Other big cryptocurrencies that will be represented at Hashers United are Vertcoin and Mastercoin.

The Ultracoin team is honoured and delighted to be a part of the conference; Travis Tolle, a member of Hack Miami, will deliver an in-depth presentation on Scrypt-ChaCha and Ultracoin as an Ultracoin team member. Ultracoin’s PR & Marketing Director Steven “Rapture333” Nekhaila will be managing the exhibition table and updating Ultracoin’s social media with live updates of the conference as well as video updates; a sneak peek into the world’s largest networking opportunity for miners in the history of the cryptocrrency movement.

Conference: Hashers United
Where: Tuscany Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, NV
When: October 10th and 11th
For more info about the conference please go to: http://hashersunited.com/

Ultracoin is a hybrid proof-of-work / proof-of-stake coin, whereby active nodes are involved in the mining of blocks if they hold Ultracoin. Ultracoin enables the user to send and receive currency worldwide to friends, family or business partners with an transaction speed of 6 seconds and 30-40 seconds for confirmations. Ultracoin was launched by a small, passionate team of professional developers in February, due to the rapid growth Ultracoin´s management responsibilities has been transferred to an experienced management team with the vision of creating a real world applicable currency with a serious impact on the way commerce is performed. Ultracoin is already accepted on Coinpayments and some of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges on the web such as Cryptsy and Mintpal.

Ultracoin can be traded on the exchanges or be used to preform commerce and buy goods online. Miners are generously awarded with 15 new Ultracoins per block, an amount which gets halved roughly every 990.000 blocks. Thus the Ultracoin network is scheduled to produce 100 million Ultracoins, which are almost 4.5 times as many currency units as Bitcoin. Ultracoin can be mined with both CPU’s and GPU’s thanks to the ASIC resistant Scrypt-ChaCha implementation ensuring that PC’s won’t be overpowered by new hardware and mining technology.

The world’s largest miners conference ‘Hashers United’, taking place in Las Vegas early October, is featuring some of the most interesting names in modern mining sharing their views and visions for crypto technology and mining; not the least Ultracoin’s PR & Marketing Director Nekhaila going into details about the alt coin and the ASIC resistant Scrypt-ChaCha algorithm. Spectators can look forward to an exciting event for professionals and enthusiasts worldwide – people that do not have the opportunity to cross the Nevada desert can follow the excitement on Ultracoin’s Facebook page.

To learn more Ultracoin please go to: http://ultracoin.net/

To learn more about Hashers united please go to: http://hashersunited.com/

Official forum: http://Ultracointalk.org

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/official_utc

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ultracoinnet

Media Contact:

Name: Steven “Rapture333” Nekhaila

Email: steven@ultracoin.net

* This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute
investment advice or an offer to invest. Please conduct your own due diligence.

Ultracoin Screenshot

Ultracoin´s technical specifications:

Total coins: 100,000,000
Premine: 2% (1.6% IPO / 0.3% DEV / 0.1% REWARDS)
Block time target: 30 seconds
Block reward: 15, halving every 990,000 blocks
Difficulty retarget:max 200% per 30mins
Mined block confirmation: 50
Transaction confirmation: 5
NFactor Integration
Port: 44100

Bitcoin PR Buzz Feed

Bitcoin Alternative BitcoinDark Launches Collaborative Network SuperNET Bringing Together Cryptocurrency Development Teams Worldwide


Proof of Stake cryptocurrency BitcoinDark enters the Bitcoin arena with unique technical advancements such as the teleportation system with the ability to turn any alt coin completely anonymous, InstantDEX decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, tradebots for an optimal trading experience and the infrastructure to turn any alt coin in to Bitcoin: enabling trading everywhere BTC is accepted.

BitcoinDark is now preparing to share their cutting-edge technology with other dev teams when launching collaborative network SuperNET, also called UNITY, an exclusive network designed to unite the most unique cryptocurrencies worldwide. Over 3500 BTC has been raised for the SuperNet ICO so far. BTCD strives to unite the ever expanding cryptocurrency community bringing back decentralization, openness and anonymity.

BitcoinDark completely anonymous Proof-of-Stake digital currency will generate 5% annual staking revenue for holders for more than 60 years, as well as allowing off-blockchain transactions. BTCD stake holders will also profit from BTCD´s various revenues. BitcoinDark is so far the only cryptocurrency that gives the stakeholders the option to earn rewards in Bitcoin. BTCD is already available on cryptocurrency exchanges Bittrex, Atomic Trade, Cryptsy and Poloniex.

The BTCD team has worked tirelessly to build up the infrastructure to support SuperNET; a new initiative designed to gather unique technology in one place, foster collaboration between cryptocurrencies, reward innovation and encourage active coin communities. SuperNET is not meant to replace other cryptocurrencies or become one alt coin but to strengthen the coins by giving them influence and purchasing power. BTCD is looking for alt coins which are enriching the cryptocurrency ecosystem by offering avant-garde solutions and innovative technology hence alt coins that replicate existing currencies will be discarded. The CORE currencies will be able to share each other’s’ features through a combined wallet, similar to the NXT wallet, the information is exclusively for members and will be handled with discretion.

SuperNET is not only a collaborative cryptocurrency hub enabling the cryptocurrency community to reach new heights in technological achievements but also a network bringing prosperity to its members. Several additional projects generating revenue will be used to reward SuperNET holders; from targeted advertising and transaction fees from anonymity protocols to betting revenues and trading gains. The CORE shareholders will profit from any revenues raised in order to strengthen CORE coin communities by investing in development, and make improvements to other key areas of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

With the announced call for action among cryptocurrency developers and altcoin communities worldwide, BitcoinDark might very well be a game changer in the cryptocurrency arena. A gathering on this scale of professionals and entrepreneurs worldwide is so far unprecedented in the history of the cryptocurrency economical movement. The willingness to share their own unique technology like decentralised cryptocurrency exchange InstantDEX, tradebots and new teleportation system allowing truly trust-less transactions shows that BitcoinDark strives to create a Network bringing both prosperity and unity to the cryptocurrency space.

To learn more about SuperNET: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=762346.0

To learn more please go to: Bitcoindark.org

Official bitcointalk thread: bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=684090.0/

To trade Bitcoin for BitcoinDark please go to:

Media Contact:

Name: BitcoinDark Development

Email: media@bitcoindark.net

Bitcoin Screenshot 2


Uk Based Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency And Fiat Exchange Bitok.com Launches Serving Traders Worldwide

Bitok Logo

September, 9th, 2014 — Bitcoin Innovations LTD has announced the launch of a new cryptocurrency market exchange with a broad variety of fiat money, digital currencies, such as Bitcoin and altcoins, as well as mining contracts.

Bitok.com claims to be the easiest and most user-friendly exchange for trading cryptocurrencies. The platform keeps up with anonymity, essential for Bitcoin, thus no documents are required for registration and trading. Users are free to choose various payment systems for deposits and withdrawals, such as OkPay, Egopay, Perfect Money, or use wire transfers. Bitok.com plans to add new payment systems to the exchange constantly.

Both pro traders and beginners should benefit from using Bitok.com, as there are numerous tools and features they might appreciate: the site shows the current Bitcoin exchange rate, market volume and depth, trade history and dynamics. Instant Bitcoin purchase is a special option aimed to help novices to start trading immediately without any hassle.

Trading with Bitok.com is really profitable due to opportunity of simultaneous Bitcoin trading and mining, possible through trading mining contracts (MCs) or GHS (Gigahash per second). Each MC equals 10 GHS. During the first 30 days since launch of Bitok.com, one MC will cost $30. Later, MCs will be traded on the market and their price will be estimated according to demand and supply. When purchasing MCs, cloud-based mining power will mine Bitcoins on the largest and most trusted pool — GHash.IO, due to partnership between Bitok.com and CEX.IO Bitcoin Crypto Exchange and cloud mining provider. The contract expires in one year, and Bitok.com promises to buy it from the user at the market price.

Officially registered in London, Bitok.com claims to be a highly secure service for trading cryptocurrencies and commodities, resistant to attacks. To exclude any fraud attempts, users are recommended to enable the Two-Factor Authentication on their accounts. If needed, detailed logs of users’ actions are available to investigate any issues. Should users face issues, Bitok.com’s professional support service is always ready to help via ticket system and live chat.

About Bitok.com

Bitok.com is a fast, smart, simple and safe platform for trading digital cryptocurrencies and mining contracts. The company is officially registered in London, UK, and is aiming to be the most reliable and risk-free place for buying and selling Bitcoin.

To learn more about the service please visit: Bitok.com

Media Contact:

PR manager
Jen Miller
Email: PR@bitok.com

Bitcoin innovations LTD, Great Britain
5 Percy Street, London, W1T 1DG

Bitok Screenshot


Bitcoin Hashing Power Trading Platform Kryptologika Launches GH/s Backed With Physical Silver


“Increased competition in cloud mining should be welcomed by bitcoin enthusiasts, silver bugs and miners,”

according to the creators of kryptologika.com—a Polish-Irish-Swedish Bitcoin trading platform that was launched early August 2014.Differentiating from competitors Kryptologika offers a unique system of backing shares against thegradual drop in profitability of mining, utilizing physical silver. It is a well-known fact that during Bitcoin price stagnation, rising difficulty makes mining less and less productive over time and eventually, the costs of electricity can make the entire process unprofitable. The benefit of silver is ability to ensure that the price of GH/s offered by the platform would never fall to zero, as it is backed by the price of an equivalent amount of physical silver per share. Thus, buying shares is not only an investment in hashing power, but also in silver. This solution, combined with much lower maintenance costs for hosting in China, would result in a very competitive offer. Moreover, the shares can be traded among the users on the platform and in the near future, they will be available not only for Bitcoin, but also in fixed prices for fiat currencies.

“We want to optimize the mining process to make it as cost-effective as possible for the benefit of our customers. At the same time, since we are devoted miners and silver bugs, we created a product that combines the two: low-cost hashing power and an investment in physical silver.” said
Project Manager of kryptologika Antoni Lesinski. “At this stage we are still in the beta phase but we will be offering cheap hashing power for Dollars, Euros, British pounds and Polish zloty in a few weeks, bringing the whole undertaking to new levels.”

At the start, the maintenance fees have been as low at $0.11 per GH/s (denominated in Polish zloty) per month. The good news is that this is also changing for the benefit of the users, starting in September. A 2% reduction of fees was offered to Kryptologika users due to an increasing client base and availability of better pricing in China.

“We will be reviewing our maintenance fees at least every quarter. This small reduction in fees demonstrates our commitment to deliver to our customers the best solutions possible, and build long term relationships, which are both very challenging, especially when Bitcoin prices are at lower levels.”

Trading shares on the platform is free of charge and hashing power goes live almost immediately
after the purchase making it even more attractive for traders. Kryptologika recently teamed up with UK based onestopminingshop.com— a mining hardware retailer with a view to build a system of distribution of hashing power, for fiat currencies.

* This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute
investment advice or an offer to invest. Please conduct your own due diligence.

Kryptologika Screenshot