Athena Crowdfunding 450,000 GBP For Reality TV Show on Greek Island of Agistri – With Models, Digital Currency and Style

With full support from the Agistri Mayor and Local Mayor, E-MODEL World, Ikon Media, Fashion TV, Fashion One, Jetcoin, Coinstructors, Drachmae, NXT, and more, ATHENA strives to be Greece’s first reality TV model contest. Backer rewards include backstage passes, access to the models, and high-level sponsorship packages for companies including PR campaigns and ads.

Athena Logo

Supported by local businesses, the Mayor’s office and Tourism board, Athena aims to put Agistri back on the tourism map whilst giving the chance for Greece’s top talent to fulfil their dreams of becoming Greece’s next Top Model. Media partners airing the Athena show include world renowned Fashion TV, and Fashion One. Athena is crowdfunding now for 450 000 GPB on Indiegogo.

All contributors will be supporting the first ever TV Show for Greek Models and for the small Island of Agistri, which is hosting the show, the opportunity to promote its natural beauty and stimulate growth in its ever declining tourism industry that supports it’s 1000 inhabitants.

Athena backer rewards include the chance to be a Director on-set and in the credits, backstage passes (free hotel accommodation included), time with the models, T shirts, and extensive company sponsorship packages that include PR campaigns and high-profile advertising for company sponsors. Opportunities to be listed as a Producer in the Athena credits are also available. Athena digital postcards are available to backers who contribute as little as $1 USD.

Anyone can also help spread the word about Athena by sharing the Athena Indiegogo campaign page with others on social media like twitter.

All parties involved have a very high success rate in their own sectors:

E-MODEL WORLD’s vision is to inspire individualism and identity through creating elegance and beauty, and exuding the ‘look’. Create the most audaciously authoritative fashion entertainment business in the world, for representing models in every media outlet, with crossover exploitation in filmed fashion content creation

Ikon Media Pte Ltd is an independent production company that produces high quality TV program’s and TV Ads for broadcast by networks internationally. Ikon Media has produced TV Shows for Elite Model, Fashion TV, Fashion One and a long list of International designers and leading brands. Ikon Media Website

Media partners who will be airing Athena Clips include Fashion TV and Fashion One.

Jetcoin is a new digital fuel issued by the Jetcoin Institute. It gives fans and supporters in the world of sports and entertainment a unique opportunity to benefit directly from the success of their favorite athletes and stars, both financially and also through unique lifestyle experiences such as seat upgrades, access to VIP boxes, exclusive events, behind-the-scenes and/or after-parties etc.

Coinstructors, is a consultancy and project management team leading the Drachmae and Athena Project on Agistri. Counstructors has had previous media coverage on outlets such as Reuters. Coinstructors Website

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44Phones will be providing the phone voting platform and Drachmae Money services that will enable the cast and crew to pay for all their food and drink whilst on Agistri.

Hotel Yianni, Agistri Island, Greece

Taboo Club, Agistri Island, Greece

Support from the Agistri Mayor and Vice Mayor

Contact details below:
Tel: +302297091260
Fax: +302297091000

Drachmae: The project was founded to explore and discover possible use cases of blockchain technology and the testing of the Technology runs alongside the Athena Show as all the Contestants and Crew will be using digital money to pay for their food and drink on the island. Drachmae has been previously mentioned in Forbes, International Business Times, The Daily Mail, and more.

NXT 2.0 Blockchain Technology: Drachmae Loyalty program is built over NXT and will be using the Voting functions of the Blockchain to ensure that public voting for the finals cannot be manipulated and are fully transparent for the world to check at their leisure.

SuperNET, a mega network of cryptocurrencies that offers innovation in the digital currency sector is providing the digital currency infrastructure for the contest.

NautilusCoin, Founded by Brian Kelly. Prize money to the Contestants from NautilusCoin is 10,000 Euros (To be paid in NautilusCoin).

To learn more about Athena please go to:



Media Contact:

Name: Celia Wong
Phone: +6591478714
City and Country Location: Singapore

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Bitcoin and Crypto Job Board “Hire Crypto” Launches HIREC Coin on NXT Platform to Support Beta Phase

HireCrypto logo

Bitcoin Press Release: Hire Crypto, the new job board connecting freelancers willing to work for crypto and Bitcoin with employers willing to pay in crypto, has launched its NXT currency, HIREC. By purchasing HIREC coins, future users of the site will be able to redeem their coins for perks and upgrades on the Hire Crypto site, such as discounted job listings or extra bids.

Orlando Area, FLORIDA: Hire Crypto was founded in 2015 by freelancer Heidi Hecht as a global alternative to traditional sites like and It is designed to cater to employers who are looking to reduce transaction fees associated with paying freelancers by PayPal or credit cards. At the same time, Hire Crypto doesn’t charge freelancers the enormous commissions that the other freelance job sites do.

“Our aim is to become the premiere freelance job board for cryptocurrency users,” says Hecht. “We agree that 20% is way too high and even 10% is pushing it. You can upload one resume for free with the option of making it a featured resume for $1, and that’s it as far as Hire Crypto taking a chunk of cash out of your wallet is concerned.”

She has also stated a commitment to client protection by weeding out the “obvious scams.”

“HireCrypto exists because most cryptocurrency jobs boards come across as abandoned sites that are either inactive or riddled with scams. While we might not catch all scammers, we do reserve the right to shut down accounts that turn out to be fraudulent with no refund.”

Funds raised during the HIREC sale will go toward building the website functionality and expanding the Hire Crypto brand. There are plans to add an escrow service in the works as well.
For more information on how to acquire HIREC on the NXT platform, go to


Hire Crypto is a global job board connecting freelancers willing to work for crypto with employers willing to pay in crypto. By leveraging cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, Hire Crypto offers clients greater savings and lower transaction fees than traditional online job boards.

Contact Information and Media Inquiries:

Heidi Hecht, Founder





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mBit Casino Bitcoin Sportsbook Comes to Life With Football, eSports and More


Bitcoin Press Release: mBit Casino proudly announces the launch of its new sportsbook designed to fulfill the platform’s goal of becoming the most well rounded Bitcoin Casino in the world.

Arriving just on time for the 2015 English Premier League season, the new sportsbook comes fully loaded with every major sport including baseball, basketball, American football, combat sports, eSports and everything in between. Already solidified with an unrivaled reputation the sportsbook represents a milestone of achievement for the online Bitcoin casino. Bettors can visit the sportsbook by going to

To celebrate the launch of the new sportsbook, mBit Casino is having a contest where anyone can qualify for his or her share of 5 Bitcoins ($1425). New and existing player alike are welcome in this promotion. All players have to do is guess the final score of the Premier League match Manchester United vs Tottenham Hotspur taking place on day 1. Game predictions can be submitted to

Advantages of the mBit Casino sportsbook over conventional platforms include the speed at which withdrawals are processed in comparison to traditional operators and not having to pay fees on funds moving in and out.

Benefitting players with instant deposits, fast withdrawals and full mobile functionality Bitcoin bettors are now being given the opportunity to place bets with ease. The sportsbook will support live in-play betting which is a sought after feature in the sportsbook market as a whole. Already offering the biggest deposit bonuses in the industry, the mBit Casino sportsbook adds another layer of quality to the platform by offering more value and depth in the sportsbook market than anywhere else.

Providing players with competitive odds is guaranteed to attract the sports enthusiasts from around the Bitcoin community by paving a golden brick road for bitcoin bettors to start their journey.

About mBit Casino

Currently providing the market with an industry leading first deposit bonus of 110% with live dealers, 3D video slots and poker, mBit Casino is one of the leading online Bitcoin casinos in the world. Focusing on instant deposits, withdrawals, premium game selection and mobile functionality mBit has quickly risen to become a powerhouse in the online gaming market. They are also the world record holder for the largest cash out by any Bitcoin casino gamer of all time with user “cowgame” walking away with nearly $70,000 USD. More information on mBit Casino can be found at

Media Contact:

Name: Linda Murphy


City and Country Location: Willemstad, Curaçao


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Free Bitcoin Education Google Play App Launched by DNotes

DNotes Int2

DNotes Educational Guide gives all people, even those with little to no technical background, an equal opportunity to learn about digital currency in these early stages. It features a user friendly interface, comprehensive how-to guides, definitions, helpful links, a quiz, and ongoing updates.

One of the misconceptions of digital currency is that it is only for the tech savvy. This is a new industry that will affect everyone’s lives with a massive amount of new technology, jobs, businesses, and wealth creation opportunities. There have been very few times in history when everyday people have had the chance to take part in the early stages of such revolutionary developments. It is important to learn about this early so you can make informed decisions about investing in this space as well as giving you an edge in your career as more and more recruiters are seeking digital currency expertise.

There is an overwhelming amount of fragmented knowledge out there, and we wanted to make this simple enough that people from all walks of life and from anywhere in the world, can learn about it at their own pace. According to eMarketer, “The number of smartphones worldwide will surpass 2 billion in 2016.” That figure jumps to 2.56 billion, or one third of the world’s population, in 2018. An app like this makes learning about digital currency accessible for everyone.

The need to educate will never disappear, but if ignored, the knowledge gap between innovators and everyday people may grow so large, that it will never be bridged.

Free DNotes Educational Guide on Google Play:

DNotes Educational Guide HTML5:

About DNotes, DNotesVault and CRISP:

DNotes is a currency for everyone – unborn to most senior, rich or poor. Over the last year DNotes successfully launched the world’s first Cryptocurrency Investment Savings Plans (CRISPs) for employees, children, students, and retirement. CRISPs provide a 100% guarantee matching fund verifiable on the transparent blockchain and embedded in infrastructure. For the first time, DNotes’ CRISPs and DNotesVault allow anyone worldwide to take advantage of the unprecedented opportunities provided by digital currency.

To trade DNotes with Bitcoin please go to:

Media Contact:

DNotes App Screenshot

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Bitcoin Funded Debit Cards Announced by Licensed Bitcoin Exchange Bit-x

BitX Logo

Bitcoin Press Release: Licensed UK Bitcoin exchange Bit-x recently released Bitcoin debit cards fully funded by users’ cryptocurrency balances. Bitcoin enthusiasts and professionals can now spend Bitcoin worldwide, anywhere debit cards are accepted – online, in-store, and withdraw cash from ATMs at any location.

Licensed UK based cryptocurrency trading platform offers a range of services including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and GH/s trading and Bitcoin cloud mining. Bit-x are now proud to present the future of Bitcoin debit cards issued and processed by Bit-x’s exclusive bank partner.

Bit-x Card’s can be used anywhere debit cards are accepted. Users can withdraw money from ATMs worldwide, direct from their Bit-x account containing BTC, LTC, USD, EUR and GBP. The card can also be used for online shopping and at point of sale (POS) terminals worldwide. Bit-x’s trading platform is also offering free trading with no fees until September.

Bit-x Bitcoin Debit Card’s are designated in either USD or EUR, and can be ordered from any country in the world. No verification is necessary to begin using the card, however basic verification comes with added benefits allowing users to deposit sums that exceed 300 USD of BTC, LTC, USD, EUR and GBP.

With Bit-x’s debit card users do not have to manually fund cards for each use: funds are pulled direct from users’ Bit-x wallet. When paying online, in ATMs, or in shops, Bitcoins are exchanged. Funds are exchanged in real-time as the transaction is executed at the current market exchange rate, eliminating Bitcoin price volatility issues.

Transparent Bit-x is a licensed cryptocurrency and mining trading platform secured with two-factor authentication, and multi-signature addresses and transactions. Registering an account requires SMS authorization, and SMS powered 2FA guarantees the security of customer accounts. Bit-x has PCI DSS certification and the experienced team offers outstanding customer service 24/7, professionalism, and an attention to detail rarely seen in Bitcoin start-ups.

Card registered users can access recovery settings for their personal Bit-x account; ensuring accounts may be recovered in case of emergency. For added security no login details can be obtained from the debit card itself. In this regard Bit-x is a step ahead of even mainstream banks’ security processes.

Creating an account and ordering a card is as easy as obtaining an email address. Users simply go to, and register with a mobile phone number and password of their choice. To order a card users click on balance, select a currency and press “Order Bit-x Card”, and fill in a short form. DHL is a shipping option, for extremely fast delivery of just a few business days. Once the card and pin-code is received, users can activate the card in less than a minute in the user-friendly Bit-x account area. The account holder remains in control of their funds with embedded tracking tools at all times.

The Bit-x Card is a classic sleek black travel debit card with an embedded chip. The card features individual account ID number, expiry date, and CVC2 number on the back.

The Bit-x website features a user-friendly interface and minimalistic design. The login procedure is hassle-free and only requires the account mobile number.

With the launch of Bit-x’s debit card a new era of Bitcoin and digital currency usability has arrived. Novice and experienced cryptocurrency users alike can enjoy spending their funds online, in shops, and from ATMs worldwide with more freedom and anonymity than a traditional bank can offer.

About Bit-x:

Bit-x is a licensed Cryptocurrency and mining trading platform which adheres to all relevant KYC and AML guidelines. Secured with two-factor user authentication, multi-signature addresses & transactions and PCI DSS certification, the platform is efficiently delivered with comprehensive professionalism and meticulous attention to every detail. Trading currencies include BTC, LTC, USD, EUR, GBP and GHs. Mining capacities are provided by BitFury. is a trademark of XBIT Ltd, a licensed forex participant. Bit-x is based at Portland House, Bressenden Place, London, SW1E 5RS, United Kingdom.

For more information please visit:

Media contact

Name: Alex Shultz, Bit-x CEO


City and Country Location: London, UK

BitX Screenshot

Bit-x is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to FDIC and other consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.


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scadmin Launches Sportsbook And Chance To Win 20,000 mBTC

bitCasinoLogo-1, the world’s first legally licensed and regulated online Bitcoin-only casino gaming operator, has announced the launch of its sportsbook for the new English Premiership football season commencing 8th August 2015.

The new bitcoin sportsbook will provide over 10,000 live betting markets per week, including popular fast-developing betting markets such as MMA and eSports.

A spokesperson for said,

“We have over 100,000 Bitcoin players and many of them have been asking for the ability to place sports bets with our brand. This new sportsbook allows our players, the ability to place larger bets on sport with better odds, instant deposits and cash-outs compared with based operators.


To celebrate the launch of our new sports book, we have a competition to win 20,000 mBTC. It is open to new and existing players, who shall compete in a prize pool to correctly name the football team that scores the most goals during the first weekend of the English Premiership. For more, details please visit our website.”


Editors Notes

About ( is the world’s first legally licensed and regulated online Bitcoin-only gaming platforms. Kopikas Enterprises d.o.o. has been granted a gambling license to conduct online gaming operations by the government of Montenegro under the License# 0042 for the website offers more than 750 casino games, including over €10,000,000 worth of jackpots, blackjack, live dealer casino table games, dice, baccarat, and lotto. has the most games, utilizes the latest HTML5 technologies, and offers players the highest limits.’s team of 25 dedicated staff provides 24/7 live chat support ensuring the friendliest service to a player base spanning 80 countries and a player base of over 100,000 players.

Bitcasino Football Screenshot

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