Free Bitcoin Debit Card Offered By AltoCenter Bitcoin And Litecoin Exchange


Bitcoin Press Release: Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading platform AltoCenter is pleased to announce free Bitcoin debit cards for users. AltoCenter provides simple solutions for new traders, and plenty of advanced tools for more experienced Bitcoin and Litecoin traders.

Transparent Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange platform AltoCenter combines simplicity and user friendliness with cutting-edge technology to enable businesses and enthusiasts to trade Bitcoin, Litecoin and an array of other digital currencies with ease. Convenient features such as automatic cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals, ‘Perfect Money’ payment system, wire transfers and SEPA payments in Europe ensures there is plenty of features for novice traders and crypto enthusiasts alike. For a limited time period AltoCenter offer a free debit card for new customers that open and fund their account on the website. AltoCenter operates under KYC policies and does not process third party deposits or withdrawals.

“We try to look at the bitcoin industry from a trader’s point of view and believe that cryptocurrency trading process should be simple and straightforward. Here at AltoCenter we are doing our bit to provide such trading environment.” Says Michael Vernik, AltoCenter Business Development Manager.

AltoCenter enables easy to use web interface in English, Russian and Chinese and users do not need to be tech savvy or have previous expertise in trading. To get started the user simply creates an account, uses one of the deposit options to add funds, chooses the currency pair to trade and places either a buy or a sell order. AltoCenter do not charge anything for depositing cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin; other depositing methods such as Perfect Money may require low fees which are clearly listed and easy to find. Deposits using Perfect Money are instant while digital money may take up to an hour to show in balance. Other deposit methods such as bank transfers may take 2-5 working days.

For a limited time AltoCenter offers free ATM debit cards which can be connected to the AltoCenter account provided the user passes certain conditions and country restrictions. The ATM debit card is accepted in all Maestro certified ATMs and merchants worldwide. Each card can load a maximum of USD 10,000 per day with a withdrawal limit of USD 2500 per day. AltoCenter also allows card holders to check their card balance online for free. Long time AltoCenter users can also get a card issued and shipped for free with certain deposits to the trading account or at a flat rate if the user does not make a deposit.

As more and more people are adopting Bitcoin after the recent years of media attention there is a void in exchange platforms for the mainstream audience. AltoCenter aims to aid mainstream adoption by providing an exchange that is easy to use for ordinary people but still offers plenty of options for experienced traders. With withdrawal and deposit options ranging from bank transfers to one of the world leading financial service providers ‘Perfect Money’, and even the possibility to have debit card connected to the account: AltoCenter might very well be on their way to filling that void.

For more information please visit:

Media Contact:

Name: Michael Vernik


Address: Ricardo J. Alfaro Ave., The Century Tower Bldg., 4th Floor, Panama City, Rep. of Panama

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scadmin Adds 24 HD Endorphina Casino Games For Bitcoin

Bitcoin Press Release: Licensed Bitcoin casino platform has just launched 24 new high definition casino games from popular game line Endorphina; so far unprecedented on the Bitcoin casino market. offers more than 250 slot games, including 400 BTC worth of jackpots to their current 100,000 players., the first ever licensed bitcoin casino has launched 24 new high definition graphics casino games. In the bitcoin iGaming market, Bitcasino is the first one to add Endorphina casino games. Following a highly successful first year of operation, attracting 100,000 new players and now over 250+ games, has taken its next step to further increase its dominance in the bitcoin casino market.

Under the agreement Bitcasino are able to supply Endorphina’s full range of 24 HD premium casino games, which include the popular “Chimney Sweep”, “Geisha HD” and “Blast! Boom! Bang” to their international user base

A Bitcasino spokesperson explained:

“Bitcasino has always been focused on providing the best quality service to its users, starting from live support at all times of the day up to offering the best possible casino games to our visitors. We feel it is important to listen to each of our user and deliver what is requested, new games have been one of the more often requested features.”

Jan Urbanec, Sales Manager of Endorphina, comments:

“Bitcasino is a respected player when it comes to Bitcoin casinos. They continue to demonstrate their passion for providing their customers’ with the highest levels of responsibility, transparency, and trust in the Bitcoin casino gaming industry. We are confident that Bitcoin casino gaming players shall welcome the introduction of our Endorphina games.” -Ends-

About is the world’s first legally licensed and regulated online Bitcoin-only gaming platforms. is licensed to conduct online gaming operations by the government of Curacao under gaming license 8048-M2105544. offers more than 250 slot games, including 400 BTC worth of jackpots, unique first ever bitcoin only blackjack, live dealer casino table games, dice, baccarat, and lotto. has the most games, utilizes the latest HTML5 technologies, and offers players the highest limits.’s team of 25 dedicated staff provides 24/7 live chat support ensuring the friendliest service to a player base spanning 80 countries and a player base of over 100,000 players.

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Bitcoin To Credit Card: Makes Converting Bitcoin To Fiat Easy

Bitcoin Press Release:
International Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange 247exchange is pleased to announce the funding of credit and debit cards with Bitcoins and altcoins as a convenient withdrawal method. Bitcoin now buys anything, anywhere, worldwide.

Bitcoin exchange platform, managed by InterMoney Exchange™ has launched a new global feature – withdrawing Bitcoins directly to credit/debit card. It works with both Visa and MasterCard providers. Credit and debit cards of different types including prepaid are supported. Users can also choose the currency to load their cards with (for example USD or Euro).

“It’s always been a headache for everyone to exchange Bitcoin to fiat money with minimal losses. If you look at the market, you’ll see that only a few companies offer such services as withdrawing cryptocurrencies to credit cards. Maybe we’re not the pioneers, but we’re among the first ones. With our service Bitcoin becomes one step closer to real money. It’s never been so easy to transform Bitcoin into USD, Euro or another fiat currency” Says CEO Alexey Maximenko.

At the end of last year 247exchange integrated credit/debit cards for buying cryptocurrencies and is now pleased to also offer this service for selling Bitcoin. In fact, this innovation of 247exchange not only offers smooth Bitcoin to fiat conversion; clients can also pay bills such as common utility bills with Bitcoin. The option can also be used by customers to make loan repayments.

Goods and services worldwide previously payable only with USD, EUR and other fiat can now be easily purchased with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Peercoin, and Namecoin. With unprecedented flexibility Bitcoin users anywhere can now make online and offline purchases with crypto linked credit and debit cards. No bank account required. Also, they can receive cash for Bitcoin in over 3 million ATMs around the globe.

247exchange’s card solutions are also extremely useful for “unbanked” populations in developing nations and regions.

For small and medium payments the fees will be less than in the case of using bank wire transfer as a withdrawal instrument. This feature is convenient for miners, traders, freelancers, and everyone else who regularly withdraws amounts of Bitcoin into fiat for their current needs and expenses. Also, it allows the crypto user to transfer money to his friends and relatives.

To withdraw Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency to credit/debit card, the user simply submits an order in the sell section of to initiate the verification process. 24/7 support is always on hand to assist customers via live chat or by phone.


247exchange is run by InterMoney Exchange™, a group of financial companies. The innovative platform has many withdrawal methods: bank wire, SEPA transfer, local bank transfer in Australia and Europe, e-wallets, and now – credit and debit cards.

“We already offered our customers a solid choice of how to pay for Bitcoin. And now we’re also expanding our withdrawal options, because our mission is to create and provide the new standard for digital currency exchange services all over the world – fast, convenient, secure and available for everyone” Andrey Vereshchagin, InterMoney Exchange™ marketing director explains.

To learn more please go to:

Media Contact:

Name: Andrey Vereshchagin

Address: InterMoney Exchange Corp. 35 New Road, Belize city, Belize, C.A.

Tel.: +44 2070484188


Twitter: @247exchange_com



ZeusHash Offers Up To 30% Off Bitcoin Cloud Mining Batch II And Launches Extensive Cryptocurrency E-Commerce Platforms


Bitcoin Press Release: With over 90 000 customers worldwide, cloud hashing platform ZeusHash is pleased to announce a new batch of Bitcoin cloud mining contracts with up to 30% price drop and 15% cut in maintenance fees. Up to 20% discounts are offered for existing customers. Zeus’s cryptocurrency e-commerce platforms Crazy Wednesday and are also under development.

“ZeusHash’s efforts to deliver the best cloud hashing services has never stopped and we hold a strong belief in the future of the crypto industry.” Stated ZeusHash management earlier today.

ZeusHash was launched on October 3rd 2014. In only 3 months, ZeusHash has successfully signed up over 90,000 users from 190 countries and regions around the world. The innovative cloud mining platform has just announced new batch II GHS contract available for purchase. In the current climate of Bitcoin price instability, ZeusHash’s commitment to their regular clients is highlighted by rewarding all customers who registered before January 27th 2015 with 10% off all GHS purchases. Recognized VIP users also receive a 20% off any cloud mining purchased.

Brand new users will also receive one week of zero maintenance fees if they are one of the first 10 orders of the day. This special offer lasts from January 27th to January 31st 2015. Cloud mining prices start as low as $359 for 1 THS and $0.002 per GHS in maintenance fees per day:


As well as extensive cloud mining infrastructure Zeus also retails Bitcoin ASIC Antminer S5’s. Customers that wish to purchase a $399 Antminer S5 for $20 off can use coupon code “ZEUS-1501-399-20”, $50 off a $799 purchase with coupon code “ZEUS-1501-799-50”, and a $200 discount on Antminer S5 orders in the $1,999 price range can be claimed by using coupon code “ZEUS-1501-1999-200”.

ZeusHash Ecosystem:

1. Cloud Mining
2. E-commerce

Besides cloud mining services, ZeusHash is also working on its unique and interconnected ecosystem supported by two pillars: a cross border e-commerce platform that offers discounted goods with adoption of coin payment, and, a wallet/payment service that will integrate international crypto businesses offering diversified and secured consumer services.

Crazy Wednesday ( is now the early stage of the e-commerce platform. With special products offered with major discounts every Wednesday it has gathered a lot fans worldwide. More will come for Crazy Wednesday in the near future and it will gradually grow into a mature e-commerce platform.

Upcoming Zeus project will feature cryptocurrency web wallets, online shops, merchant services, cryptocurrency crowdfunding, charity projects, and much more in one integrated platform. is under intensive development and its diversified features will be released to the public in the near future. ZeusHash is also seeking partnerships with different Bitcoin and cryptocurrency businesses, anyone interested in future cooperation may send a request to

Pillared by cloud mining services, e-commerce and ZPAY, the new ZeusHash ecosystem will serve as an integrated network that provides the best services for all cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

About ZeusMiner and ZeusHash:

Hong Kong based ZeusMiner is one of the largest distributors and retail sellers of Litecoin and Bitcoin ASIC mining hardware worldwide. With data centres spanning the globe clients worldwide can also cloud mine Bitcoin and Litecoin with ZeusMiner’s in-house cloud mining platform ZeusHash.
Pooling the best resources in the industry ZeusHash offers reliable, scalable and affordable Bitcoin and Litecoin industry grade cloud mining infrastructure. Moving forward ZeusHash aims for more industry partnerships, continued scaling of mining infrastructure, and to continue building out their infrastructure with a unique ecosystem in development.

*This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.

For more details about the new discounted mining contracts please visit:

For more information about ZeusMiner please visit:

ZeusHash on Facebook:

ZeusHash on Twitter: @ZeusHash_Zeus

Media Contact:

Name: Fei Hong


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Real Scientific Breakthroughs Made By Prime Number Based Cryptocurrency Gapcoin Runner-Up To Popular Primecoin

Gapcoin Logo

Primecoin alternative and competitor Gapcoin (GAP) is a new prime number based peer-to-peer cryptocurrency. Gapcoin has already in it’s first 4 month of existence broken 544 records of first known occurrences in prime gaps. If the Gapcoin mining difficulty reaches 35.4245, every block will be a new prime gap world record. Prime gap records found by Gapcoin can be seen at Gapcoin strives to deliver a decentralized payment system similar to Bitcoin that is independent of banks and governments; while terminating the flaws in other science oriented alt coins. Gapcoin promotes anonymity and allows user to send money worldwide in no-time with minimal transaction fees while contributing to mathematical research.

Gapcoin has had a steady growth since launch in October 2014 and was released without a premine. It can be argued that one of the main advantages over Bitcoin is that Gapcoins PoW system does not use energy while solving algorithms solely for the sake of controlling the difficulty, but also searching for large prime gaps; giving Gapcoin real-life scientific and mathematical value. A proof-of-work algorithms needs to be difficult to calculate, consistent and easy to verify. Gapcoin meets these requirements; while finding prime gaps that has the potential to help researchers solve the millennium problem, lead to breakthroughs in the bounded gap and verify the Twin Prime Conjecture and the Riemann hypothesis. Small prime gaps are more common than larger ones thus Gapcoins difficulty is set by the merit of the prime gap which is the ratio of the gap’s size to the average gap size. Gapcoins PoW algorithm is the largest, decentralized prime gap search in the cyrptocurrency space. If the Gapcoin mining difficulty reaches 35.4245, every block will be a new prime gap world record. Prime gap records found by Gapcoin can be seen at

The main difference between Primecoin and Gapcoin is that Primecoins PoW algorithm searches for prime number chains called bi-twin chains and Cunningham chains while Gapcoins PoW network is based on the merit of the prime gap.

Except the fact that Gapcoin was launched without any premine it was designed to avoid instamine and give a fair distribution meaning that, contrary to many other cryptocurrencies, the more people that adopt and mine Gapcoin the more coins per block will be produced. This system is in place so early adopters and the coin creators will not have an unfair advantage. Gapcoin wallets are compatible with Linux and Windows; GAP is already availible on cryptocurrency exchanges LazyCoins and Coin-Swap as well as the popular exchange Poloniex.

Having already broken 544 Prime Gap records, Gapcoin is a valuable asset in an exciting series of technically advanced, science oriented cryptocurrencies that has the potential to solve famous mathematical problems while offering a fast and secure payment system; a truly valuable part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Technical specifications:

PoW: custom, prime gaps
Block target time 2.5 minutes
Block reward proportional to the current difficulty
Block reward halving every 420000 proximately every 2 years.
Cap: about 10 – 30 million GAP
Difficulty adjusts every block and increases logarithmically

For more information please visit:

Media contact:

Name: GAPcoin Media




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Bitcoin Alternative DNotes Celebrates As One Of The First Long Term Alternative Cryptocurrencies

DNotes Vault Logo

With savings plans and several innovative initiatives long term cryptocurrency DNotes continues to celebrate progress made in 2014 with scheduled roll-outs of many more Cryptocurrency Investment Savings Plans (CR.I.S.P) using newly launched DNotesVault.

Established US based cryptocurrency DNotes has had a productive year in the cryptocurrency space with a number of unique forward thinking projects. Led by co-founder, and early tech entrepreneur Alan Yong – with over 3 decades of experience in IT and the personal computer industry.

DNotes released several large scale projects in 2014, including the DNotes cryptocurrency itself, DNotes web wallet and long term coin storage platform DNotesVault with a 100% deposit guarantee, and cryptocurrency neutral platform CryptoMoms – dedicated to aiding women’s participation in cryptocurrencies. CR.I.S.P for kids – the world’s first Cryptocurrency Investment Savings Plans for Children was also released. DNotes is the first cryptocurrency to offer long term self-directed and unstructured digital currency savings plans. Additional digital currency savings plans, scheduled for roll-out over the next six months will be available for students, company employees, charities and anyone interested to supplement their retirement savings with DNotes.

DNotes is an open source decentralized peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that was launched in early 2014. Since launch DNotes has been credited as one of the industry’s most stable digital currencies among over 500 coins listed on CoinMarketcap. There are currently seven mining pools for those who wish to mine DNotes and several reputable cryptocurrency exchanges for trading including PoloniEx, AllCoin, C-Cex and Comkort. The DNotes’ homepage offers plenty of language options and downloads are available for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

DNotes launched web wallet with an unprecedented 100% deposit guarantee free of charge for all DNotes stakeholders. DNotesVault is a strategic instrument to stimulate the long term holding of DNotes. It offers a secure saving alternative that enables anyone worldwide to participate in saving cryptocurrency safely. It is easier to set up than a bank account and guarantees 100% of your deposit through a separate fully transparent cold storage account, secured in a different location, with an amount always in excess of the total deposit. The guaranteed funds can be verified at any time via the blockchain. Registering on DNotesVault is an effortless process. The user just enters an email address and password, agrees to the clearly stated terms and conditions and clicks submit. DNotesVault is also the first step in setting up DNotes long term saving plans which are a true rarity in the cryptocurrency space.

CryptoMoms is cryptocurrency neutral and a truly helpful platform dedicated to support, encourage and further the adoption of cryptocurrencies amongst women; as the cryptocurrency space is for the most part dominated by men. The website gives an excellent introduction to cryptocurrencies; how to store them, how to obtain cryptocurrencies, and everything needed to get started in the exciting emerging technology of crypto and digital currencies. CryptoMoms is community driven and has a forum enabling women and men from all over the world to connect, and seek or offer cryptocurrency advice in a welcoming environment.

As a part of DNotes’ plan for stable and long term adoption,
the currency launched the first in a series no fees Cryptocurrency Investment Savings Plans (CR.I.S.P) during 2014. CR.I.S.P for children is a high reward program that can be initiated with a small investment. The DNotes team will award prizes in DNotes for the top wallets on the list, as well as some randomly chosen participants. DNotes’ savings plans share the same 100% deposit guarantee as any other DNotesVault account. Setting up a saving plan for one or more children is an effortless process. The first step is to register using the DNotesVault account dashboard, make a DNotes deposit address for each child, choose nicknames and go to to create an account. For a more detailed instructions please visit

Future Plans include expanding the CR.I.S.P. Family program to similar forward thinking and long term plans for students, retirees, charities and employees, providing a savings alternative with high potential long term returns. Spectators, DNotes adopters and cryptocurrency enthusiasts can expect another year with uniquely long term and progressive contributions to the digital currency ecosystem from DNotes.

For more information about DNotes cryptocurrency please visit:

For more information about DNotesVault please visit: DNotesVault

For more information about DNotes saving plans for kids visit:

For more information about Crypto Moms please go to:

*This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.

Media contact:

Name: Alan Yong

Organization: DNotesVault


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New Cryptocurrency iPhone And Android App SendChat Allows Users To Send Bitcoin, DOGE, DRK And Sendcoin With Ease

SendChat Logo

Bitcoin Press Release: New fully transparent start-up SendChat – supported by the same team that is behind Sendcoin – is preparing to launch a unique cryptocurrency messenger app that will allow users to send and receive cryptocurrencies effortlessly parallel to messaging.

The release is due after an initial crowdfunding period held by blockchain crowd-funding and project certification platform BlockTrust. SendChat builds on popular open source messenger network Telegram with the added feature of sending Bitcoin, Sendcoin, Dogecoin and Darkcoin. The SendChat and Sendcoin white paper is available online for download on The company began a public sale on the 8th of January 2015 to help raise funds to cover expenses associated with the release. SendChat is now excited to present an infrastructure that will aid the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies.

The user-friendly SendChat app uses the same open source script and infrastructure as Telegram that currently has over 50 million users. SendChat will include Telegram´s features such as sending messages, files, photos, videos and much more while being able to send and receive Bitcoin, Sendcoin, Dogecoin and Darkcoin simply by clicking on a contact. SendChat members will be able to send and receive messages to Telegram users but sending cryptocurrencies requires both users to have SendChat. SendChat’s cryptocurrency function does not require wallet addresses or technical expertise. SendChat will be fully compatible with MAC, Android, iOS, PC, Linux and Smart Watches.

SendChat will be cooperating with third party blockchain crowd-funding platform and project certification service BlockTrust that utilizes multi-sig Bitcoin escrow. Crowdfunding via BlockTrust follows strict timelines and necessary guidelines to ensure a safe and professional crowdfunding period. SendChat crowdfunding opened to the public on the 8th of January.

The complete version of SendChat will work as its own ecosystem complete with the shared Telegram communication system, a Cryptocurrency To Fiat Exchange, Creators Market, Send Chat Store and personalized news all inside the same app. SendChat plans to use some of the revenue to sponsor education about Bitcoin by setting up Bitcoin Embassies worldwide. A project that will further expand the reach and possibilities of Bitcoin. As tech entrepreneur and mathematician Charles Hoskinson explained in a recent TED talk; the spread of a decentralized technology such as Bitcoin might have a huge impact on the quality of life for many people especially in developing nations. Future plans also involve helping non-profit organizations and NGOs to receive cryptocurrency donations and advertise for fee using the app.

The user-friendly SendChat app does not compromise on user safety. SendChat will be using an Amazon EC2 DdoS mitigation provider to guarantee network stability and prevent DDoS attacks. All platform data will be encrypted and stored safely as well as SSL encryption for internet traffic, widely used multi-sign functions, and many more tech savvy safety features.

Sendcoin adopters will see many benefits when using Sendcoin in SendChat like added discounts when making purchases, discounts for stores accepting Sendcoin, free Creators Market vouchers for first time Sendcoin users and prizes in Sendcoin exclusively on SendChat. Energy efficient Sendcoin provides 30x faster transactions than Bitcoin and has a low inflation rate. With only 21 million coins in total and 1% yearly interest, multi-signature features and 60 second transactions; Sendcoin will be embedded in the SendChat ecosystem and is a user efficient cryptocurrency.

SendChat hopes their groundbreaking Bitcoin and cryptocurrency app will aid in the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies; while SendChat itself becomes an integral part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem worldwide.

For more information please visit:

* This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.

Media contact:

Name: Alejandro De La Torre, founder and CEO


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Trade Bitcoin For Carats, Diamonds and Diamond Jewelry at iDIAMONDS Established Online Jewelry eCommerce Outlet

Trade Bitcoin For Carats, Diamonds and Diamond Jewelry at iDIAMONDS Established Online Jewelry eCommerce Outlet

Bitcoin Press Release: More proof that Bitcoin is here to stay: following Microsoft, Dell, and Time Inc, Jewelry eRetailer iDIAMONDS launches pay by Bitcoin option for high quality diamonds and diamond Jewelry with Free FedEx shipping.

After U.S sales hit $1.7 Billion mark in 2013, there is no doubt that buying diamonds with online eRetailers is more than just a way to save a few dollars. However, while ecommerce is finally acknowledged as a key growth engine, the diamond industry as a whole remains old-fashioned when it comes down to keeping up with how consumers shop. While there are dozens of diamond eRetailers, Bitcoin is still considered unknown waters in the world of jewelry.

Understanding the opportunity, established eRetailer will now allow purchase of all diamonds and diamond jewelry using Bitcoin in partnership with Bitcoin payment gateway BitPay.

According to iDIAMONDS CEO Dan Gildoni, exchanging Bitcoin for diamonds is an excellent choice for Bitcoin investors and here is why:

“First, as the famous quote says: “Diamonds Are Forever.” They traditionally increase in value, are a stable product, and are a sought after commodity in their own right.” Says iDIAMONDS CEO Dan Gildoni.

Second, iDIAMONDS research found that the main difficulties consumers find with the current diamond retail marketplace is the over-whelming selection and available information. Diamond education alone is covered by over 1,000,000 pages online. To address the consumer problem Dan Gildoni, co-founded iDIAMONDS with one simple goal: make it easier to purchase diamonds and diamond jewelry. In line with this mission, he decided to accept Bitcoin.

In 2014 Bitcoin adoption worldwide has been increasing exponentially; with Microsoft, Greenpeace, Newegg, Overstock, Dell, Wikipedia. Mozilla and many more household names accepting payment in Bitcoin along with tens of thousands of other businesses across the globe.

Currently, Bitcoin owners are forced to rely on online exchanges and ATM machines available only at limited individual locations. The traditional brick and mortar stores, the names that consumers know, are again slow to adopt.

By offering Bitcoin enthusiasts and Bitcoin investors a stable and trusted commodity to exchange their Bitcoin into, iDIAMONDS aspires to further push the eCommerce revolution. For men who are looking for the perfect gift for their spouses using Bitcoin, iDIAMONDS is the place to go.


Established in 2013 and with corporate office in New York City’s World Diamond Tower, iDIAMONDS eCommerce business model allows the company to cut costs and focus solely on providing the best quality and service, while keeping prices drastically lower than those found in retail stores.

Quick to adopt emerging trends in eCommerce and technology, iDIAMONDS is proud to now accept Bitcoin as a payment method for all carats, diamonds and diamond Jewelry with Free FedEx shipping.

To learn more please go to:

Media Contact:

Name: Dan Gildoni


Company: iDIAMONDS

Phone: 1 800 501 3312

Address: 580 Fifth Avenue, Suite #425 New York, NY 10036

Trade Bitcoin For Carats, Diamonds and Diamond Jewelry at iDIAMONDS Established Online Jewelry eCommerce Outlet


Bitcoin Gaming Cryptocurrency HYPER Announces $100 Steam Competition Launches 10 Game Servers

Hyper Logo Coin

Bitcoin Press Release: Progressive gaming cryptocurrency Hyper hosts a two week long competition enabling gamers to win $100 steam code, one of many competitions rewarding gamers and Hyper adopters worldwide.  

Launched in May 2014 the HYPER development team now spans the globe with members in the US, Europe and Asia with HYPER currently trading on US based cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex. The team is excited to announce a $100 steam game code competition running for 2 weeks that anyone can enter for the chance to win a $100 steam game code for free. HYPER runs many competitions on custom servers where players can win HYPER simply for playing Counter-Strike, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Assetto Corsa racing, Rust and many more games. As solid additions to the HYPER ecosystem there are also many ways to spend and earn HYPER on the growing network of gaming servers.

Beyond this, the team is also hard at work establishing HYPER core infrastructure such the HYPER Gaming Gateway, at that is in open Alpha and launching soon. The HYPERGG will bring a professional face to the HYPER network of gaming servers and soon include a HYPER web wallet where anyone can start using HYPER easily and store their HYPER winnings from gaming. Console gamers will soon be able to enter monthly competitions at and win HYPER for playing their favorite Xbox and PS3 games.

Current HYPER game servers and projects:

  • HYPER $100 steam game code competition:
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive US and EU servers.
  • Counter-Strike US server
  • HYPER Assetto Corsa racing US and EU servers
  • HYPER Rust server
  • HYPER Minecraft pixelmon server
  • HYPER Eve Online Corporation
  • HYPERGG at under development
  • HYPER Forum at being redesigned
  • Main HYPER space MMO project that integrates the currency
  • Web shop with 10% discount on ANY steam game code coming soon.
  • Website at is being redesigned
  • HYPER Federation website at
  • HYPER to be integrated into in-store and online merchant payments iPhone and Android App Casheer.
  • HYPER team in talks with top level cryptocurrency exchanges and payment providers of the gaming industry with more news to come soon.
  • See the overall HYPER ecosystem at the wiki

With the ever growing network of gaming servers and competitions, team members spanning the globe, ongoing competitions such as the $100 steam game code competition, redesign of many key HYPER portals, and the many cryptocurrency gaming projects under development HYPER truly is the disruptive gaming cryptocurrency.

To trade HYPER with Bitcoin please go to:

Keep up with HYPER competitions and news on twitter:

Official bitcointalk thread:

Official HYPER forum:

Official HYPER Wiki:

For more information about Hyper please visit:

Media contact: 

Name: Hyper Media



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Bitcoin Payment Company BitSend Launches GPS Check-in Cryptocurrency Checkcoin CKC


Bitcoin Press Release: Netherlands based Bitcoin payment company BitSend has developed disruptive social cryptocurrency Checkcoin; geared to social media users who “check-in” at locations worldwide.

“Checking in” at locations using social media throughout the day is a worldwide phenomenon, and several cryptocurrency enthusiasts in The Netherlands have created new cryptocurrency Checkcoin (CKC) targeting this trend. BitSend, the company behind Checkcoin specializes in Bitcoin payment processing solutions and making cryptocurrencies accessible to ordinary people worldwide. Over the last year the BitSend team has helped many merchants and businesses embrace cryptocurrency using both hardware and software Bitcoin payment solutions.

Like other cryptocurrencies, Checkcoin is a blockchain based medium of exchange that is electronically created and stored. Checkcoin however has many more features: using Checkcoin Mobile users are able to reward each other by discovering great places around the globe. Locations and discoveries are created as “CheckPoints” with a gps-based geolocation created through their Checkpoint Platform. When someone else “checks in” at this location with their mobile phone, they are rewarded with Checkcoins.

Checkcoin brings something new to the table. It’s about discovering new places, exploring the world, and rewarding others for doing the same. For both a traveller setting off on a trip around the world, or a business owner looking for a new marketing tool to attract new customers – Checkcoin is the perfect companion.

The following video illustrates the full potential of Checkcoin and its many uses:

BitSend announced Checkcoin with an ICO (initial coin offering) hosted by cryptocurrency exchange C-Cex. People enjoy visiting new places, meeting new people and sharing new experiences – many shares of Checkcoins were sold. In less than a month all Checkcoins (14 million out of 100 million total) were sold for a total of 140 Bitcoin. These funds will be used for further development, testing and promotion of Checkcoin in future.

While Checkcoin’s ICO was held at C-Cex, several other cryptocurrency exchanges now list CKC trading pairs; including Bter, Cryptsy, Bittrex and Bleutrade listing CKC/BTC trading markets.

Due to being listed on so many cryptocurrency exchanges, more people are learning about Checkcoin and CKC’s market cap has been growing steadily to approximately $100 000 USD. Checkcoin is currently trading above the initial ICO price of a few months ago.

Backed by an established Bitcoin company active in The Netherlands, and targeting disruptive social media and “check-in” trends: Checkcoin is a cryptocurrency with many plans for the future. The BitSend team is still actively developing Checkcoin core infrastructure – with Checkcoin Platform and Checkcoin Mobile currently scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2015.

To learn more please go to:

To trade Checkcoin and BTC please go to:

Media Contact:

Name: Maurice


Phone: +31(0)321 75 04 59

Address: De Tjonger 22a, 8253 PZ, Dronten, Netherlands

Checkcoin Screenshot

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