Thoughts on The Future of Bitcoin From Genesis-Mining’s CEO Marco Streng – Established Bitcoin Cloud Mining Company

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Bitcoin Press Release: Established in 2013 and one of the largest Bitcoin cloud mining platforms in the world, Genesis-Mining’s CEO Marco Streng shares his thoughts on the possible future of Bitcoin.

Writing about the future of Bitcoin with any certainty is like saying someone knows a certain horse will definitely win the Triple Crown this year. The fact is that the technology could go anywhere, legislation could change everything, and Bitcoin culture continues to evolve somewhat sporadically. But there is no fun in not speculating; so Genesis Mining CEO Marco Streng decided to answer the impossible questions.

Because Genesis Mining is one of the largest suppliers of any Bitcoin company in the world, Streng is uniquely informed about what new technologies are coming into vogue, which are over-hyped, and what research could change the technology tomorrow.

“There is a lot of innovation and pioneering going on in the mining world. Advancements range from innovative data center structures, intelligent and more powerful mining farm monitoring solutions, to more and more optimized chip designs for lower and lower nanometer scales.”

Bitcoin culture today places a premium on the crowd-monitored nature of the technology, but as the power continually gravitates towards large companies and large data centers, that culture’s voice is losing its thunder. The question is whether the average user will embrace the new era of mining or reject Bitcoin altogether. While the currency still represents the most regulatory-free currency in the world, its early adopters envisioned nothing short of utopia. Big companies are as prone to corruption as any other organization, or so the argument goes.

Streng got the question if the consolidation of mining will hurt or help the Bitcoin movement, especially concerning the Bitcoin faithful.

“What people may forget is that the higher the total mining power in the network, the less vulnerable Bitcoin is. In the early days, a private individual could possibly gain enough influence to control the Bitcoin network by a large enough investment in mining. Times have changed and it is much harder to do that now.”

One of the biggest obstacles still facing the currency is evangelizing the many millions of people who believe it is a fringe movement, a fad, one that will disappear quietly in a few years. It does continue to edge its way in to the mainstream with small but notable successes, like Rand Paul’s new presidential campaign website accepting donations in BTC. And the technology does continue to gain high profile backers from numerous industries. But even with the most rose colored lenses, no one can say that Bitcoin is mainstream. Streng doesn’t think we will have to wait too long for that to happen.

“For those of us born in the late 80’s and early 90’s, we grew up with the internet being a major part of our lives. We didn’t have to adopt the technology, we simply had to learn to use it and convince our parents we
needed to upgrade our dial up connection. Change is hard, and we saw older generations struggle to use Google instead of libraries and Amazon instead of RadioShack. Despite some people opposing it and all the negativity it received, the internet prevailed and has changed the daily lives of billions of people. I understand that Bitcoin sounds crazy to some, but inmany ways it is following the same path as the internet, and I think it will change the world just as profoundly.”

Time will tell if Streng is right — if a more centralized infrastructure can mesh with Bitcoin culture, if the technology will be embraced by the general public, and if officials in the US and other countries decide not to regulate. But one thing is for sure, many thousands of highly informed critics said Bitcoin would never last as long as it has.

About Genesis-Mining:

Hong Kong based Genesis-Mining was established in October 2013 with Bitcoin cloud mining facilities located in Iceland, USA and Canada. Genesis-Mining has a partnership with the world’s largest ASIC manufacturer; Spondoolies Tech.

For more information please visit:

Media Contact:

Name: Paulo Fiorio


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Bitcoin In Minutes: Over 400 000 Locations Worldwide For Instant Buying And Selling Cryptocurrencies Added By And MoneyPolo™


Bitcoin Press Release: International cryptocurrency and Bitcoin exchange platform 247exchange, managed by InterMoney Exchange™, and its partner MoneyPolo™ payment system proudly announce the brand new method of buying and selling Bitcoin instantly via money transfers.

Bitcoin exchange service and its partner MoneyPolo™, large money transfer network, represent an innovative instant method of purchasing and withdrawing bitcoins – using express money transfer. The feature is available at more than 400,000 locations (including banks, post offices, shops, stores, money exchangers and so on) in about 130 countries. Having a bank account or credit/debit card is not necessary.

All that is required is cash, ID and a visit to one of almost half a million branches around the world to send an immediate transfer. Transforming cash into bitcoin and vice versa has never been so easy and fast.

“Our global aim is to make Bitcoin closer to average people, and cooperation with MoneyPolo™ makes a huge step on this way. It also seems like a perfect solution for buying/selling bitcoins for unbanked users and especially for people from developing countries having less local direct banking options. Speaking in general, our team is working hard to make the whole process as easy, as topping up the mobile phone balance. This is a challenge, but we believe we can make it!”, Anton Vereshchagin, the founder, declares.


247exchange is run by InterMoney Exchange™, a group of financial companies. The service offers various ways of buying, selling and exchanging cryptocurrencies paying special attention to instant methods.

“At the end of 2014 we integrated credit and debit cards support as an immediate method of buying bitcoins. However, until now we haven’t had instant withdrawal methods (and there are not so many exchange services in the world who offers it). Judging by the feedback from our customers, they really missed such option. As a client oriented company we simply can’t ignore that. Then we contacted MoneyPolo and made this promising partnership. I believe it’s a real breakthrough in the whole cryptocurrency exchange business discovering the new opportunities for the users all over the globe”, Alexey Maximenko, CEO, says.

About MoneyPolo™

MoneyPolo™ is a registered trademark for Mayzus Financial Services Ltd. Since the company started its operations in 2009 it has been providing payment solutions, prepaid cards, foreign exchange operations for customer accounts as well as cash money transfers. MoneyPolo has customer branches in the UK, the Czech Republic, Mongolia and Philippines, while its partner offices spread throughout Europe, Asia, Latin America, North America. Africa and CIS countries. Since 2012 MoneyPolo service portfolio includes accounts and payments for cryptocurrency industry. The company proved to be a reliable and responsible partner for its some 150 000 customers. MoneyPolo is constantly increasing the availability of its services and expanding its wide network of more than 400,000 own and partner branches.

How it works

To purchase Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies (Litecoin, Namecoin, Peercoin) via an urgent money transfer, the user submits a buy order at website. The list of available agents to send cash from will be indicated (for certain money transfer systems it is also possible to send money online). Bitcoins will be sent to the specified address just a few minutes after the transfer has been made.

To withdraw Bitcoin and altcoins using an urgent money transfer, the person places a sell order at website choosing the nearest agent to receive fiat money from. The funds will be available for picking up in just few minutes. The customer can also transfer money to his relatives and close ones this way. In both cases the user can choose the currency. 24/7 support is always ready to help the customers. Detailed instructions are also provided for client’s maximum convenience.

To learn more please go to:

Media Contact:

Name: Andrey Vereshchagin

Address: InterMoney Exchange Corp. 35 New Road, Belize city, Belize, C.A.

Tel.: +44 2070484188


Twitter: @247exchange_com



Bitcoin Alternative NXT Announces Upcoming Release of NXT Version 1.5: The Complete Toolkit For Business


Nxt logo

With upcoming release of Nxt software version 1.5 – which will include voting functionality, ability to use enhanced multisig account control, and improved data storage and transfer capabilities – Nxt has reached a new milestone as the next generation blockchain platform.

From its inception in late 2013 Nxt has been designed to be a multipurpose toolkit, to be used either directly from the NRS client software or to be incorporated into third party applications.

With account authorisation via the issue of secure tokens, enhanced data transfer and storage (with the ability to remove data when required), voting, multisignature transactions and much, much more, Nxt has now developed into a mature and complete next generation blockchain system for business use.

Nxt Modularity

Nxt is designed and built to be a modular system. It features several different transaction types, which can be used on their own or in combination. The current feature set, after the version 1.5 implementation of Voting and Phasing (enhanced multisig/account control) will include:

  • Send Transactions (sending the NXT currency or tokens to accounts
  • Data Transactions (send and store up to 40 kb of data)
  • Coloured Coins Transactions (create and trade Asset tokens)
  • Alias Creation Transactions (enabling the assignment of strings, such as a DNS entry, to Nxt accounts)
  • Sales Transactions (create and manage digital sales via a native marketplace)
  • Signature Transactions (provide proof of account via single-use token authentication)
  • Voting Transactions (fully customised polling system based on the Nxt blockchain)
  • Multisig Transactions
  • Custom Currencies Transactions (create customisable currencies on top of the Nxt blockchain)

More in-depth information about these transaction types can be found in the Nxt Wiki or on the resource site,

The perfect tool for DAOs

Nxt is the perfect tool for the creation of Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs). A business or developer can issue their own tokens representing their organisational structure, handle a transaction stream, and keep their finance records in a fully transparent and auditable manner on the blockchain. Building new tools to enhance the core Nxt functionality for a business’s own requirements is always possible, and the Nxt developer community will be happy to provide support for custom solutions where required.

There is no absolute need to use the provided Nxt client software (the NRS client) if users do not want to, since Nxt can be utilised directly from within other applications by using the Nxt API, which currently has around 150 function calls. Full documentation for Nxt API can be found on the Nxt Wiki.

Examples of projects that have been or are being built with Nxt include, a browser wallet that supports plugins; DeBuNe, a company building business tools with Nxt; and Pangea Poker, a fully decentralised poker application.

Nxt Foundation and PayExpo

Last month, the Nxt Foundation was incorporated as a portal organisation to act as a point of contact for the Nxt community and anyone interested in the possibilities offered by Nxt – either from the cryptocurrency world or from the wider mainstream business community. The Nxt Foundation can also connect anyone with project ideas involving Nxt, such as entrepreneurs and business owners, with developers who can support or implement ideas and projects.

The people within the Nxt Foundation have a background in sales, marketing and software development, and are happy to help people explore the possibilities of using Nxt.

The NXT Foundation will be the official Cryptocurrency Sponsor of the upcoming PayExpo event, to be held in London on the 9th and 10th June 2015.

Anyone is welcome to contact the Nxt Foundation at should they have any questions or require any assistance with Nxt, or a project involving Nxt.

NXT in Space!

Nxt is also a sponsor for the Low Orbit Helium Assisted Navigator (LOHAN) project: a private UK-based initiative to launch an autonomous 3d-printed drone to the edge of space. This mission will carry a copy of the Nxt client software on its flight control computer, taking Nxt to new heights.

For more information please go to:

Media Contact:

Name: Bas Wisselink, Nxt Foundation Director


Phone: +31 (0)6 13937762

NXT screenshot

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Established Bitcoin Media Platform Receives Significant VC Investment And Announces Inside Bitcoins Partnership

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Bitcoin Press Release: Trusted Bitcoin news and tech review source is pleased to announce a significant investment to expand its operations, and a new partnership with the leader in the Bitcoin conference industry; Inside Bitcoins., a Bitcoin media company founded in early 2014 and dedicated to being an independent voice for the cryptocurrency community, is pleased to announce an additional investment round into the company. Bitcoinist has been a cornerstone of the Bitcoin industry, providing news and reviews since early 2014, and will use this investment for an aggressive expansion plan.’s original investor, Zoltan Tokay, has invested an undisclosed amount into the site in recognition of the many milestones that the company has achieved.

For the last year, the Bitcoinist team has been at nearly every Bitcoin conference to show support and provide coverage. As the entire Bitcoin industry has grown, so has the Bitcoinist team and its reach. Earlier this month, and Inside Bitcoins joined together in a monumental deal. The Inside Bitcoins news section will now syndicate news articles and reviews from the Bitcoinist team, and vice versa. Scott Fargo, Editor-in-Chief at, shared his thoughts on the new partnership:

“We at are happy to provide news and other content to Inside Bitcoins, the leader in the Bitcoin conference industry. We are looking forward to providing coverage of their world wide events as well.”

Bitcoinist has already taken steps towards securing additional partnerships with key entities in the cryptocurrency industry. Look out for future announcements from the Bitcoinist team. For more information about Bitcoinist, please visit ( Inside Bitcoins is produced by Meckler Media. More information on MecklerMedia can be found at their website (

About Bitcoinist

Bitcoinist LTD. is a private limited company registered in the United Kingdom. Since early 2014, Bitcoinist has provided industry-leading reviews, commentary, and news on cryptocurrency and technology. Notably, Bitcoinist has become a leading source for independent Bitcoin mining and cryptocurrency mining hardware reviews. Since being founded in February 2014 by Mate Tokay, Norbert Kovacs and Zoltan Tokay, has grown into a dedicated international team.

Partnerships Contact:

Advertising Contact:

Media Contact:

Name: Vivien Gal


Phone: +36302722409

Address: 1 Hova Villas Brighton & Hove BN3 3DH, United Kingdom


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Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency Forum For Women, CryptoMoms Celebrates First Anniversary Continuing To Encourage Women’s Participation In Digital Currency

CryptoMoms Logo

Bitcoin Press Release: CryptoMoms continues to encourage and assist women worldwide to participate in Bitcoin and digital currency, as it celebrates its first anniversary after officially launching one year ago on April 16, 2014.

In spite of the troubling gender gap being well recognized in the cryptocurrency and Bitcoin space, most industry efforts to help improve the situation have shown little result. Most reports indicated a slight improvement from over a year ago by about 2%. The statistics came as no surprise for CryptoMoms which has strongly advocated a gentler and more inclusive approach with a friendly and helpful community environment.

As long time CryptoMoms Community Manager Rocky explains:

“CryptoMoms is the wave of the future to get women involved in the cryptocurrency world. Empowering women to get into the financial world has been a struggle. With Cryptomoms it is centered around women, designed for women to communicate and get involved in their own finances. Communication and understanding finances is very important with so many single women in the world. It is time women become involved at a higher level and manage with confidence their own finances.”

CryptoMoms celebrates its first anniversary as a gateway for women into the world of digital money overwhelmingly dominated by men. The site provides plenty of vital information and easy guides for newcomers as well as a strong and helpful community. The forum alone attracts up to 272 visitors daily, an impressive number considering that far less than 10% of the cryptocurrency community are women. As the one year mark passes CryptoMoms remains true to its mission with multiple projects aiming to bridge the gender imbalance.

Although CryptoMoms was created by, and is fully funded by the DNotes team, it has positioned itself as a currency neutral site giving free access to industry peers to promote their products and services. Dozens of coins have benefited from this free platform to introduce and promote their coins. Many have commented very favorably on CryptoMoms’ commitments to provide a culture of trust and mutual respect while fulfilling its genuine efforts to assist women and others to acquire the basic knowledge about digital currency. Supporters from other coins have often shared their knowledge and assisted many new participants.

Alan Yong Co-Founder of CryptoMoms, DNotes and DNotesVault has frequently pointed out that Bitcoin is the greatest technology revolution since the Internet with significant world changing implications resulting in a quantum shift. Unlike the Internet, Bitcoin and Blockchain technologies are much more complex and far reaching with even more massive job and wealth creation potential than the Internet. DNotes is also committed to working with CryptoMoms in assisting women small business owners and women organizations. This is truly a worthy cause that the most fortunate 1% can participate to make a world of difference.

CryptoMoms is becoming increasingly popular among parents and grandparents since it launched cryptocurrency investment savings plans for kids (CRISP) last December. Since then DNotes, CryptoMoms and DNotesVault have added savings plans for retirement and for students worldwide. It has become quite apparent that moms care deeply about the financial future of their children and their financial means to get a good education. Digital currency, such as DNotes being at its infancy offers potential high returns and superior advantages as a form of payment.

Chase, a devoted community member and the brain-child of CRISP pointed out that,

“With cryptocurrency, we have the opportunity to reach women from all walks of life and from every corner of the world. It has the power to help women by addressing poverty, providing economic inclusion, and allowing them to participate in the massive job and wealth creation of a new industry. Cryptocurrency has the potential to provide women with a secure financial future that otherwise may be unattainable. It also allows woman to start and operate a business in locations around the world that have no banking access.”

She concluded by inviting everyone to.

“join us at CryptoMoms to learn, or to help teach others, about cryptocurrency, investing, retirement, and the many opportunities evolving in this new industry.”

With rich content on everything one needs to know to get started in the digital currency space; CryptoMoms continue to be vital for the introduction of women to the unprecedented opportunities offered by Bitcoin, digital currency and cryptocurrencies more widely.

For more information please visit:

Media contact:

Name: Rocky DeLucenay




SFARDS 28nm BTC & LTC Dual-Algorithm ASIC For Bitcoin Mining Unveiled


Bitcoin Press Release: SFARDS has successfully completed the world’s first 28nm SF3301 dual-algorithm ASIC chip capable of mining Bitcoin and Litecoin simultaneously; using the latest in FD-SOI processing technology.

The SF3301 is the world’s first chip to use the FD-SOI manufacturing process, and is also the world’s first 28nm dual-algorithm (SHA-256 & Scrypt) chip; capable of mining these two algorithms simultaneously or singularly.

Completely New Technology, Optimum Power Efficiency

SFARDS’ SF3301 fully utilizes the advantages of the FD-SOI technology. This brings increased forward body bias; the chip is operational at lower voltage while maintaining a higher frequency. The chip boasts impressive power efficiency while affording high hash power, allowing for much lower wastage per hash. The ASIC’s lowest working voltage is 0.45V, with lowest BTC efficiency at 0.19J/GH, and lowest LTC efficiency at 1.75J/MH. In current market conditions compared to other mining technology, dual-algorithm capabilities can provide a clear advantage.

Under recent testing conditions, the single SF3301 chip reached BTC hash power levels of 152GH/s, and LTC levels of 3.17MH/s. The SF3301’s high integration level leads to future miners being smaller, power wastage being less and even more powerful miners. There is room for movement in these areas and as such different customer requests can be fulfilled.

Dual Mining is Versatility and Longevity

The SF3301’s dual-algorithm abilities allow any miner based on the chip to benefit from a far longer period of effectiveness. Users can base their profits on a large variety of minable currencies and can easily switch between dual-mining mode and single mining mode. The profits made from mining lower cost currencies can be used to subsidize the mining of another currency. The lower the cost to mine the currency, the longer the shelf-life of the miner.

In April, SFARDS will release a number of documents for the SF3301 as open-source. The ASIC’s development board design and its software will be published, and in May the design specifications for our debut miner will be released. Additionally in the near future SFARDS will be selling ASIC development boards and sample chips, making the SF3301 accessible to developers who wish to customize and build their own hardware. SFARDS welcomes any and all developers and communities to build upon our technology and contribute to the mining ecosystem.


SFARDS comes from the well-known angel investor Li Xiaolai and the merger between Gridseed and WiiBox. The Beijing-based company has received VC funding from Matrix Partners China, the first cryptocurrency mining company in China to receive this kind of backing. SFARDS has a cutting-edge research and development team with a wealth of experience in cryptocurrency mining that is devoted to bringing value to every aspect of the mining industry.

To learn more please go to:

Sfards Products & Services:

Sfards on Twitter:

Sfards on Facebook:

Sfards on LinkedIn:

Sfards on WeiBo:

Media Contact:

Name: Jack Niederer, Sfards International Development


SFARDS Picture

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‘Mind The Gap’ Global Online Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency And Payments Seminar Launches April 10

Coinstructors LogoBitcoin Press Release: Global virtual seminar ‘Mind The Gap’ aims to build the bridge between the world’s of cryptocurrency and mainstream finance.

London UK – experienced cryptocurrency consultancy agency Coinstructors is organising a global virtual seminar ‘Mind The Gap’ for like-minded professionals on the 10th of April 2015. The virtual event is offering a full schedule of speakers including lawyer Adam Vaziri the founder of Coinstructors and author and financial markets commentator Brian Kelly among others. It is the very first virtual event to be dedicated to the real world of finance professionals to be able to obtain direct updates to new projects over the blockchain. Along side this event Diacle the sister company to Coinstructors are organising Hackcoin events in London, Hong Kong and Mumbai (Crypto Hackathons).

The seminar begins at 13H40 GMT – 09H40 EST ending at 18H00 GMT- 14H00 EST; those who are unable to attend the live event will be given a second chance to hear some of the markets leading experts on the 11th of April.

2015-04-10 14:40:00 GMT 09:40 EST: Adam Vaziri, Diacle – Coinstructors – UKDCA- Mind the Gap Opening discussion

2015-03-09 16:00:00 GMT 11:00 EST: Keynote Speaker Brian Kelly, BKCM LLC. – The Future of Finance is Flat: Exploring the Investment Opportunities Created by Digital Currency and Blockchain Technology

2015-04-10 16:20:00 GMT 11:20 EST: 44Phones is being Officially announced to the mainstream of the Blockchain based Mobile Network. Nick Grove, 44Phones – Groovix – NXT2PAY – Blockchain Enabled Mobile Network & Mobile Money Services Easy Roll out for Central Banks and other financial institutes along with Asset backed Crypto Currencies. (Brian Kelly will be doing a Q/A with Nick Grove of 44Phones and Lee Grant of Coinstructors)

Platinum Sponsors: NXT, Manx Telecom and 44Phones

Gold Sponsors: BitcoinPRBuzz, UKDCA, Coinscrum and Coinstructors

This is just the first of Coinstructors Virtual Seminars a further 6 more are planned for 2015, the future of Virtual Seminars are starting to prove themselves for professionals due to the fact of no travel and availability around busy schedules along with low cost fees to exhibitors and free to attended. For more information visit

About Coinstructors:

Coinstructors consists of a team of experienced lawyers, accountants, business advisors and technology consultants with particular understanding of digital currency/token technology and its potential application for businesses.

Coinstructors is a full service consultancy to help design and build new digital currencies/tokens. Coinstructors provides an end-to-end solution for your new coin, from conception to delivery mechanisms and compliance. For more information please visit

Must be Viewed Webinar 44Phones:

44 Phones Supporting the HM Treasury response to the call for information on Digital Currency. The UK’s HM treasury, call for information on the use of Digital Currency, published November 2014, included representation from digital Coinstructors sultancy on behalf of 44 Phones.

The UK government has a number of core objectives for digital currency that look to support the innovation, development and application of new technology in payment systems and financial services from legitimate digital currency firms that can support a compliant and regulated framework.

In response to the report, 44 Phones is launching its 8 month old project as a Proof of Concept mobile money service over its own mobile network covering UK, USA & India. To aim is to allow mobile operators, small banks and payment solutions to trial the delivery of digital currency services. With the latest announcements from the UK Treasury and Bank of England 44 Phones believes its project is in the ideal position to roll out on a global stage, attracting forward thinking partners.

The hybrid cash and crypto platform has been developed as a mobile banking application using Blockchain technology to deliver mobile money via SMS, Mobile App and Web.

Kicking off the first of many virtual events Mind the Gap Expo might very well mark the future of global networking in the form of convenient online seminars; that is easily attended from the office or at home but with the same quality content. Mind the Gap online seminar welcomes online entrepreneurs and cryptocurrency professionals worldwide on the 10th of April at 13H40 GMT – 09H40 EST.

About Bitcoin PR Buzz:

Having proudly served the PR and marketing needs of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin tech start-ups for over 2 years, Bitcoin PR Buzz is excited to be a Gold sponsor of innovative Mind The Gap Expo 2015.

For more information please visit:

Media contact:

Name: Adam Vaziri, Coinstructors


Coinstructors Screenshot

Mind the Gap Logo


Bitcoin Alternative Jetcoin Disrupts Sports Industry, Athlete And Fan Relationships – Launching Cryptocurrency Presale


Bitcoin Press Release: Singapore, 8th April 2015 – Bringing Wall Street and blockchain technology to the world of sports and entertainment, Jetcoin Institute is pleased to announce the Jetcoin presale. Jetcoin is backed by gold bullion allowing anyone to own IP rights of promising athletes and talents.

Jetcoin, the new digital fuel for the world of sports and entertainment, gives fans and supporters a unique opportunity to benefit directly from the success of their favourite athletes and stars. It disrupts traditional fan-athlete/talent relationships by enabling anyone to launch and support the careers of tomorrow’s stars.

Using block chain technology, Jetcoin decentralises the world of sports and entertainment, ruled today by powerful agents and corporations. Jetcoin tilts the power balance by establishing the first platform where anyone can own IP rights of promising athletes and talents. Also the first digital currency to be backed by precious metal collateral (gold) via a partnership with XNF, Jetcoin is tradeable across 3 continents through DXMarkets.

Uniquely backed by physical assets, Jetcoin is issued by the Jetcoin Institute, which has gathered a team of first-class advisors led by world famous currency expert, Prof. Bernard Lietaer. The Jetcoin Platform will be built with NXT technology to deliver a unique and decentralised financial platform. Jetcoin holders are able to earn revenues through Jetcoin Contracts and its social media rewards system, P.O.S.E. (Proof Of Social Engagement) as well as access unique lifestyle experiences.

In August 2014, in a bid to both establish the branding of Jetcoin internationally as well as to secure a testing ground for a myriad of innovative tech applications and crowd funding concepts customised for sports and entertainment, Jetcoin became the first digital currency to become the main sponsor of a Serie A football team, A.C. ChievoVerona. In developing the Jetcoin ecosystem of partnerships, deals have been made with top service providers like Samsung Sportsflow and Pogoseat to optimise fan experience and engagement in sport entertainment. Jetcoin Institute has also recently developed and launched Stadia, a free sport app aimed at increasing fan interaction and engagement during live football.

For a limited time period, jetcoins are available at a promotional price of US$ 0.02 at the official website implementation by Compared to the Bitcoin, whose rise from its initial sale price of less than US$0.01 to its peak of US$1250, Jetcoin – backed by physical assets – is poised to track an interesting trajectory.

About Jetcoin

Main sponsor of Serie A football team, A.C. ChievoVerona, ‘jetcoin’ is a new digital fuel issued by the Jetcoin Institute. It gives fans and supporters in the world of sports and entertainment a unique opportunity to benefit directly from the success of their favourite athletes and stars, both financially and also through unique lifestyle experiences such as seat upgrades, access to VIP boxes, exclusive events, behind-the-scenes and/or after-parties etc. Jetcoin Institute continues to work with partner teams, brands and service providers to offer exclusive deals to jetcoin holders. Visit

About Prof. Bernard Lietaer

Prof. Lietaer is the author of The Future of Money (translated in 18 languages), and is an international expert in the design and implementation of currency systems. He co-designed and implemented the convergence mechanism to the Euro. Visit

About A.C. ChievoVerona

A.C. Chievo Verona is a professional Serie A Italian Football club named after and based in Chievo, Verona, in the Veneto region. Visit

About Samsung Sportsflow

SportsFlow delivers the latest sports news, photos and videos from around the world via one single app. Visit

About XNF

XNF is a digital currency with a physical collateral in GOLD. XNF Trading provides the easiest way to acquire virtual currencies (Jetcoin – XNF) in exchange for traditional currencies (USD and EUR) and bitcoins. Visit

About DXMarkets

DXMarkets is a cutting-edge trading platform for digital currencies. The platform offers a fully customisable dashboard that caters for beginners and experienced traders. DXMarkets aims to position itself as the preferred choice for financial institutions wanting to integrate digital currencies into their product portfolio. Visit

About NXT

NXT is an open source cryptocurrency and payment network, using proof-of-stake to reach consensus for transactions. As such there is a static money supply and no mining as with Bitcoin. NXT is specifically conceived as flexible platform to build applications and financial services around. Visit

About Pogoseat

Pogoseat is an enterprise solution for sports teams and concert venues that enables their fans to upgrade seats and purchase unique VIP upgrades. Pogoseat currently works with clients across the NBA, MLB, NHL, AFL, The Football League and NCAA all over America. Visit

About Stadia

Stadia is a free app powered by Jetcoin that optimises fan experience during live football, available for download on Android and IOS. Visit

Media Contact:

Name: Celia Wong





After More Than a Year Under Development, Next Generation Blockchain Platform NEM (XEM) Officially Launches with 100% Original Codebase

NEM Logo

Press Release: After over a year of development, blockchain platform NEM (New Economy Movement), and its cryptocurrency, XEM, officially launched on March 31st. NEM features a 100% original codebase, unprecedented Proof-of-Importance algorithm, low energy use, and a team of over 70 active people.

NEM, is an original blockchain technology platform using a breakthrough innovation for blockchain consensus called Proof-of-Importance (POI). POI is a consensus mechanism that calculates an importance score for an account by taking into consideration its balance, activity of the account, as well as the importance of accounts transacted with.

This importance score enables accounts to create blocks and “harvest” transaction fees based on the account’s importance to the NEM economy–not just those who simply have the largest amount of XEM. This encourages use of the currency and discourages hoarding, thus increasing the velocity of money. This helps alleviate many problems associated with Proof-of-Work mining, such as extreme price fluctuation on exchanges, deflation, massive power consumption, and centralization.

With security being a main concern for blockchain platforms, NEM has taken steps to introduce new innovations to both secure the network and an individual’s account. One of these innovations is a peer reputation system using Eigentrust++, which helps protect the network. Eigentrust++ measures how well different computers on the network interact with each other and directs network traffic to the most trusted sources. NEM has also integrated an innovative time synchronization service between nodes and a new form of spam protection not seen in a cryptocurrency before.

NEM incorporates a multitude of features to protect the user: blockchain-based multi-signature capabilities to maximize security while also maintaining ease of use, encrypted messaging, and a robust client-server web architecture that accommodates encapsulation of layers within the system.

NEM is built using test-driven development, which is a professional method of software development, and is written in Java and Javascript. The NEM team includes some of the most experienced and passionate developers in the industry, with many holding PhDs. The overall NEM team, including the core developers, includes more than 70 people from around the world. These dedicated members of the NEM team perform the multitude of daily tasks necessary for the development and proliferation of the NEM ecosystem, such as marketing, testing, design, PR, technical support, and more.

The NEM ecosystem has been meticulously designed from the ground up and rigorously tested, with comprehensive stress tests including millions of transactions during the nine months of open alpha and beta testing. NEM is designed for practical use in a variety of applications ranging from personal finance to e-commerce, office automation, and secure, personal messaging; therefore, security and reliability have been a number one priority throughout development.

The NEM software consists of the NEM Infrastructure Server (NIS) and the NEM Community Client (NCC). XEM, the cryptocurrency powered by NEM, is only an incidental part of the NEM ecosystem as NIS and NCC together form arguably one of the most advanced decentralized blockchain platforms in the world. Future releases will include smart property tiles, a decentralized asset exchange, smart contracts, and many more applications that utilize NEM’s core blockchain technology in innovative and revolutionary new ways to empower individuals–simple concepts, but with infinite expressibility.

NEM’s architecture enables the use of “thin clients” that utilize NEM’s remote NIS feature. This feature allows for a broad range of devices and opens up access to NEM to a wider audience by allowing full NEM ecosystem functionality on extremely low-cost, low-power devices, like mobile phones, without any intermediary third parties required. This enables a user to have absolute control over using the NEM platform, without fear of a third party escrow taking control of their funds or assets.

The release of NIS and NCC is only the first step towards launching the NEM ecosystem. The platform is designed with simple system integration in mind, which can enable features like high frequency exchange trading, real-world financial integration (e.g., stocks, derivatives, options, and forex), social media and social networking, enhanced and easy-to-use mobile applications, and many more advancements that can be easily integrated with NEM’s flexible and robust platform.

You can find out more about NEM at or the NEM blog, where you can also find many tutorials to get you started.

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Bitcoin PR Buzz Feed

Cryptocurrency Platform Nxt Moving Forward in 2015 With Nxt Foundation, Conference Sponsorships And Technical Development

Nxt logo

Press release: Nxt, the second-generation cryptocurrency platform launched in November 2013, has just established the non-profit Nxt Foundation. Nxt’s conference partnerships, built-in cryptocurrency (NXT) and the overall Nxt-based ecosystem are also experiencing rapid evolution and growth.

Nxt is pleased to announce the recent incorporation of the non-profit Nxt Foundation in the Netherlands, and sponsorship of upcoming high profile payments conferences PayExpo 2015 and Mind the Gap Expo. A number of tech start-ups harnessing the unprecedented features of Nxt are also emerging; as Nxt’s new multisig technologies – Voting System and Phased Transactions – are also due to be demonstrated soon. For well over a year, Nxt’s broad and active community of developers and builders have been working to perfect the system. The Nxt platform offers simple yet powerful features, bringing a wide range of solutions to enable businesses to harness the benefits of blockchain technology.

Versatile tech

Nxt’s Asset Exchange (which can be seen as an implementation of the ‘Coloured Coins’ concept) has proven to be very popular, allowing businesses and other ventures to raise and distribute capital using a crypto-based platform.

Similarly, the Nxt Messaging System, which facilitates data transfer and storage, is being taken up as a means of creating a long-anticipated Smart Contracts implementation by

Additionally, Nxt’s newest major startups are building Decentralised Business Networks, frameworks for using Nxt like Jay, security systems to work with Nxt like the Keystash Project and much, much more.

Nxt Foundation

Last month, Nxt Foundation was incorporated as a non-profit trust based in the Netherlands. The Foundation will act as a front-end organisation for support, promotion and education on all aspects of the Nxt ecosystem, partnering with the leading Nxt resource site Nxt Inside.

Crypto conferences

Nxt Foundation will be representing Nxt at the Mind the Gap Expo, for which it is the Platinum sponsor, together with Manx Telecom and 44Phones.

In June, Nxt will also have a strong presence at PayExpo 2015, where it is the official cryptocurrency partner. Nxt representatives will deliver PayExpo’s keynote speech, explaining how Nxt and its associated systems can play an important role in the development of financial services. There will also be a cryptocurrency seminar, focusing on educating mainstream financial professionals about the potential uses of the Nxt platform.

Upcoming features

At these events, which are taking place both within and outside the traditional cryptocurrency space, Nxt will showcase its upcoming Voting System and Phased Transactions – a more powerful version of multisig transactions.

As always, these systems will be easy to combine with any of Nxt’s already active features and will add to the family of modular transactions that Nxt supports.

If you are interested in using Nxt for your business or would like to integrate Nxt into your current systems, please contact Bas Wisselink at the Nxt Foundation (

For more information please go to:

Media Contact:

Name: Bas Wisselink, Nxt Foundation Director


Phone: +31 (0)6 13937762

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