15% Off Any Steam Game at Hyperbundle.com With Cryptocurrency HYPER

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Any steam game code can be purchased at 15% off retail on newly launched HYPER steam game code store Hyperbundle. The team will continue selling steam games below retail into the future as well as offering exclusive indy game bundles.

Alinamedia.com – a Swedish web development firm currently building a new cryptocurrency exchange platform – has announced the launch of Hyperbundle.com offering 15% off any steam game code. Moving forward Hyperbundle will also offer 15% off any steam game code well into the future.

Run by avid gamers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts Hyperbundle proudly accepts HYPER only for any and all game purchases. HyperBundle is the first webstore made for HYPER only and is a simple and innovative game store where users can purchase Steam game codes and more. As there are no chargebacks and fraud with HYPER, almost zero transaction fees, and instant payments; Hyperbundle pass on these savings direct to customers. Gamers worldwide can order Steam game codes from any IP address they like. Say goodbye to the lengthy and tiresome anti-fraud procedures legacy Steam game code merchants mercilessly put their customers through.

The Hyperbundle team wants gamers worldwide to be able to buy all their games and bundles using the unique cryptocurrency HYPER. In future Hyperbundle will also sell Game bundles, Steam credit, PSN codes, Xbox live subscriptions and more all for HYPER.

Hyperbundle is also reaching out to indy game developers worldwide who wish to have their titles included in future bundles and earn Bitcoin, HYPER or USD from game sales on Hyperbundle.com. As well as having launched Hyperbundle.com, Swedish based Alinamedia will be releasing more information soon about their in-house cryptocurrency exchange platform currently under development that should be released before Christmas.

About HYPER:

HYPER is a low energy cryptocurrency designed for use in online games, MMOs, virtual worlds and more. The currency is currently used in Counter-Strike, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Minecraft, Assetto Corsa Racing, StarMade, Rust, Team Fortress 2, and Zandagort – a space-based strategy MMO game where an in-game free market trading platform for HYPER is being currently developed. Players worldwide can earn, spend and win HYPER on a decentralized network of HYPER game servers run by the community.

More information can be seen on the HYPER wiki at http://hypercrypto.com/wiki

To visit Hyperbundle please go to: http://hyperbundle.com

To buy HYPER with Bitcoin please go to: https://www.bittrex.com/Market/Index?MarketName=BTC-HYPER

Official HYPER Wiki: http://hypercrypto.com/wiki

Official HYPER bitcointalk thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=624651.0

Follow HYPER on twitter: http://twitter.com/hypercrypto

Follow Hyperbundle on twitter: http://twitter.com/hyperbundle

Media Contact: contact@hyperbundle.com

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Bitcoin Alternative Opal Announces Opal Drive Encrypted File Storage Powered by Cryptocurrency

Opal Logo

Bitcoin Press Release: Privacy focused cryptocurrency Opal announces the development and future release of encrypted cloud storage platform Opal Drive. This comes on the heels of previous developments such as introducing the Opal Marketplace.

In its continued effort to build the legitimacy and usability of cryptocurrencies in the world outside of Bitcoin, Opal has spent the last several weeks developing its unique encrypted file cloud storage platform. Pairing its development with another cryptocurrency Storj, Opal is proving that seemingly impossible goals can be achieved through cooperation. Cryptocurrency Opal will continue to seek new and innovative ways of using the latest technological innovations; whether it be through their own development or those of their future partners.

As technology grows and the user base becomes more skilled and informed, the abilities of those who wish to do others harm grows as well. The consumer world has seen increasing attacks on the security of their personal data, financial transaction, banking accounts and purchasing records.

The Opal cryptocurrency team believes that the responsibility of security should not be placed on customers, but should be something that a more adaptive technology can improve on. Opal drive will be capable of preventing such data theft through secure encrypted file storage and transfer. The process of this protection is described in detail in the Opal Drive White Paper. The features of Opal Drive will be available for use by people of all walks of life from the computer novice all the way to major technology firms and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Everyone will be able to benefit from Opal Drive’s ease of use and cryptographic security.

In future Opal Drive will, like all Opal Coin projects, be expanded on, with many more features integrated.” Says Opal Coin team.

As with any new technological breakthrough, development is on-going and continuously being improved upon. Opal Drive is building upon Opal’s previously laid groundwork of Opacity+ (a secure messaging protocol that allows for anonymous messaging and financial transactions) and Opal Marketplace (an open market that allows the sale and transfer of digital products for the cryptocurrency Opal). The Opal Marketplace is still in its early stages, but is an important step towards the steady growth of online sales.

With the announcement of Opal Drive encrypted cloud storage platform, digital currency Opal is consolidating its efforts in the cryptocurrency space to create a functional and secure platform that has endless possibilities for business growth, scientific discovery, and consumer protection.

To learn more please go to: http://opal-coin.com/

Read the Opal Drive whitepaper at: http://www.opal-coin.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/OpalDriveWhitepaper.pdf

Visit the Opal Marketplace at: http://market.opal-coin.com/

Trade Opal for Bitcoin on Bittrex: https://www.bittrex.com/Market/Index?MarketName=BTC-OPAL

Media Contact:

Name: John McCallum

Email: support@opal-coin.com

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Huge Bitcoin Marketplace OneWallet.io Launches With Wide Range of Products

Onewallet.io Logo

Bitcoin Press Release: CoinsForTech – a Bitcoin company that has processed over $600 000 USD of cryptocurrency transactions – has just announced the launch of their new online marketplace and Bitcoin wallet: OneWallet.io.

Australian based CoinsForTech has launched a remarkable shopping portal for Bitcoin users just in time for the Christmas holidays. An impressive amount of merchants have registered for the platform with most touting worldwide shipping and ultra-competitive pricing.  Over 600 products are already available for purchase, ranging from electronics, fragrances, clothing, make-up, watches, Bitcoin miners and much more.

The marketplace, OneWallet.io, boasts a similar business model to eBay and was created with the belief that buying and selling could be improved using a global, non-discriminatory payment system such as Bitcoin:

“By using Bitcoin as the medium, we are significantly lowering the cost of trading internationally,” said Lee Marburg, founder of OneWallet and CoinsForTech. “Our marketplace allows for buyers and sellers across the world to transact without worrying about exorbitant currency conversion costs or lengthy transaction times.”

OneWallet is closely tied to CoinsForTech, an electronics store which has processed over $500,000 worth of cryptocurrency orders to 56 countries. The founders quickly realized the power of Bitcoin combined with ecommerce and have built a platform specifically to boost this form of trade.

The OneWallet marketplace offers an opportunity for 3rd party sellers to capitalize on the ever-growing Bitcoin economy. It’s free to list goods for sale on the marketplace, with just a 2% fee is payable if the product successfully sells. Merchants can choose to auction their goods or list them at a fixed price.

It has never been easier to earn Bitcoin by selling goods or services. Each registered user has a Bitcoin wallet generated for them, though they are not required to use this wallet when buying or selling on the marketplace. The integrated wallet allows for Bitcoin-beginners to sell goods and receive payment with minimal knowledge of the Bitcoin ecosystem. OneWallet aims to provide a relatively hands-off method for beginners to become involved in Bitcoin, as well as an avenue for them to spend it on popular goods and services.

Comprehensive buyer protection is provided to all purchases from BusinessVerified merchants. OneWallet will ensure that the BusinessVerified merchant fulfils their end of the deal and refund the customer’s money in full if they do not. With over 500 products listed by BusinessVerified sellers Bitcoiners can shop with confidence on OneWallet.

The OneWallet Bitcoin Marketplace is a winner for both buyers and sellers, offering competitive prices, buyer protection and low selling fees.  Bitcoin users worldwide can now enjoy conducting their online buying and selling easily in one place.

For more information please visit: www.onewallet.io

Media contact:

Name: Lee Marburg

Email: hello@onewallet.io

Onewallet.io Bitcoin Marketplace

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ZeusHash Bitcoin And Litecoin Cloud Mining Platform Announces Gridseed Partnership And Generous Thanksgiving Promotion


Bitcoin Press Release: Hong Kong based Bitcoin and Litecoin cloud mining provider ZeusHash has announced an exciting new partnership with Gridseed and is offering reduced cloud mining prices and giveaways to celebrate Thanksgiving.

After intensive top-level talks ZeusHash is excited to announce a new partnership with reliable Litecoin hashrate supplier Gridseed: one of the largest and most successful Scrypt miner producers in the world. This long-term strategic partnership will undoubtedly build the strongest alliance for Litecoin cloud hashing with the lowest prices – supported by the unbeatable success in developing Scrypt miners of both Gridseed and ZeusMiner. The partnership aims to provide customers with the best and most affordable Litecoin cloud hashing services in the world:

“We will carry out in-depth and extensive cooperation in Scrypt hashrate delivery and also technology” Says Frank Lee, CEO of Gridseed.

With the Scrypt-based hashrate provided by ZeusMiner and Gridseed, two giant Scrypt miner producers, ZeusHash is able to lower their overall costs gradually by introducing new and cheaper hashrates. Effective immediately maintenance fees will be cut to just $0.058 per Mh/s.

From Nov. 17th to Nov. 27th which is Thanksgiving Day, ZeusHash are introducing a very attractive promotional price set. 1 to 9.9 Litecoin cloud mining Mh/s can be purchsed for $15.99 per Mh/s, 10-49.9 Mh/s can be bought for $13.99 per Mh/s, 50-399.9 Mh’s can be bought for $12.99, 400-999.9 Mh/s can be purchased for $11.99 while greater than 1 Gh/s can be bought for just $10.99 per Mh/s.

Since it’s Thanksgiving, ZeusHash wants to give back to their previous customers. For those who bought any type or amount of Hashrate with ZeusHash before Nov. 17th, 2014 (GMT), during the promotion, they will win free HashBuffs. When previous clients make a new order, a random HashBuff will be allocated to their account and take affect immediately. It applies to customer’s first 3 orders of Mh/s every day during the promotion.

With their new partnership with Gridseed, ZeusHash are able to establish the strongest alliance ever in the cloud mining industry. More sustainable and cost-efficient cloud hashing power will be introduced to all ZeusHash users.

About ZeusMiner and ZeusHash:

Hong Kong based ZeusMiner is one of the largest distributors and retail sellers of Litecoin and Bitcoin ASIC mining hardware worldwide. With datacentres spanning the globe clients worldwide can also cloud mine Bitcoin and Litecoin with ZeusMiner’s in-house cloud mining platform ZeusHash.

Having recently announced partnerships with ASICMiner, Rockminer, XBTec last week and now Gridseed – ZeusMiner has also started to work with Bitmain and sell their innovative liquid cooled Antminer C1.

ZeusHash offers reliable, scalable and affordable Bitcoin and Litecoin industry grade cloud mining infrastructure. Moving forward ZeusHash aims for more industry partnerships, continued scaling of mining infrastructure, and many more promotions – to continue to provide industry leading Bitcoin and Litecoin cloud mining.

To learn more please go to: http://zeushash.com

ZeusHash on Facebook: @ZeusHash

ZeusHash on Twitter: @ZeusHash_Zeus

Media Contact:

Name: Fei Hong

Email: info@zeushash.com  

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Bitcoin Gaming Cryptocurrency HYPER Announces $100 Steam Competition Launches 10 Game Servers

Hyper Logo Coin

Bitcoin Press Release: Progressive gaming cryptocurrency Hyper hosts a two week long competition enabling gamers to win $100 steam code, one of many competitions rewarding gamers and Hyper adopters worldwide.  

Launched in May 2014 the HYPER development team now spans the globe with members in the US, Europe and Asia with HYPER currently trading on US based cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex. The team is excited to announce a $100 steam game code competition running for 2 weeks that anyone can enter for the chance to win a $100 steam game code for free. HYPER runs many competitions on custom servers where players can win HYPER simply for playing Counter-Strike, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Assetto Corsa racing, Rust and many more games. As solid additions to the HYPER ecosystem there are also many ways to spend and earn HYPER on the growing network of gaming servers.

Beyond this, the team is also hard at work establishing HYPER core infrastructure such the HYPER Gaming Gateway, at Hypergg.com that is in open Alpha and launching soon. The HYPERGG will bring a professional face to the HYPER network of gaming servers and soon include a HYPER web wallet where anyone can start using HYPER easily and store their HYPER winnings from gaming. Hypergg.com Console gamers will soon be able to enter monthly competitions at http://hypergg.com and win HYPER for playing their favorite Xbox and PS3 games.

Current HYPER game servers and projects:

  • HYPER $100 steam game code competition: http://hypercrypto.com/forum/index.php?topic=298.0
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive US and EU servers.
  • Counter-Strike US server
  • HYPER Assetto Corsa racing US and EU servers
  • HYPER Rust server
  • HYPER Minecraft pixelmon server
  • HYPER Eve Online Corporation
  • HYPERGG at Hypergg.com under development
  • HYPER Forum at http://hypercrypto.com/forum being redesigned
  • Main HYPER space MMO project that integrates the currency
  • Web shop with 10% discount on ANY steam game code coming soon.
  • Website at Hypercrypto.com/ is being redesigned
  • HYPER Federation website at http://hyper.cash
  • HYPER to be integrated into in-store and online merchant payments iPhone and Android App Casheer.
  • HYPER team in talks with top level cryptocurrency exchanges and payment providers of the gaming industry with more news to come soon.
  • See the overall HYPER ecosystem at the wiki http://hypercrypto.com/wiki

With the ever growing network of gaming servers and competitions, team members spanning the globe, ongoing competitions such as the $100 steam game code competition, redesign of many key HYPER portals, and the many cryptocurrency gaming projects under development HYPER truly is the disruptive gaming cryptocurrency.

To trade HYPER with Bitcoin please go to: https://www.bittrex.com/Market/Index?MarketName=BTC-HYPER

Keep up with HYPER competitions and news on twitter: http://twitter.com/hypercrypto

Official bitcointalk thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=624651.0

Official HYPER forum: http://hypercrypto.com/forum

Official HYPER Wiki: http://hypercrypto.com/wiki

For more information about Hyper please visit: Hypercrypto.com

Media contact: 

Name: Hyper Media

Email: hyperfuture@hypercrypto.com


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BitCasino.io Announces Partnership With Play’n GO Offering More Games Than Any Other Bitcoin Operator

Bitcasino.io Logo

Bitcoin Press Release: The world’s first legally licensed Bitcoin casino Bitcasino.io has bolstered its range of HD games through a partnership with Play’n GO’s industry leading casino software.

Following a highly successful first 10 months of operation, attracting 50,000 new players and now over 250+ games, BitCasino.io has taken its next step to carve out its dominance in the Bitcoin casino market. The latest addition of games from Play’n GO has enabled BitCasino.io to provide more Slots, such as Pearls of India, Scratch Cards, Multihand Blackjack, and Video Poker with plenty of new jackpots on offer. Amongst the new games are a range of HTML5 mobile and tablet compatible games, which are compatible across all devices.

BitCasino.io’s head of operations commented on this development:

“This latest range of games from Play’n GO enables us to provide a casino experience that rivals traditional fiat operators. We offer everything that they offer, but we do it with Bitcoin, enabling instant seamless deposits and withdrawals. Casino players are beginning to warm to Bitcoin for this reason as well as our 24/7 live support, live dealer and HD slot games. These are some of the features that you simply wouldn’t expect from a Bitcoin operator and hence our goal is to lead the market, and to create a reliable and friendly service as we do it.”

BitCasino.io will also launch an online poker room with cash games and tournaments in the coming weeks focusing on plenty of freerolls and guaranteed tournaments; complimenting their players’ appetite for recreational fun. The poker software is built with the latest HTML5 technology and, as with their casino games, will be Bitcoin only.

About Bitcasino.io:

Bitcasino.io is the world’s first legally licensed and regulated online Bitcoin-only gaming platform. Bitcasino.io is licensed to conduct online gaming operations by the government of Curacao under gaming license 8048-M2105544.

Bitcasino.io offers more than 250 HD slot games, blackjack, live dealer casino table games, dice, baccarat, and lotto. Bitcasino.io has the most games, utilizes the latest HTML5 technologies, and offers players the highest limits. Bitcasino.io’s team of 25 dedicated staff provides 24/7 live chat support ensuring the friendliest service to a player base spanning 80 countries and a player base of over 50,000 players. Moving forward Bitcasino.io plans to further push the boundaries at the cutting edge of cryptocurrency gaming technology.

To learn more please go to: http://bitcasino.io/

Media Contact:

Email: tauri@bitcasino.io

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Btcxe.com Launches Bitcoin iPhone And Android App For Conversion And News


Bitcoin Press Release: btcxe.com have launched a custom Bitcoin news and currency conversion app for Android users worldwide with an iPhone App coming soon.

Bitcoin application developers BTCxe.com have announced the launch of their new Android App and iPhone App coming soon – the BTCxe Bitcoin converter; complementing their already popular website www.btcxe.com. The launch of the App, announced this week, marks the first in a planned series of cryptocurrency related applications.

BTCxe is described on the website as being “the easiest to use, most intuitive Bitcoin converter people will ever use, and the last one people will ever need.”

Developed using Meteor.js and Famo.us frameworks, BTCxe is elegant, responsive, and simple to use. With just a few taps users can quickly convert Bitcoin to the currency of their choice. The App also supports converting units of Bitcoin, making easy to convert μBTC, mBTC and kBTC as well.

Available for both Android and coming soon on iOS platforms, the BTCxe Bitcoin converter combines one-tap simplicity with other useful on-board features including:

    • Real time market updates via BitcoinAverage.com
    • Choose between 24-hour average price or last price
    • Ability to set default currency
    • One-click copy and paste
    • Latest Bitcoin news headlines
    • Bitcoin games
    • Buy / sell Bitcoin with one-click access to users favorite exchanges
    • Shop with Bitcoin via integration with Spendabit.com

The web version of the Bitcoin Converter, available at BTCxe.com, is as simple to use as its mobile counterpart. It has all of the features of the mobile version and in addition features a handy widget that allows webmasters to quickly customize and embed a BTCxe converter directly onto their own website.

BTCxe Bitcoin Converter currently supports conversion to AUD, BRL, CAD, CHF, CNY, EUR, GBP, HKD, IDR, ILS, MXN, NOK, NZD, PLN, RON, RUB, SEK, SGD, TRY, USD and ZAR currencies. Future updates will see the integration of additional currencies and many additional features by the dedicated development team behind btcxe.com.

To learn more please go to: http://btcxe.com

To download BTCxe Bitcoin Android App on Google Play please go to: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.btcxe

Follow BTCxe on Twitter: https://twitter.com/btcxecom

Like BTCxe on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/btcxe

Media Contact:

Name:  Gleb Bihanov

Email: admin@btcxe.com

Screenshot btcxe.com - simple bitcoin calculator! Use Bitcoin Convertor on web or mobile.

App btcxe pr_source (1)

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NODE Second Generation Cryptocurrency With Different Codebase To Bitcoin Launches

NODE Screenshot


Bitcoin Press Release: Coded from scratch in node.js cryptocurrency NODE features 50 – 100 confirmations per second, upcoming NodePay EUR, USD and BTC integration and Proof of Activity algorithm launching next week.

After almost a year in development, recently launched NODE is a second generation cryptocurrency built from scratch in node.js that features encrypted messaging and NodePay launching in February 2015: the first hybrid international electronic payment system that allows users to pay bills and shop online, and send and receive remittances in NODE, USD, BTC and EUR. The NODE wallet client is 100% original and will feature full NODE, EUR, USD and BTC integration for sending and receiving funds on a decentralized peer to peer network. Experimental NODE wallet clients are also available for download for Windows, Mac and Linux. With more than 50-100 confirmations per second NODE possesses lightning fast confirmation of transactions; allowing NODE to compete with Visa. The NODE White Paper contains more information.

The NodePay system has a high degree of security, speed of transactions and a wide range of deposit and withdrawal options. NodePay also features some of the lowest fees (ranging from 0%), an easy to use client (simple and intuitive interface), full automation of operations and qualified customer support. The system is designed to be transparent and neutral. All information regarding NodePay money supply is always available in the NODE blockchain: balances can be easily verified and used in real time. No one person or organization can control or manipulate the decentralized NODE protocol because it is cryptographically secure.

Whenever users access their wallets they become a node in the decentralized NODE network. By using NODE users themselves secure NODE’s decentralized peer to peer network. On laptops and ordinary computers NODE users can also earn NODE by helping secure the network and keeping their wallet open through an automatic process called “forging”. In this way NODE is accessible to anyone with a computer worldwide and seeks to curb environmentally unsustainable mining races such as currently being seen with Bitcoin.

Next week NODE development team is ready to launch their new in-house cryptographic Proof of Activity (PoA) algorithm that helps users secure the network. With their 100% original code base, accessible wallet at http://nodemoney.com:19775/, simplicity of forging, plans for NodePay decentralized payment network and the active NODE development team ready to release NODE’s original PoA algorithm; NODE is a stand-out in an increasingly crowded cryptocurrency ecosystem.

To learn more please go to: http://nodecoin.com/

Trade NODE for Bitcoin at: https://bter.com/trade/NODE_btc

Read the detailed NODE White Paper at: http://goo.gl/yHqz5f

Visit NODE on bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=590421.0

Media Contact:

Name: Roman

Email: info@nodecoin.com

*This press release is for informational purposes only.

NODE Technical Specs:

Algorithm: Curve 25519

Type: Proof of Activity (PoA)

Block Time: 60 seconds

Node.js: v0.10.30

NODE Screenshot

Main NODE Wallet

Get your own professional Bitcoin or cryptocurrency press release: http://bitcoinprbuzz.com/services

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BitCasino.io Launches World’s First Bitcoin Branded Blackjack Game

Bitcasino.io Logo

Bitcoin Press Release: The world’s first licensed and regulated online Bitcoin gaming platform Bitcasino.io have announced a new Bitcoin blackjack table: another world first in Bitcoin gaming.

Adding to their inventory of 200+ HD Bitcoin gaming offerings; BitCasino.io is pleased to announce the launch of their new Bitcoin Blackjack games. This new Bitcoin blackjack game builds on BitCasino.io’s successful first 9 months of operation: acquiring over 50 000 players and paying out thousands of Bitcoin, including a recent 65BTC ($25,000) Jackpot win in October. Players can wager from 1mBTC (roughly 40¢) up to 600mBTC (~$230); playing up to 5 hands simultaneously. The software is built with state of the art technology providing a seamless casino experience: one that would typically be associated with the big players in the traditional gaming industry.

The new Bitcoin Blackjack game also comes with a number of options; allowing the player to customise their experience with faster/slower game speeds, alternate card styles and sound options. An all new ‘autoplay’ feature has also been introduced; allowing players to select their chosen strategy and leave the cards to automatically play themselves – providing additional comfort to users.

Bitcasino.io’s website has also undergone a full redesign, providing an improved user experience and allowing players to get in on the action through their mobile:

“We have experienced extraordinary growth, both in terms of new player registrations and overall turnover, and the feedback on our games has been excellent. That’s why we’re reinvesting as much as we can into new games like Bitcoin Blackjack – we are now bringing a mainstream experience to this new and exciting cryptocurrency market. The rapid adoption of Bitcoin worldwide and the simplicity of processing deposits and withdrawals, has seen a huge influx of players from countries we would have never imagined. ” Says Bitcasino.io’s Director of Operations

About Bitcasino.io:

Bitcasino.io is the world’s first legally licensed and regulated online Bitcoin-only gaming platform. Owned and operated by mBet Solutions NV, Bitcasino.io is licensed to conduct online gaming operations by the government of Curacao under gaming license 8048-M2105544.

In total, Bitcasino.io’s platform features more than 110 Bitcoin casino games. Games include 3D video slots such as “Mr. Vegas” as well as traditional games like blackjack and roulette. Bitcasino.io also offers Live dealers including Live Bitcoin Dice and Live Bitcoin Lotto games. In just the first 9 months of operation the Bitcoin gaming platform served over 50 000 new players worldwide. Moving forward Bitcasino.io plans to further develop in-house custom online gaming infrastructure for cryptocurrency punters worldwide.

To learn more please go to: http://bitcasino.io/

Media Contact:

Email: tauri@bitcasino.io

Bitcasino.io Homepage

bitcasino blackjack

Bitcasino strategy

Bitcasino Blackjack logo

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