AGT Introduces Blockchain Technology to Travel and Tourism Aggregation Market

Bitcoin Press Release: AGT Technology announces the token sale as it creates a blockchain solution for the $7 billion-plus global travel and tourism industry.

November 24, 2017, Tallinn, Estonia – AGT Technologies, the blockchain solutions company is revolutionizing the travel and tourism industry by implementing the decentralized ledger technology. The platform makes use of Ethereum blockchain and its smart contracts capabilities to eliminate the complexities surrounding the industry segment. As its initial product offering, the company is creating a blockchain based taxi aggregation service with greater transparency and cost-effectiveness in comparison to existing mainstream players like Uber, Lyft, and others.

The membership-based decentralized cab aggregation platform is powered by native AGT Tokens, which the company is offering as a part of its crowdsale campaign. The platform has created a total of 54 Million ERC20 tokens, with a potential to serve a significant portion of a market that currently has over 1.2 billion customers across the world.

The creators of AGT Platform have factored in the various shortcomings of today’s cab aggregation model, including the lack of transparency in pricing for customers and hefty commissions paid by the drivers amid increased competition. By introducing a democratized token economy into one of the first movers in the “Shared Economy”, AGT Platform eliminates middlemen and replaces them with an automated smart contract powered system, allowing drivers to retain most of their earnings, which in turn will make the rides a lot cheaper for customers.

In addition to the cost benefits, the platform also provides added safety to the customers with features like live tracking and more. It supports multiple cab booking models – Aggregator Model and Ownership model for the convenience of both drivers and customers.

The company’s business, as well as technology models, have been vetted by some of the leading legal experts and ethical hackers to ensure compliance across various aspects.

The platform is embarking on a closed group funding round from November 23, 2017. It will be followed by token pre-sale, set to go live on December 1, 2017, and then the main crowdsale starting December 15, 2017. The company aims to complete the platform development by next November and release it to public use by May 2019.

Following the success of blockchain-based cab aggregation project, AGT will shift its focus on Hotel and Airline Aggregation solutions.

More information about the project and upcoming token sale is available at –

About AGT Technology

AGT Technology is a blockchain platform aspiring to create an ecosystem that broadens the scope of application of decentralized ledger technology by overcoming commercial boundaries. In addition to its focus on travel and transport industry, AGT Technology is also committed towards philanthropic activities.

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Media Contact
Contact Name: Nitesh Chopra
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Location: Tallinn, Estonia

Disclaimer: Due to current regulatory conditions in certain geographies, the AGT token sale will be unavailable to the residents of United States, China, South Korea, Singapore and other countries where the participation in ICO and token sales are banned.

AGT Technologies is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.

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Caviar Team with 5-Year Track Record Pioneers Dual-Purpose Token for Crypto and Real Estate, Pre-Sale Begins November 28

Bitcoin Press Release: Global Advisors Join Established Caviar Team of Tech, Finance & Real-Estate Veterans with 5-Yr Track Record of Successful Multi-Million-Dollar Real Estate Debt Fund to Offer Solution-Based Approach in Diversifying Cryptocurrency Investments

28 November 2017, The Cayman Islands – Caviar has announced that the pre-sale of its ICO will begin on November 28 for its pioneering approach to build a dual-purpose token and crowdfunding platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. Caviar’s token offers access to stable real estate and cryptocurrencies, with built-in downside protection and automatic diversification. The team behind Caviar has successfully managed a multi-million-dollar real estate debt fund since 2013, and brings years of experience and research to this project. Caviar is powered by Intelligent Predictive Model (IPM), an artificial intelligence algorithm, allowing for stronger predictive power and more effective asset allocation. In addition, Caviar Platform will allow real estate developers to raise funds for their upcoming projects, and for Caviar token holders to earn additional rewards by staking their tokens. Caviar launches its pre-sale on November 28 with the goal of raising $25 million.

Caviar’s team of advisors includes the esteemed blockchain investment expert David Drake, Chairman of LDJ Capital; Ivan Labrie, a top trader on; James Sowers, ICO Advisor, Angel Investor and Crypto Capitalist; Gabriel Jarrosson, a French entrepreneur, crypto investor and a founder of a private crypto investment group; NASA-recognized inventor and data scientist David Wirth; Mikhail Savchenko, CTO at; and James Jamil, Executive Director of the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance. Commenting on what differentiates Caviar and their reasons to join, several advisors shared the following:


  • Investors Uniquely Offered Real Assets: “While there are immense profits to be made from the volatility of the market, investors of cryptocurrency are offered little in the way of real assets. Caviar has a compelling offering with a diversified approach in real estate, cryptocurrencies and crypto-assets that lowers the cost of management, reduces entry costs for investors, and removes the problem of illiquidity associated with traditional real estate investments. I am proud to join Caviar’s innovative team of blockchain, real estate, technology and finance experts as they prepare for their ICO,” said Drake.
  • Hedging Exposure in a Bear Market: “In my experience as a trader, I found that Caviar’s offering could be a great alternative for storing value in crypto, without having to deal with security or volatility risks. The fund would deal with positioning in and out of crypto assets, and with security of funds which would result in lower risk than holding any other crypto asset. During a bear market or market correction, crypto assets outside of fiat pegged ones, would suffer a loss in value, which could be severe. An individual holding BTC or any other coin, would have significant risk if holding funds at an exchange, but would also have a hard time securing funds unless tech savvy: it’s a real problem, having no way to hedge exposure without dealing with custodians and associated risks due to how correlated all coins are, and dependent on BTC. I haven’t seen a similar project, outside of the ones that offer tokenized fund management — which aren’t doing too well for now,” Labrie stated.
  • From a Data Perspective — Caviar Different in a Good Way: “Caviar has a two-pronged approach to ensuring profitability for token holders. It relies on hard assets (in this case, short term loans for real estate improvement) to provide limited downside protection, and also a unique predictive model (IPM) I helped develop, which will be used to build a robust and aggressive hedge-fund-like portfolio of novel crypto assets and cryptocurrencies. Unlike other ICO’s on the market, such a system will use an artificial intelligence engine which draws upon large databases collected and aggregated by automated systems. The engine will allow us to capitalize on unique opportunities in the cryotocurrency markets and build positions quicker than other ICO’s,” Wirth stated.


Real Estate a Key Role in Diversification Strategy

In a recent Caviar blog post, partner Guy Neumann further explains real estate’s role in Caviar’s diversification strategy. Caviar combines large cap and most stable cryptocurrencies, select new token projects, and real estate, utilizing its’ proprietary Intelligent Predictive Model in order to perfectly time investment decisions. Caviar is the successor to Caviar Capital, which, in the past five years, successfully financed dozens of redevelopment projects and has a 0% default rate, 0 late payments and an average IRR (internal rate of return) of 16% per year. Since its inception, Caviar Capital has consistently outperformed S&P 500 Real Estate and S&P 500 Bond indices by over 300%.

According to Neumann, Caviar’s team requires borrowers to have demonstrated a history of completing at least three real estate development projects in the past. “We work with seasoned developers, those who take their business seriously and do it full time,” noted Neumann.

One of those established customers is Corey Kosiensky, a Connecticut-based Real Estate Developer and Caviar Capital’s client since 2013, who commented on his experience of working with the team: “It’s been a pleasure working with Caviar’s team for the past 4 years. True professionals, Caviar has been a valued partner, helping my real estate development business expand much faster than I anticipated.”

Higher Returns for Real Estate Investment & Diversified Portfolios for Traditional Investors with Digital Currency

By combining crypto assets and real estate, Caviar aims to offer a higher rate of return than traditional real estate investments, while maximizing downside protection. In addition, Caviar will provide traditional investors with the financial benefits of a more diversified portfolio that includes digital currencies. In a recently published back-tested study of Caviar’s historical performance, partner Alex Shvayetsky noted that:


“If history were to repeat itself (of course, we cannot guarantee future performance), then based on distributions alone, anyone buying tokens at pre-sale with a 30% discount (token price would be $0.07) would triple their investment within one year. These results are not taking into account any token appreciation, which, based on historical performance and Caviar’s buyback mechanism (future performance is not guaranteed), could be significantly more. And, as impressive as these numbers are, Caviar’s long-term advantage would be even more evident in the bear crypto market. During market downturns, which are inevitable, Caviar would be in a unique position to shift more funds to real estate and still provide returns to investors, as well as exposure to real assets as collateral.”


Although cryptocurrency traders can profit from the volatility of the market, they are offered little in the way of real assets.  Caviar provides a unique opportunity for crypto-investors to diversify their portfolio through exposure to real estate.  Caviar’s tokenization approach to investments in real estate, cryptocurrencies and crypto-assets lowers the cost of management, reduces entry costs for investors, and removes the problem of illiquidity associated with traditional real estate investments, as partner Kirill Bensonoff notes in the article “Caviar Token Economics: Liquidity, NAV and Future Growth Explained.”

Join the Caviar Token Generating Event – sign up for pre-sale alerts and information at

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Location: The Cayman Islands

Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.

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AML BitCoin Announces Listing on HitBTC Exchange

Bitcoin Press Release: AML BitCoin is pleased to announce it will start trading on HitBTC in December

Las Vegas, USA, 23 November: AML BitCoin will commence its public trading on December 15, 2017 on one of the largest digital currency exchanges in the world, HitBTC.

For months the digital coin world has anticipated the arrival of AML BitCoin, the world’s only patent-pending cryptocurrency with anti-money laundering and ‘know-your-customer’ (AML/KYC) technology built into its architecture. 

Today, Marcus Andrade, the CEO of NAC Foundation, creator of the AML BitCoin, announces that HitBTC will be the first digital currency exchange to list the innovative coin.

“We appreciate the innovation of AML Bitcoin safety-built features, and we hope that Biometric identification compliance will make cryptocurrency transactions more transparent and secure,” said Paul Clarkson, Chief Product Officer at HitBTC.

HitBTC is the global innovative trading platform with multi-currency support, high liquidity and low fees, operating since 2013. Provided with rapid powerful API and outstanding matching core engine, HitBTC traders are able to significantly enhance their trading experience. Daily turnover exceeds $400 000 000.

“The reception for our digital currency has been far beyond our expectation and planning,” revealed Andrade. “We were hoping to list first with HitBTC, and are thrilled that this has come together.   We have also been trying to work with the dozen or more other exchanges rushing to fulfill their compliance requirements to list our coin.  Of course, since our coin is designed to be the world’s only patent-pending digital currency that is compliant with AML and KYC requirements, the process for us is probably smoother than for other coin projects.”

For the past several months, governments and industry throughout the world, including in Panama, Estonia, the United Kingdom and the United States, have been meeting with representatives with AML BitCoin to integrate their AML/KYC platform into those nation’s payment systems and plans.  Analysts of the booming digital currency world have predicted a possible surge in value for AML BitCoin, once it is active on the exchanges and is implementing the partnerships it is now negotiating throughout the world.

David Mata, managing director of Silicon Valley hedge and venture capital fund Block Bits Capital typifies the excitement building in the investment community: “We have a diverse portfolio that includes digital currencies, but this is the one we are watching. We have taken a huge early position.  It’s the cryptocurrency equivalent of handing Mark Zuckerberg a check while he sits in his dorm room coding Facebook.” 

About NAC Foundation

NAC Foundation, headquartered in the U.S., is the creator of the AML BitCoin, the world’s only patent-pending digital currency with anti-money laundering, know-your-customer, anti-terrorism and theft-resistant properties. AML BitCoin is compliant with all major national security and financial protection laws and regulations, including the USA PATRIOT Act and the Bank Secrecy Act. NAC’s mission is to strengthen the acceptance and use of digital currencies by advancing throughout the world security compliance, combined with blockchain technology.

For more information, please visit or

Media Contact:
Name: Melissa Foteh

AML Bitcoin is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.

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Fintech Volatility Regulators MINEXBANK Hit the Exchanges with their Autonomous Algorithm Project, See a 9-Fold Increase in Price

Bitcoin Press Release: Minexcoin celebrate their third week of being officially exchange listed, and announce a 900% increase in price over that time frame, seeing recognition from CoinMarketCap as one of their “Biggest Gainers”

November 22nd , Hong Kong, China – About three weeks ago Minexcoin was listed on exchanges and presented a Memorandum of the autonomous algorithm for volatility regulation, known as MinexBank. We took a second look at this project to see how’s it going.

In a matter of weeks, MNX managed to achieve a 9-fold increase in price, and got into the “Biggest Gainers” list on CoinMarketCap, and strengthened at the price of $11. Now, as developers explain, the algorithm is being calibrated and the control over volatility will be ensured after reaching a price of $20 per coin. For those who are looking for mid- and long-term investments, it would be useful to read the Memorandum again.


for the period of 2017-2018

Dear members of Minexcoin community and the cryptomarket participants.

While entirely recognizing our responsibility to reach the main goal of Minexcoin project, namely, securing MNX with the status of reserve currency on cryptomarket, we at MINEXBANK would like to address you with this Memorandum.

From the moment of starting MNX trade at the stock exchanges on November 1, 2017, MINEXBANK is going to consistently process complex financial policy which aims to ensure the following macroeconomic indicators:

  • Reach the exchange rate of 20 USD/MNX in the near future – average rate through the basket of the top 10 cryptocurrencies.
    Provide an increasing exchange rate of MNX to USD upon reaching the above-mentioned rate by the end of 2017 on the basis of 42,7% annual growth. This level corresponds to average annual growth of market capitalization of the top 10 cryptocurrencies in 2016 – Q1 2017.
  • Next revision of the MNX growth rate to USD will be effected on March 1, 2018.
  • After March 1, 2018, the average annual growth rate of MNX to USD would be revised upwards based on realities of cryptocurrency market development. This is characterized by the significant growth of joint market capitalization in 2017 as compared to 2016.
  • The base annual parking rate of MNX will be reviewed every 6 months based on the assessment of changes occurring in the cryptocurrency market for the expired period. Based on the analysis of the growth rate of the cryptocurrency market for the last 6 months, the base annual parking rate is set at 85% now.
  • Special reservation: During the three months from November 1, 2017, there will be a period of creation and development of the MNX exchange market. The market will be formed in stages due to different terms of trades launching on various exchanges. In addition, there will be a process of testing and debugging the algorithm of Minexbank’s operation in real conditions (the development of a database and response tools). Therefore, deviations from the real macroeconomic parameters declared in the Memorandum are possible in the first three months.
    MINEXBANK will seek to achieve the above-mentioned indicators using corresponding parking rates of MNX or with direct BTC or MNX interventions, if necessary.

The total volume of preliminary MNX emission is 5 500 000 MNX. MINEXBANK’s reserve is 1 500 000 MNX out of the above-mentioned amount. The developers’ compensation is 1 000 000 MNX.

Developers have decided not to bring their coins to the market until the end of 2017. Hence the net money supply is 3 000 000 MNX while MINEXBANK reserve is 50% out of the net money supply. This testifies high level of the Bank procedures’ durability provided to stabilize the MNX market.

With the increase of the MNX volume in the market due to additional emission (work and miners’ reward) a gradual replenishment and increase of the reserves amount will be required. This growth will be ensured by a progressive percentage of deductions in favor of MINEXBANK for each unit unraveled by the miners:

  •   Blocks       1 – 900 001 = 20%
  •   Blocks       900 001 – 1 800 000 = 30%
  •   Blocks       1 800 001 – 2 700 000 = 40%
  •   Blocks       2 700 001 – 3 600 000 = 50%
  •   Blocks       3 600 001 – 4 500 000 = 60%
  •   Blocks       4 500 001 – 5 400 000 = 70%
  • After the coin issue is completed, starting from block number 5 400 001, miners will deduct a fixed 70% in favor of MINEXBANK.

We’d like to pay special attention of the MNX market participants to the following circumstance. MINEXBANK’s activity will be aimed at keeping the MNX quotes to USD within the 5% range of fluctuations relative to the representing the estimated growth rate of 42,7% per annum from the rate of 20 USD/MNX.

MINEXBANK urges all market participants to refrain from making deals outside the 5% corridor of  the exchange rate fluctuations in order to avoid possible financial losses.”

About MinexSystems

Minex Systems Limited”, a Hong Kong registered company, specializes in the blockchain product development. The company offers solutions which include the best of both conventional financial system and cryptocurrency ecosystem, and works on the unified Minex Platform. To date, the flagship product is an autonomous algorithm for controlling the volatility of MinexCoin named MinexBank.

Visit the Minex Systems Website:
View the Memorandum:


Disclaimer: Minex Systems is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest. ROI cannot be guaranteed. Readers are urged to make investment decisions at their own discretion and the company will not be responsible for the outcome of such decisions. This press release may contain certain forward-looking statements that are not purely historical, including any statements regarding beliefs, plans, expectations or intentions regarding the future. Readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on forward-looking statements, as there can be no assurance that the plans, intentions or expectations they are based on will occur.

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PlusCoin Token Holders Will Get a Massive 20% Discount in Black Friday Sales, Nov. 24

22nd November 2017, Moscow, Russia – The PlusCoin team has exciting news for PLC token holders and DS Plus users. The Marketplace is opening once more for its Black Friday sale, making it the perfect time to try PlusCoin. PLC token holders will get a 20% discount on all purchases for 24 hours. This will give token holders ample room to get all the items they need on their wish lists.

If there are any PLC holders who missed the last sale, now is their second chance to enjoy a 20% discount. November has never been a better time to get into PlusCoin. This month, the Black Friday sale falls on Nov. 24. As Black Friday is one of the busiest shopping days, PLC token holders can avoid the crowds and the stress by shopping online, where shoppers can check the various deals from DS PLUS partners.

PLC holders are sure to look forward to the last Friday of each month until Marketplace launch. Using PlusCoin, Black Friday continues even after November. Be sure to act quickly, however, as this may be the second-to-last sale of this kind, this year.

Moving Forward: Excitement for PlusCoin Holders

The PlusCoin project gives a modern twist to loyalty promotions by using DS Plus, the first fully user-friendly crypto cash-back system. DS Plus gives businesses a convenient way to attract and retain customers. PLC token holders can look forward to products from various corporate partners, such as KFC, Reebok, Burger King, X5 Retail Group, and more. Users earn PlusCoin rewards whenever they make a purchase from partners.

What’s in Store for PlusCoin?

The excitement continues with key features under development such as a native P2P platform, so that PlusCoin holders can trade PLC with one another. This is the first step to integrating PLC into the wider market and eventually into mobile marketing applications worldwide.

Another feature to look forward to is the Marketplace aggregator tool, which enables the conversion of fiat into PlusCoin, and vice-versa. When the tool is complete, it will allow people who have no background of cryptocurrency to purchase items and services using PlusCoin, as fiat currency will be converted on the spot.

Then there is the upcoming “cryptoscoring” feature; an analytical platform for scoring users. It allows partners to use crediting for different purposes, such as P2P lending and credit institutions. Upon completion, these features will enable PlusCoin token holders to buy more and do more with PlusCoin.

About PlusCoin and DS Plus

The PlusCoin project was launched to popularize blockchain technologies, giving the average user a gateway to using cryptocurrency in everyday life. DS Plus is a platform where the PlusCoin currency is integrated. It is based on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Visit the PlusCoin Website:
Read about the ICO:
Meet the Team:
Read the Blog:

Media contact
Contact Name: Denis Golub
Location: Moscow, Russia

Pluscoin is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest

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MatchPool Bring Their Community Blockchain Tool up to Speed with Updated Alpha Version 2.1

Bitcoin Press Release: Innovative platform MatchPool have made their latest leap in developing their decentralized, Blockchain-based platform, which seeks to allow users world-wide to connect with each other. With this view comes the release of the MatchPool Alpha 2.1 version.

November 21st, 2017 – Tel Aviv, Israel – Israeli MatchPool certainly have high hopes and ambitions for the future of wealth transfer within a unique asset: Connections. It has been touted time and time again that it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. MatchPool certainly have a good understanding of this concept, and have already begun developing their decentralized Blockchain platform based upon this, which is currently in its’ Alpha stage.

A recent announcement by MatchPool announces their Alpha 2.1 stage, which can be accessed using this link.  Before Launching Matchpool Alpha 2.1: Claim your XGUP & Install Metamask. XGUP works just like GUP for the demo.

What’s New on the platform?

There is a new area inside Matchpool called “Intros”, where Pool Owners and Pool Members can manage their introductions, matches, messages and ratings.

Pool Owners can receive Intro Requests from Pool Members that want to privately message other members of the same Pool. The Pool Owner can break the ice between two members by adding an additional ice-breaker message to their introduction.

Pool Members can request to be introduced to new members. They can also manage their incoming Intro Requests and privately message and rate other members they’ve successfully matched with.

How Matchmaking & Intros work

Requesting an Introduction to another Member

Once a Matchpool member has joined a community Pool, the member can publicly chat with other members of the Pool, and can privately chat to other members by sending a Request Intro to the Pool Owner (Matchmaker).

Once Request Intro is selected, the Intros panel appears in the Introduce Me tab and the member can write a message to the Pool Owner about why they would like to be introduced to the other member. Once this is sent, it will appear in the Pool Owners Intros panel under Intro Requests.

Introducing Members with an Ice Breaker

After an Intro Request has been sent to the Pool Owner, the Pool Owner will decide to accept or decline the intro. The Pool Owner can write an optional Ice Breaker message before clicking Make Intro to create the connection.

Accepting an ‘Incoming Intro‘

Once an Intro is created by a Pool Owner, the Intro Icebreaker is sent to the desired member and it appears in the member’s My Intros inbox.

Messaging a New Match

Once two members have successfully been introduced, they can message each other in the Messages tab within the Intros panel — Voila, a new match is made.

Rating the Quality of an Intro

After the intro has been accepted and match has been made, both members are shown an Intro Rating pop-up box and asked to rate the intro quality after a number of message exchanges.

Both members can rate how beneficial the Intro and the Ice Breaker message was between 1 and 5 drops. When both members have rated the Intro, the Pool Owner’s Intro Rating Score updates on their profile, reflecting the overall quality of all Intros made in every Pool they own.

Additional In-Web App Features

We’ve made some subtle improvements to the user interface and re-positioned a couple of features, including:

  • A new header with search and more minimal interface.
  • Pool navigation tabs now appear above the Pool cover image.
  • New Pool’ & ‘New Discussion’ Notification Labels
  • Total Member Count & Matches shown on Pool Thumbnails
  • Discussions’ to become ‘Chat’.
  • (A future article will detail more on Pool ‘Chat’ development)
  • Show / Copy / Hide Ethereum Address

What’s next?

Enabling Private Messages without Intros

Pool Owners will get an option to turn on and off ‘Intros’. This would allow members of the Pool to chat with other members by sending a ‘message request’ or a ‘like’ to the other member, bi-passing the matchmaker’s introduction. If a private message thread begins between those two users, a match is created. If the Pool Owner enables this option and disables Intros, the quality of the matches between members is likely to decrease, but the quantity of matches inside the pool will increase.

On-boarding New Users

We’ll be improving and testing the on-boarding process including a new homepage design and Pool creation process.

Seamless GUP Payments

Payments are currently made via Metamask, which adds friction to the transactions made inside the app. We will be allocating resources to research and develop payments without requiring Metamask.

Community Feedback

We’re continually testing and bug fixing at the Matchpool HQ. If you have suggestions, ideas and feedback to send back to the team, send in your comments and suggestions to the Community Forum. If you’re new to Matchpool, join over 1,000 members in our Telegram channel

Visit the MatchPool Website:
Visit the MatchPool Alpha 2.1 Site:
Chat on Telegram:

Media Contact:
Name: Walker Mallory
Email address:
City and Country: Tel Aviv, Israel

Matchpool is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.

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Privacy-Centric Protocol Mimblewimble Now Being Trialed on the Bitcoin Testnet

Privacy-Centric Protocol Mimblewimble Now Being Trialed on the Bitcoin Testnet

Back in August of 2016, a paper named after the Harry Potter movie series called “Mimblewimble” was proposed to the bitcoin community. The concept aims to offer “near complete” bitcoin transaction anonymity and the project has intrigued many cryptocurrency enthusiasts for quite some time. The development team behind the project has announced that an early version of the Mimblewimble platform is now being tested on the Bitcoin testnet.

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Bitcoin Testnet Developers Deploy The Privacy Focused Mimblewimble 

Privacy-Centric Protocol Mimblewimble Now Being Trialed on the Bitcoin TestnetOne of the holy grails for many bitcoiners is transacting with the decentralized currency in a completely private manner. There are many projects being built on the Bitcoin network, and within the altcoin space that attempt to provide stronger anonymity such as Tumblebit, and other methods of privacy. Last year a developer who uses the pseudonym, “Tom Elvis Jedusor,” introduced the Mimblewimble paper which supports the concepts of both Coinjoin and Confidential Transactions.

Essentially the protocol adds a cryptographic ‘blinding factor’ to a bitcoin transaction’s input and output values which obfuscates the transaction’s destination and the sum of funds sent. Now the development team has announced that Mimblewimble is being trialed on the Bitcoin testnet and developers can build their own nodes which connect to what’s called the “Grin network.”

Developers Are Building Nodes on the Grin Network While Searching for Bugs and Suggesting Enhancements

One of the project developers, “Windsok,” details on Github that it’s too early to claim which operating systems (OS) support the node build. Most of the testing is happening on Linux, and while Mac OS is known to work there are some “slight hiccups.” As far as Windows the project can compile, but support is not yet known and the development team is not focused on this OS at the moment. Build prerequisites include a Github repo, cmake 3.2 or greater, and the Rust programming software. After all the prerequisites are met, the Mimblewimble repo gives a developer a step-by-step walkthrough on how to create the protocol.

At the moment the project is being used with testnet coins and the development team is hoping programmers can sort out the early bugs. According to the Github issues page, the Mimblewimble testnet has been quite active since the announcement, and individuals are finding bugs while also suggesting enhancements.  

Overcoming Mimblewimble’s Disadvantages

Mimblewimble’s developers say the technology not only adds privacy, but could help with blockchain scaling as well. Although, there’s also talk about a significant disadvantage to Mimblewimble, because it removes scripts from transactions. Bitcoin transactions contain scripts (a simple programming language) embedded into inputs and outputs that are assessed when a transaction is confirmed, and these scripts must be verified as true. Developers are trying to figure out a way to bypass the removal of transaction scripts, or figure out if script support is possible; which is probably why the testing is using the Grin network. In the future after further development, Mimblewimble will likely operate as a sidechain, which is a separate network that will be tethered to the bitcoin blockchain for cross-platform compatibility.       

What do you think about Mimblewimble being tested? Do you look forward to privacy-centric protocols tethered to the Bitcoin network? Let us know in the comments below.

Images via Pixabay, the Harry Potter movie, and Paxful. 

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Local Japanese Government Considers ICO to Revitalize Region

Local Japanese Government Considers ICO to Revitalize Region

A local Japanese government is considering a municipal initial coin offering (ICO) in order to raise funds to revitalize the region. It has partnered with private enterprises to begin research into how to launch the mooted ICO.

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Japanese Government Planning an ICO

NishiawakuraLocal Japanese Government Considers ICO to Revitalize Region, a village located in Okayama Prefecture, has announced that it will “begin a joint research for the introduction of a local government ICO.”

The village has a population of approximately 1,500 and forests that occupy about 95% of its total area. In 2009, its “100 Year Forest” project was initiated with the aim of creating a beautiful “high-quality countryside.” According to the announcement:

We have actively worked on unique measures to revitalize the region. In order to continue investing in such sectors and realize a sustainable community development, we have started research on the introduction of a municipal ICO in collaboration with private enterprises, and how it is possible to use a municipal ICO as a new financial source for the village.

The village hopes that the municipal ICO will “encourage unprecedented inflow and circulation of funds,” the announcement read.

Collaborating with Private Enterprises

The village has begun a joint research project with three companies to determine how it can launch a municipal ICO.

Local Japanese Government Considers ICO to Revitalize RegionThe first company named is a blockchain development company, Chaintope Co Ltd. “We utilize blockchain technology and develop various regional virtual currencies,” the company describes itself. It also performs research and has developed a platform to support ICOs.

Local Japanese Government Considers ICO to Revitalize Region
Chaintope’s blockchain platform.

Chaintope’s platform allows for blockchains to be added as needed. Each is modeled after Bitcoin and is specialized for different purposes. The platform uses Amazon Web Services for data storage and can also use Bitcoin’s blockchain for public timestamping. However, these blockchains are run “on a closed network separate from the Internet,” according to the company’s website.

Local Japanese Government Considers ICO to Revitalize RegionMurashiki Co Ltd. will also participate in the project to develop an e-commerce platform for the system. The third company taking part in the project is A-zero Co Ltd. “We conduct regional revitalization projects in collaboration with municipalities, consult local startups, [and provide] regional marketing and other services,” it states.

ICOs in Japan

The ICO market in Japan has been growing. Small companies and large corporations have announced that they will engage in ICOs including GMO, DMM, and SBI Holdings.

While there are no laws and regulations specifically for ICOs in Japan, the Financial Services Agency (FSA) stated that two existing laws may apply to token sales. “ICOs may fall within the scope of the Payment Services Act and/or the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act depending on how they are structured,” the agency detailed in a recent statement.

What do you think of this village’s plan for a municipal ICO? Let us know in the comments section below.

Images courtesy of Shutterstock, Murashiki, and Chaintope, and Local Life Labo.

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Viuly’s VIU Token Airdrop to One Million Ethereum Wallets Begins, Trading Starts November 19th

Bitcoin Press Release: Viuly’s mission to disrupt the online video sharing industry is now well underway, with an ongoing massive airdrop campaign distributing some 500 million VIU tokens to an estimated 1 million Ethereum holders. The mass distribution will allow VIU token holders to transfer value within Viuly’s decentralized blockchain-based video platform at

November 17, 2017 Tallin, Estonia – Online video solutions firm Viuly is now in the midst of a large-scale airdrop campaign, distributing its native VIU tokens to all qualifying Ethereum wallets.

From the Ethereum blockchain snapshot taken on November 5, Ethereum addresses holding between 0.1 to 3,000 ETH were identified as eligible for the automated airdrop. Since November 12, the Viuly team has been distributing tokens at a rate of 20 VIU for every 1 ETH held in these wallets (capped at 60,000 VIU).

VIU tokens will also begin trading on popular Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading platform Bit-z on the 19th of November.

Once completed on November 21, the campaign expects to have culminated in a complete distribution of 500 million VIU tokens to 1 million unique personal Ethereum wallets. This strategy of widest possible distribution to active users hopes to achieve accelerated adoption of Viuly’s revolutionary video sharing platform.

Try Viuly and see the future of how people will share and watch videos online
The current industry of online video sharing is a highly centralized one, controlled by major centralized platforms that act as middlemen between advertisers, content creators and users. Through decentralization, Viuly’s platform eliminates high commissions from ad revenues and places control of content within the network itself.

As a result, creators earn more from higher ad revenue, advertisers get better value from efficient marketing and users are rewarded with a share of revenues. Without centralized censorship to restrict content and limit viewing, authors gain creative freedom and users have free access.
Through blockchain innovation, the platform is based on the IPFS protocol, featuring a fully-decentralized distributed network of data storage that compensates individuals for storage. There is no more shared control centers, no more single point of failure.

About Viuly
Viuly’s mission is to disrupt the multi-billion dollar industry of online video sharing with its blockchain-based solution. Through decentralization and transparency, it aims to create a fair and open video network operating on an equitable model of revenue sharing.

VIU tokens are the native currency powering the Viuly video platform. They are used to transfer value between advertisers, content creators and users.

Viuly will be a full-fledged platform for users and content creators to share and watch videos, while immediately earning rewards for their interactions. This revolutionary ecosystem will enable a fair, unrestricted environment to share, watch, and upload any content.

Viuly’s revolutionary blockchain solution has already led to a firm backing of EUR 150,000 from Ukraine-based blockchain investor Krypton Capital. Together with Krypton Capital’s “smart money” philosophy, Viuly aims to establish strong ecosystems of related companies to grow values and revenues together.

The Team
Viuly benefits from the vast experience of its founding team, with specialists in corporate management, blockchain business, marketing development, promotional strategy and project development. It also relies on support from an established financial technology advisory.

Some of its key team members include:

Ruslan Popa, Founder and CEO
Ruslan Popa has more than 12 years of experience creating and managing IT start-ups. He has served as CEO of several payment service providers, including the likes of RuPay, Qiwi and Rompay Solutions. Popa has an excellent track record of producing quick results and high financial performance in the companies he managed. LinkedIn:

Silviya Martirosyan, CMO
Silviya Martirosyan built her reputation as a strong and creative leader, launching and promoting some 30 projects in retail, corporate and financial sectors both at federal and regional levels. Martirosyan comes with six years of experience directly managing a team of nine sector experts. With her background in business administration and strategic management, she brings strong communication skills and solid marketing acumen to Viuly. LinkedIn:

Aleksey Vasyanin, CDO
Aleksey Vasyanin spent more than a decade helping companies to create and structure their corporate profiles. As a project management expert, he helped create, structure and develop partner networks in a highly competitive telecom market. Skilled in e-commerce solutions, VAS services, financial planning and content production, Vasyanin also excelled at optimising business processes and personnel management. LinkedIn:

Yuriy Chayka, Advisor
Yury Chayka delves into his rich experience as an entrepreneur and investor to help develop Viuly’s vision. He is President of the Ukrainian E-business Association, ideologist and founder of Fintech Cluster. He is also the founder of Ukraine’s first mobile wallet, MobiPay and co-founder and partner of fintech solutions provider Finovate Studio. He founded a slew of payment systems including RBKMoney, Autopay, Interkassa, MoneXy and mWallet. LinkedIn:

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Media Contact
Contact Name: Ruslan Popa
Location: Tallin, Estonia

Viuly is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.

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Blockchain Music Platform VOISE Joins Ethereum Enterprise Alliance

Bitcoin Press Release: Blockchain music startup VOISE is the latest member of the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance (EEA), the largest open source blockchain alliance in the world. With direct access to some of the most talented Ethereum professionals within a network of Fortune 500 alumni, the VOISE mission to decentralize music is set to benefit from expert advice and networking.

November 15, 2017 Barcelona, Spain  – Less than a month after launching its much anticipated platform, decentralized music pioneer Voise has now joined the prestigious Ethereum Enterprise Alliance (EEA) as a full member.

The EEA membership now places Voise in the same standing with some of the most reputable global companies in a diverse range of fields such as management consulting, the energy industry, academia and blockchain and financial technology.  This relationship will enable the start up to network and engage directly with the likes of Bancor, Credit Suisse, British Petroleum, Deloitte, Intel, JP Morgan, Microsoft, Thomson Reuters and many more.

This latest development will be seen as a crucial step in gaining recognition and wider influence for the Swiss-based start up, with EEA being a valuable partnership opportunity through its endeavour in developing decentralized solutions for enterprises. With the company’s pioneering efforts in eliminating middle parties in the global music streaming industry, EEA and Voise will now be able to synergize expertise towards a common advancement of the Ethereum protocol.

Disrupting the global online music industry

Musicians and labels everywhere are retreating from conventional album sales, looking instead to online avenues where more than 110 million customers are already paying for their music. However, independent artists in particular, continue to struggle with the high costs of distributions, as major centralized platforms charge them between 15% to 40% of revenue generated from paid downloads*. Streaming services take even larger cuts, compounding the problem of an unfair model of revenue distribution that shortchanges artists.

This is where Voise comes in. Building on previous attempts at developing complex blockchain-based and decentralized platforms, the Voise solution focuses on simplicity. It will be easy to use for mainstream users, allowing both crypto and fiat payments to cater to crypto users and average music listeners, with options to deposit and withdraw to their wallets either in Voise tokens or ETH.

From the homepage, users can directly access popular music, top downloads or find new music from a thematic search engine categorized by favorite artists or genres. They can also access Radio DAO to discover the latest top performers and get first-hand updates on Voise developments.

Music artists themselves can easily upload songs and albums at a price of their own choosing, while leveraging a rich profile section to gather new fans. The platform also supports free-of-cost models that allow artists to earn from donations instead.

Rapid developments on the Voise platform

From conceptual idea to a working alpha product, Voise has made solid progress on development and delivery, with an eye firmly trained on its founding objective to deliver an artist-focused, truly decentralized platform by replacing commission-heavy business models. It believes that all revenue from music content should remain with its creators – the music artists who prop up the entire industry.

Its development roadmap has also been updated to reflect new partnerships and soon-to-be available platform features including an artist verification system and search engine. Prepared to keep up with  industry relevance, Voise also intends to create a South Korean music community to attract investment from an emerging market with global aspirations.

With endorsements from Grammy-nominated Carolyn Malachi and DJ sensation Jinco, Voise has also firmed up its business viability with partnerships with prestigious companies including MicroMoney and Coinomi.

These developments have resulted in bullish sentiment for its institutionalized VOISE tokens, as evidenced by its growing market capitalization on CoinMarketCap. Already recognized for their intrinsic value, VOISE tokens are recording steady trading volumes thanks to successful listings on many leading cryptocurrency exchanges including Bit-z, CoinExchange and LiveCoin.

About Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) is the world’s largest open-source blockchain initiative and offers the most industry-focused, member-driven Working Groups. It is an industry-supported, not-for-profit established to build, promote, and broadly support Ethereum-based technology best practices, open standards, and open-source reference architectures. EEA is helping to evolve Ethereum into an enterprise-grade technology, providing research and development in a range of areas, including privacy, confidentiality, scalability, and security. EEA’s membership represents a wide variety of business sectors from every region of the world, including technology, banking, government, healthcare, energy, pharmaceuticals, marketing, and insurance, as well as a number of fast-growing Ethereum startups.

 Learn more about the EEA at:

VOISE is a blockchain-based content distribution and monetization platform for the music industry. It introduces the multibillion-dollar global music industry to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

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Media Contact

Contact Name: Isaac Rodriguez
Contact Email:

Location: Barcelona, Spain

VOISE is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.

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