ZeusHash Bitcoin Cloudmining Announces Christmas And New Year Giveaways And Upcoming eCommerce And Payment Platforms

ZeusHash Ecosystem

Bitcoin Press Release: Cloudmining platform ZeusHash is pleased to announce upcoming eCommerce platform Crazy Wednesday, payment service ZPAY and giveaways for 50 000 current and new customers to celebrate Christmas and the New Year.

ZeusHash was launched on October 3rd 2014. In only 2 months, ZeusHash has successfully signed up over 50,000 users from 190 countries and regions around the world. The number of new customers is growing at a pace of 2,000 every day.

According to Alexa, ZeusHash’s official website https://zeushash.com/ has ranked up to 10,000+ globally at its peak traffic. ZeusHash has the largest traffic among other Bitcoin and cryptocurrency companies in Asia; following close behind other giants such as Blockchain, Coinbase and Coindesk.

As the world’s best Bitcoin and Litecoin cloud mining platform, which provides both SHA-256 and Scrypt cloud hashrates, ZeusHash is working on a comprehensive business plan developing a unique ecosystem. Cloud mining will be the foundation of the ecosystem with more features on the way for its further development and expansion.

While some other Bitcoin cloudmining platforms failed to continue their businesses, ZeusHash has continued to develop its efforts into diversified and quality services; becoming an iconic company in the global Bitcoin and cryptocurrency space.

ZeusHash Ecosystem

1. Cloud Mining – GHS/MHS/TwinHash

Partnering up with well-established brands in the industry including Bitmain, Gridseed, Rockminer and AsicMiner, ZeusHash is able to provide the most affordable and reliable BTC/LTC cloud mining in the world.

2. Crazy Wednesday – E-Commerce Community

Crazy Wednesday has become a heated event and big celebration for all ZeusHash fans. The partnership with Antminer and Rockminer in Crazy Wednesday events has caught great attention and participation.

In the near future, Crazy Wednesday will be developed into an e-commerce platform for businesses in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency industry and other industries. More features of Crazy Wednesday are under development and will be released soon. Anyone who would like to be a part of this platform can drop an email to bd@zeushash.com for further discussion.

3. ZPAY – Payment & Consumption Platform

ZeusHash Bitcoin payment and consumer platform ZPAY will be launched very soon. ZPAY will offer secure cryptocurrency payment services and integrate Bitcoin businesses for more convenient purchasing of goods or services on the platform.

ZeusHash has been working on the business network of ZPAY so as to provide an integrated payment and consumption platform. The ZPAY site at www.zpay.io will be released soon and the current 50,000 ZeusHash users will be among the first users of ZPAY.

Supported by the 3 anchors, ZeusHash will be a more integrated business in the Bitcoin industry and provide more user-friendly and value-added cryptocurrency services.

Seeing the fast development of ZeusHash, several Venture Capitals have contacted ZeusHash to help build out its ecosystem and foster its business expansion. More details will be revealed soon.

ZeusHash Year-End Party:

Since Christmas and New Year is coming, ZeusHash Year-End Party will be unveiled. Promotions and gifts have been prepared for 50,000 ZeusHash users and new users as well.

About ZeusMiner and ZeusHash:

Hong Kong based ZeusMiner is one of the largest distributors and retail sellers of Litecoin and Bitcoin ASIC mining hardware worldwide. With datacentres spanning the globe clients worldwide can also cloud mine Bitcoin and Litecoin with ZeusMiner’s in-house cloud mining platform ZeusHash.

ZeusHash offers reliable, scalable and affordable Bitcoin and Litecoin industry grade cloud mining infrastructure. Moving forward ZeusHash aims for more industry partnerships, continued scaling of mining infrastructure, and to continue building out their infrastructure with a unique ecosystem in development.

For more details on the festival promotion please visit: https://zeushash.com/

ZeusHash on Facebook: @ZeusHash

ZeusHash on Twitter: @ZeusHash_Zeus

Media Contact:

Name: Fei Hong

Email: info@zeushash.com

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Trade Bitcoin For Carats, Diamonds and Diamond Jewelry at iDIAMONDS Established Online Jewelry eCommerce Outlet

Trade Bitcoin For Carats, Diamonds and Diamond Jewelry at iDIAMONDS Established Online Jewelry eCommerce Outlet

Bitcoin Press Release: More proof that Bitcoin is here to stay: following Microsoft, Dell, and Time Inc, Jewelry eRetailer iDIAMONDS launches pay by Bitcoin option for high quality diamonds and diamond Jewelry with Free FedEx shipping.

After U.S sales hit $1.7 Billion mark in 2013, there is no doubt that buying diamonds with online eRetailers is more than just a way to save a few dollars. However, while ecommerce is finally acknowledged as a key growth engine, the diamond industry as a whole remains old-fashioned when it comes down to keeping up with how consumers shop. While there are dozens of diamond eRetailers, Bitcoin is still considered unknown waters in the world of jewelry.

Understanding the opportunity, established eRetailer iDIAMONDS.com will now allow purchase of all diamonds and diamond jewelry using Bitcoin in partnership with Bitcoin payment gateway BitPay.

According to iDIAMONDS CEO Dan Gildoni, exchanging Bitcoin for diamonds is an excellent choice for Bitcoin investors and here is why:

“First, as the famous quote says: “Diamonds Are Forever.” They traditionally increase in value, are a stable product, and are a sought after commodity in their own right.” Says iDIAMONDS CEO Dan Gildoni.

Second, iDIAMONDS research found that the main difficulties consumers find with the current diamond retail marketplace is the over-whelming selection and available information. Diamond education alone is covered by over 1,000,000 pages online. To address the consumer problem Dan Gildoni, co-founded iDIAMONDS with one simple goal: make it easier to purchase diamonds and diamond jewelry. In line with this mission, he decided to accept Bitcoin.

In 2014 Bitcoin adoption worldwide has been increasing exponentially; with Microsoft, Greenpeace, Newegg, Overstock, Dell, Wikipedia. Mozilla and many more household names accepting payment in Bitcoin along with tens of thousands of other businesses across the globe.

Currently, Bitcoin owners are forced to rely on online exchanges and ATM machines available only at limited individual locations. The traditional brick and mortar stores, the names that consumers know, are again slow to adopt.

By offering Bitcoin enthusiasts and Bitcoin investors a stable and trusted commodity to exchange their Bitcoin into, iDIAMONDS aspires to further push the eCommerce revolution. For men who are looking for the perfect gift for their spouses using Bitcoin, iDIAMONDS is the place to go.


Established in 2013 and with corporate office in New York City’s World Diamond Tower, iDIAMONDS eCommerce business model allows the company to cut costs and focus solely on providing the best quality and service, while keeping prices drastically lower than those found in retail stores.

Quick to adopt emerging trends in eCommerce and technology, iDIAMONDS is proud to now accept Bitcoin as a payment method for all carats, diamonds and diamond Jewelry with Free FedEx shipping.

To learn more please go to: www.idiamonds.com

Media Contact:

Name: Dan Gildoni

Email: Dan@iDiamonds.com

Company: iDIAMONDS

Phone: 1 800 501 3312

Address: 580 Fifth Avenue, Suite #425 New York, NY 10036

Trade Bitcoin For Carats, Diamonds and Diamond Jewelry at iDIAMONDS Established Online Jewelry eCommerce Outlet


DNotes Cryptocurrency Savings Plans For Children – First of Many Unprecedented Digital Currency Savings Instruments Sponsored by DnotesVault

DNotes Vault Logo

Bitcoin press release: DNotesVault, a secure web wallet launched just a week ago has reaffirmed its mission to build a large generation of DNotes stakeholders worldwide by offering a family of CR.I.S.Ps. (Cryptocurrency Investment Savings Plans) with 100% deposit guarantees.

Illinois, USA. DNotesVault, launched a week ago, may sound like just another web wallet beginning to pop up in the rapidly emerging world of cryptocurrency. However co founder Alan Yong explained that DNotesVault is much more than a free, secure web wallet with an unprecedented 100% cryptocurrency deposit guarantee:

“It is a strategic vehicle created by the DNotes team in pursuit of mass consumer and merchant adoption, taking full advantage of DNotes being the most stable digital currency.” Says Yong.

DNotes is a Bitcoin alternative digital currency. However, unlike Bitcoin, which has been wildly volatile, DNotes is the most stable digital currency among over 500 competitors listed on CoinMarketcap. Building a stable trustworthy currency has been DNotes’ core mission since launch almost a year ago. With an impressive track record of consistent up trend of higher highs and higher lows, DNotesVault was created to encourage and assist consumers and businesses to participate in the potential high returns of digital currency, by starting with a digital savings account.

According to Yong, being the first among a potentially large family of savings plans, CR.I.S.P. for Kids has been created to help the world’s children and grandchildren develop strong saving habits early, in order to secure their financial future. This is an unstructured and self-directed plan, using DNotes as the investment vehicle. Re-occurring savings, in any amount, may be added at any time.

CR.I.S.P. is the brain-child of Chase, a core team member of CryptoMoms; a community with a dedicated mission to encourage and assist women to participate in the cryptocurrency world currently dominated by men. CryptoMoms.com is a currency neutral site, offering rich content on everything one needs to know about cryptocurrency. It has a very helpful community ready to answer any questions promptly. CryptoMoms was created and fully funded by the DNotes team.

CryptoMoms and the DNotes team are dedicated to help anyone interested in starting a CR.I.S.P. for any child. In order to encourage and reward children for developing strong saving habits, the DNotes team will award prizes, in DNotes, for the top wallets on the list, as well as some randomly chosen participants, during the first two formative years. The team has created a CR.I.S.P. for Kids Rich List that displays, in descending order, the balances in the children’s wallets. To ensure privacy of clients each child will be identified only by a nickname / username.

A large family of CR.I.S.Ps. will be offered in an effort to expand this investment opportunity beyond the early adopters of the emerging Bitcoin and cryptocurrency industry. Yong went on to say that there have been a lot of interest to offer additional savings plans for students, employees, charities and others. The beauty about DNotesVault is that additional plans can be added quickly and still be afforded the same security, easy of use, and full deposit guarantee at no cost.

The next savings plan will most likely be CR.I.S.P. for students. There may be little everyday people can do about the current student debt crisis but the CR.I.S.P. team can certainly encourage and assist the next generation to be better prepared. Being born at the time of the digital age, students are more receptive to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as the future of money. Many Universities and Colleges are already offering cryptocurrency classes. DNotes is committed to working with students around the world to give them an early start. The DNotes team encourages interested students and faculty members to contact them at: contact@DNotesCoin.com.

Yong, a well regarded pioneer and visionary in the early generations of portable computers and wireless communication, concluded that cryptocurrency is the greatest technological revolution since the internet which has put fax out of business and postal services struggling for survival. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is even more massive and hugely disruptive to the current financial systems and global payment network, among others. Although there will be serious job losses among affected industries, there will be massive job and wealth creation. For the first time, early adopter small investors might have the chance to gain financial freedom from relatively small investments made on a disciplined and regular basis. With their 100% cryptocurrency deposit guarantee, free giveaways, and secure cryptocurrency storage platform – CR.I.S.P. just made it a lot easier.

For more information please visit: http://dnotesvault.com/crisp-for-kids.php

Media contact:

Name: Alan Yong

Organization: DNotesVault

Email: Contact@dnotescoin.com

*This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.

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Stable Bitcoin Alternative DNotes Launches DNotesVault With Unprecedented Cryptocurrency Deposit Guarantee

DNotes Vault Logo

Bitcoin Press Release: Packed with multiple functionality, an unprecedented 100% cryptocurrency deposit guarantee, and timed send DNotesVault is the second strategic property created by the DNotes team in pursuit of mass consumer and merchant adoption with the industry’s most stable digital currency.

Illinois, USA. DNotes, the most stable, and one of Coinmarketcap’s top 50 cryptocurrencies, launched DNotesVault today in its systematic pursuit of mass consumer and merchant adoption. Just six months ago, the same team created and launched CryptoMoms, a currency neutral site dedicated to encourage and assist women to participate in the emerging cryptocurrency world currently dominated by men.

DNotesVault.com is a strategic vehicle of DNotes to become the digital currency of the future with lasting value. Its mission is to encourage and assist everyone, worldwide, to support and participate in the high potential returns of digital currency savings. The team has gone to great length to ensure that the user interface is simple to use and easy to understand. The technology and process control, while complex, make it so secure that a few of DNotes stakeholders are willing to commit to a 100% guarantee matching fund.

Co founder, Alan Yong, pointed out that “It is easier to open a DNotesVault account than a bank account. It is also secure. We guarantee 100% of your deposit through a separate cold storage account, secured in a different location, with an amount always in excess of the total deposit. The guaranteed funds are verifiable any time through the blockchain.”

The ability for any DNotes stakeholder, with a DNotesVault account, to send DNotes to anyone that has an email address is an invaluable feature when coupled with DNotesVault security and ease of use. With the holiday season fast approaching, one can stretch $100, or 13,600 DNotes, at the current price, to a long list of family and friends, even at the last minute. The recipient is directed to open an account at DnotesVault.com and the gifted amount will instantly show up in the new account balance.

“Timed Send” is a scheduled installment payment, with a defined amount for each payment based on scheduled frequencies in terms of days, weeks, months, or years. This is a very useful tool for charity fund raising using DNotes, avoiding stakeholders fear of an instant dump, negatively affecting the value of their holdings. Timed Send is also a great way to manage wealth transfer with the comfort that the inheritance will not be burnt up quickly.

DNotesVault is a web wallet for DNotes, available to all DNotes’ stakeholders, at no cost. One of DNotes core missions is to build a very large generation of DNotes stakeholders worldwide through a family of CR.I.S.Ps. (Cryptocurrency Investment Savings Plans).

Co-founder, Alan Yong explained that for mass consumer and merchant participation to take place, there must be a stable trustworthy digital currency to deliver the true cost advantages as an alternative form of payment, beyond just the lower cost of transaction. In the case of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, high volatilities reduce all cost advantages with an added risk of currency loss if not converted to fiat currency immediately.

Yong, a well regarded pioneer and visionary in the early generations of portable computers and wireless communication, went on to say that “Until DNotes becomes a truly valuable digital currency in our space, many may not understand or appreciate the DNotes’ approach in building fundamental values”. He is convinced that DNotesVault has a major strategic significance. Among various objectives, DNotesVault will be creatively utilized to build the next generation of DNotes stakeholder using CR.I.S.P. for kids and CR.I.S.P. for students to be followed by many more. Yong stressed that “The beauty of DNotesVault is that we can setup and launch a new plan or program, such as a charity fund raising, in no time”.

DNotes, DNotesVault, and CryptoMoms are all strategically linked. It is a powerful package that will be used to grow DNotes stakeholders worldwide, outside of the cryptocurrency industry.

For more information please visit: http://dnotesvault.com/

Media contact:

Name: Alan Yong

Organization: DNotesVault

Email: Contact@dnotescoin.com

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Bitcoin Alternative FibreCoin Launches FibreLock, Anonymous ZeroTrust And Secure Operating System Fibre OS

Fibre Logo

Innovative Bitcoin alternative FibreCoin has in just eight weeks launched several exclusive safety features; their most recent project ZeroTrust offers an exclusive end to end privacy solution now available to the public. Among Fibre’s other innovations to optimize security for cryptocurrency adopters are FibreConnect, FibreDark, FibreOS and FibreLock to combat keyloggers by using a security pattern similar to that used for Android. FibreCoin is a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) cryptocurrency allowing FibreCoin adopters to enjoy ongoing hands-off profits when storing FibreCoins in the wallet.

Fibre is a part of Blocknet and implements Dark Gravity Wave for difficulty re-target, a block speed of 60 seconds and 5% PoS annual interest. FibreCoin has met with large early success and is already accepted on six online exchanges including Cryptsy, Bittrex and Poloniex. FibreLock is a key cryptocurency security innovation from Fibre and is already implemented in Bitcoin wallet.

Fibre aims to make ZeroTrust the safest obfuscation technology in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. ZeroTrust is exclusively developed and coded by the FibreCoin team and does not use XC mixer, Dark Send, Zerocoin or Zerocash technology making it a brand new solution to the security breaches cryptocurrency transactions have faced in the past. Fibre’s ZeroTrust prevents common problems by sharing transaction information between multiple mixer nodes on the decentralized network. Fibre strives to make all safety features, including ZeroTrust, as user-friendly as possible allowing them to be available for novice and experienced cryptocurrency enthusiasts alike.

ZeroTrust is only the latest in a long line of exclusive features previously introduced by FibreCoin. Other projects includes FibreConnect, an anonymous and fully encrypted communication system, FibreDark, a special stealth feature allowing users to hide their IP address and location when using the Fibre network and FibreOS; Fibre’s very own Linux operating system dedicated to the coin which allows users to achieve ultimate security and cold storage solutions meaning that FibreOS can be stored off-line on a USB stick making the information impossible for hackers to steal.

Fibre will also be added to the Casheer cryptocurrency iOS and Android merchant payments App allowing Fibre to be accepted at hundreds of real-world merchants and online worldwide. With the launch of FibreCoin featuring a whole line of innovative security options covering all aspects of conducting commerce using cryptocurrencies; such as communication, transactions, pin codes, anonymity and safe storage solutions – FibreCoin marks the beginning of a new generation of Bitcoin alternatives emerging from within the cryptocurrency space.

For more information please visit: http://www.fibrecoin.com/

To trade Fibre please go to: https://bittrex.com/Market/Index?MarketName=BTC-FIBRE

To see the Fibre Core Development Roadmap please go to: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=737771.msg9170047#msg9170047 and click here.

To see the latest news and updates from the Fibre team please go to: http://www.fibrecoin.com/updates/

Fibre is now proof-of-stake but can still be mined at the multipool: http://fibre.xpool.ca/

To learn more about Fibrelock security innovation please go to: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=737771.msg9270360#msg9270360

Fibre on Twitter: @fibrecoin and @zyduuu

Fibre on IRC: #Fibre

Fibre on Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/FibreCoin

Media contact :

Name: Martin

Email: info@fibrecoin.com

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